Comments and Questions

Even after you have read all the information on the websites and perhaps even read one or more of my books, you may find yourself left with questions you want to ask in order to get clarification.  This is where you come to do that.

Perhaps you want to share a success story where Radical Forgiveness or Radical Manifestation played a significant role.  We’d love to hear it.

You may also wish to request help with a particular forgiveness issue you are wrestling with, though I have to warn you that this an open forum so people other than me can and might respond to anything you post.  You can do the same yourself, of course.

However, I have to say that I cannot engage in a series of back and forth postings with anyone as if it were a coaching session.  Because of my extensive travel schedule, I simply do not have the time to do that.  I will do my best to answer a question once and to suggest what your next step might be, but that’s about it. If you need more than that, we have coaches who should be able to help you.  Click here to see out list of coaches.

628 Responses to Comments and Questions

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  2. Ilana says:

    Dear Colin,

    Thank you so much for your good work. I’ve purchased 3 of your books and already am feeling my perceptions shift. I’m struggling, though, with one aspect of radical forgiveness. I am a Holocaust and human rights educator and the granddaughter of Auschwitz survivors. I’m finding it hard to reconcile the spiritual lessons of so much of my family dying during the war. I can’t believe that my grandparents met with the Nazis who tried to destroy them and murdered their families on a spiritual plane. How do I make peace with this?

  3. lera says:

    i don’t understand what happened, are you received my question? many thanks

  4. lera says:

    Hello Colin i red abour your sister’s life and i’d like to ask you about my situation help me to understand.
    When i was a little girl my parents died, nobody loved me.
    i married just for buld a family but i never loved my husband with who i had 3 childrens, but there are 3 y.a i follen in love i divorced with him and i was with my 2ed boy friend but when i started be pregnant he left me (i left him becose his comportement was bad he went to see another womans , when i left him he never stopped me). Now i have my 4em daughter and he forgot me. I was forced about life conditions to come back with tha same flat with my ex husband. During 2 years we (i and my ex husband)live as like a friends he hope that i come back but i dont love him . and in this moment i have nothing for leave him. I had a lot of things for forgive my ex boy friend but i realize that this pain of leave always in me.What kind of lesson is it?
    I m not victime i know about divin timing but what you see in my situation and can you help me? thank you Love and gratitude!!!

  5. Corinna Topnik says:

    Hi Colin,

    I don’t actually have a question, and I couldn’t find anywhere else to post a ‘Thank You’.

    I opened my emails this morning and to my wonderful surprise I received the “I appreciate you” email that you recently sent to me. I felt drawn to open it immediately and I want to thank you for your personal touch and to let you know that today is my birthday. So on my 45th birthday, I was blessed by you telling me how much I am appreciated.

    Thank you so very much.
    Love to you, my brother


  6. Hi Colin,

    Quick question regarding Quantum Energy Management. I work with a Marketing/Consulting firm who is very interested in utilizing energy theories to assist in the health and growth of the organization they serve. I see in your bio that you work with family owned small-medium sized companies.

    Have you ever worked with larger companies? Are your teachings applicable to those types of organizations? What about non-family owned?

    Thank you!


    • Colin says:

      Hi Vanessa,
      The underlying theory and practice of The Quantum Energy Management System is applicable to any size company. However, the larger the company the more resistant they are to a change in their culture, which is why I tend to market QEMS to smaller companies. In either case, however, it is the degree to which the person leading the business makes it his/her own and commits to implementing it company-wide or at least within his top management team. It has to be a top-down shift. I will not work otherwise.

      • Thank you for your quick reply Colin. I will reach out again as needed with regards to this. I’m not sure if we would implement your program ourselves or ask for your assistance, assuming the funds are in the budget.

        I plan to buy your book soon for my own processes!

        Have a great day!!


