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Even after you have read all the information on the websites and perhaps even read one or more of my books, you may find yourself left with questions you want to ask in order to get clarification.  This is where you come to do that.

Perhaps you want to share a success story where Radical Forgiveness or Radical Manifestation played a significant role.  We’d love to hear it.

You may also wish to request help with a particular forgiveness issue you are wrestling with, though I have to warn you that this an open forum so people other than me can and might respond to anything you post.  You can do the same yourself, of course.

However, I have to say that I cannot engage in a series of back and forth postings with anyone as if it were a coaching session.  Because of my extensive travel schedule, I simply do not have the time to do that.  I will do my best to answer a question once and to suggest what your next step might be, but that’s about it. If you need more than that, we have coaches who should be able to help you.  Click here to see out list of coaches.

637 Responses to Comments and Questions

  1. Daniel Foreman says:


    I am looking at taking the Self Forgiveness/Self Acceptance and Releasing Toxic Secrets 3-Part Online Program and was wondering if I can spread it out or if I have to take it in 21 days.


  2. Gaitre Lorick says:

    I just ordered something and used my work address but erroneously put in my home zip code

    Zip code should be 10003 not 11420

    Planned Parenthood
    434 West 33rd Street
    12th Floor
    Human Resources
    New York, NY 10003

  3. Suzanne says:

    I would like to take a 21 day online course, but I need to know how much time to set aside to do it. Does it take 1/2 hour, an hour, or more per day? Do I have to do it 21 days in a row, or is it OK if I can’t get to it every day?
    I run a business and I am taking a course right now, so I am trying to organize my schedule to include this.
    Thanks for your help!

  4. Dmitry says:

    Hi Colin, it was great watching your video now and briefly meeting you in Moscow last year. I wish I’d attended your seminar as you invited me to. Are you going to have a seminar on Radical Forgiveness any time this year in Moscow or elsewhere in Russia? I might also be in the UK- are there any options there? Thank you so much. Dmitry

  5. Sara Michelson says:

    Is Radical Forgiveness a trademark in any way?

  6. Hannah Deller says:

    I am looking for a woman called Jill’s (Jill’s story) someone told me i would relate to this story and to read it via this site. Do you know what this is ?


  7. Graeme says:

    I purchased your audio book The Power of Radical Forgivness on iTunes. You speak of a work book that should be used as part of the process.

    I cannot find the said workbook in the download. Can you assist me with the whereabouts of the workbook.

    Graeme Ronald

  8. Chuck Crisco says:

    I wanted to know if I could have permission to use the photo you have displayed on your post about grieving? It would just be used on my blog, not for the purpose of any sales.

  9. Lyn Dyson says:

    hope you get this….the work sheet. ……patterns. …..past and present. …connecting the dots. …..empowering others but not myself. In not empowering myself it has given others lessons and myself on what is missing in our lives. The blame poured on me from 1st and second wife has pushed them to do better. I applaud them now instead of feeling sorry for my unempowering state of mind, I thank them for the lessons. Now is my time….it always has been my time, at 62 I am just being awaken to it. Not totally there yet but it is a process. Still dealing with the onslaught of lessons my present wife is teaching me….trying to hold on to peace and clarity in the mist of anger from her towards past bagge we both created. Hopefully my reaction from clarity and an awaken state will allow the peace and love i seek for self to counter act her pain and anger. Hopefully that will not only help to resolve her pain and anger but assist towards her awaking.

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  11. Ilana says:

    Dear Colin,

    Thank you so much for your good work. I’ve purchased 3 of your books and already am feeling my perceptions shift. I’m struggling, though, with one aspect of radical forgiveness. I am a Holocaust and human rights educator and the granddaughter of Auschwitz survivors. I’m finding it hard to reconcile the spiritual lessons of so much of my family dying during the war. I can’t believe that my grandparents met with the Nazis who tried to destroy them and murdered their families on a spiritual plane. How do I make peace with this?

  12. lera says:

    i don’t understand what happened, are you received my question? many thanks

  13. lera says:

    Hello Colin i red abour your sister’s life and i’d like to ask you about my situation help me to understand.
    When i was a little girl my parents died, nobody loved me.
    i married just for buld a family but i never loved my husband with who i had 3 childrens, but there are 3 y.a i follen in love i divorced with him and i was with my 2ed boy friend but when i started be pregnant he left me (i left him becose his comportement was bad he went to see another womans , when i left him he never stopped me). Now i have my 4em daughter and he forgot me. I was forced about life conditions to come back with tha same flat with my ex husband. During 2 years we (i and my ex husband)live as like a friends he hope that i come back but i dont love him . and in this moment i have nothing for leave him. I had a lot of things for forgive my ex boy friend but i realize that this pain of leave always in me.What kind of lesson is it?
    I m not victime i know about divin timing but what you see in my situation and can you help me? thank you Love and gratitude!!!

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