  7. Wryman says:


    Dear Tarot Friend,
    I am a reader in Toronto. I am concerned but not paranoid about the Ebola situation. As you know the police have been helped on many occasions by psychics. I am asking people in the global, Tarot community to make predictions and record them on sites they use. If even one person is right frequently we may save lives.
    I am interested in sharing this data with groups like the CDC or Health Canada, WHO etc. Please let me know if I can help you in your effort. It may help to ask questions such as:
    Where might it go?
    How might it be spread?
    What are the best measure for preventing the spread?
    I am sure there will be numerous others asked by readers.
    May the magic of compassion help us save some lives,

    • Dear Wryman,

      Love this letter, for I had some thoughts about Ebola too. I like to see your concerns appearing on a site that encourage people to step radical out of the victim role, for it came to me that this is the exact reason Ebola is here. Assuming that everything happens with a reason, to teach us our lessons we want, I think every disease comes into our lives to teach mankind on a group level the lessons want, as a real person (I really do think, that what we call ‘disease’ here caused by germs and viruses, is on a soul level just one consciousness, one ‘person’, with all the germs as ‘cells’).
      So I think that spreading of the disease goes along with if we-as-mankind- got the message, and as long as we don’t it will spread further, helping us ‘to find the gold’, as Collin said in one of his letters.
      As long as we see any disease and especially Ebola as a torturer and us poor people as victims it will continue to spread, especially as we fight it (in homeopathy they always say: everything you fight becomes stronger). So I think we and Ebola have a contract on the soul level to experience the separation in mankind to the extreme on a mental, emotional and physical level. And from this I think – and here I speak totally for myself- that it should be possible to cure /prevent Ebola when one approaches it as any other villain, just with a Radical Forgiveness worksheet. (Maybe an idea to make an ‘Ebola’ worksheet ?, for what will come up doing this will be extreem too, much more that a fight with ones mother)
      I hope I’ve been of a little help to your concerns,
      Sincerely, Petra

  8. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I
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  9. Scott says:

    Hello Colin,

    I’m trying to access my radical grievance program, and have already registered on your website but cannot find the access link.
    Have I missed something?


  10. Lila says:

    Hi Colin, I am currently reading your Radical self-forgiveness book and not sure which process to use as my guilt is inappropriate. I am feeling guilty for being abused as a child and then an adult. Can I do the 3 step letter process if my guilt is inappropriate?

    • Colin says:

      Yes, it is totally fine to do the 3 letters on yourself even if the guilt is inappropriate. Do the guilt trip in the first letter and then in the second give yourself a good talking to about the fact you have no right to feel guilty for what happened since you were not responsible. Then in the third letter open to the possibility that you needed to feel this guilt for some reason and that you have come to see there was a perfection in it somehow and that the time has come to be thankful for the experience and to let go of the guilt. Then do a Radical Forgiveness worksheet on the person who abused you, or the three letters. Hope this clarifies the situation for you. A good question.

  11. Joan says:

    I am looking for a “Satori Breath CD”. Do you have one of these with the music and instructions. Please let me know.
    Have a great day.


    • Colin says:

      We have breathwork CDs we use in the workshop but they are compilations so we cannot sell them or make them available for copyright reasons. However, you will find breathwork CDs are available on Amazon and elsewhere.

  12. Raghuraman says:

    Colin…. Good to read your book on radical forgiving….. I have to bring few points from my experience …. 1) We all come with certain from our lives and we have to face those situations as you explained about your Sister Jill…. Something we create ourselves to be a victim and sometimes situation makes us a victim there is subtle difference between both situations…. if we see both from big picture it is karma we have to go thorough. I belong to second category that is I been victim from childhood for none of my creation … I can say this because as a child I cannot create a situation to become a victim but now been for more than 30 yrs of spiritual life learning I can say my past karma working in this life and also I can say positively that was good for me enter into spiritual life… If I have not suffered I would not taken this road…..
    2) I would to add few points from your book that you said Jill faced victim situation from love of father to grand daughter and jeff love for his daughter and coincidently both having same name…. Here I have to bring a point from my experience that nature Law we say god…. etc that creates twice in life and anything victim situation comes it comes twice in different time and here coincidently name is same and twice situation …. I experienced this in my life and also studied so many Hindu spiritual books and buddist books and it is true we come across twice in our life same situation and my experience says ” It checks whether we learned anything from first situation”… To end this I can say every moment of our life is learning and it depends on how much we are aware and live in present moment…..
    Thanks for the book and appreciate for doing good work and sharing your thoughts…


  13. natalie says:

    Hi Colin, are you planning on doing any workshops in the UK soon?

    • Colin says:

      No workshops in UK I’m afraid. I am speaking at an ACIM conference in the London area in November 15th. That’s all this year.

      • Kirsten Bryant Phillip says:

        Hi Colin,

        First I would like to say I love your online programs! I took forgiving your partner and I am currently working on the radical money program. I have to admit I have not been consistent and I want to know if you have any suggestions on how I should continue. Should I start over, or should I begin where I left off? When the year is up can I start the course over? Is it available to me as long as the course is offered like the forgiving your partner program? Thanks so much for your amazing work!

        Peace and Blessing,

        • Colin says:

          It’s up to you but it will probably be OK if you begin where you left off so long as it is not too many months since you stopped doing the program. It is a hard one to keep up I know, but I’m sure there will be a payoff if you keep going. And yes, it yours to keep forever. Good luck.

  14. Judy Youmans says:

    Can you please direct me to the page where I can download the Radical Forgiveness worksheets? The page I tried said it was not available.

    • Colin says:

      Go to FREE STUFF on the main menu then register for Colin’s blog and free stuff. You will then be able to download the worksheets

  15. Shauna says:

    Expanding in Love Online Workshop, your special discount ended this morning and I missed it. I totally missed any advertisements on this Online workshop and unaware that it was being offered. Given this is a holiday weekend and all ….I was kind of hoping you would expand the special deal at least thru the end of the holiday weekend.

    I really feel this is the right timing for me to take this course.

    Have an awesome holiday weekend, please consider my request. Thanks Shauna

    • Colin says:

      Did you try it after the stated deadline? It might have still been available 1 day after if we hadn’t got round to manually taking it off. But if it has gone, that’s it I’m afraid. It is now back up to $97. Still incredible value.

  16. Lucy says:

    Hi Colin, I love your book and have already done a few workshops. What I’m confused about is why you have dedicated your book to Princess Diana, the biggest victim of all. She held herself in the victim and successfully manipulated the general public into doing the same by telling her victim story over and over again. She didn’t practise any sort of forgiveness, traditional or radical. I would like to understand why she was your choice.

  17. Cecilia says:

    Hello. I’ve purchased the DOWNLOAD version of the RADICAL FORGIVENESS book in ENGLISH, some months ago for my husband. I have it in Spanish.
    He started to work on the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet and found that it has 20 steps, while in the English Downloaded book there are 22. Step number 5 is different than from the English version (In Spanish it is correct). The edition of the Downloaded book is 2003, the Spanish one is 2010 and the version of the worksheets are 2009.
    I agree that you had done many changes and I would appreciate it if you can send me the correct EXPLANATION of the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet.
    We just found out that number 5 on the worksheet is number 8 in the book.
    thanks and please take care of it in your website.

    • Colin says:

      I have e-mailed you on this but we’ll take care of this as soon as possible. Thanks for alerting us.

  18. Monica MANO says:

    Dear colin,

    I just started to read your book and am already astonished and totally in! Sentence by sentece the story was totally the same, just needed to substitute the names…with mine and other peopke in My life! Actually, nothing comes by chance and your part on substituting this to counselling is giving me one more hint…as I’m attending II year of gestalt counseling School but being always more…detached from that “phylosophy” and in search of something different! I just ove the method you develop and trust it …would love to learn it, for me first and also for…spread it in Italy as well!!!!! I would love to know how, if it’s possible!! Thanks a lot! Monica

  19. Connie says:

    Dear Colin,

    Firstly, I love your book and worksheets; I have done some work with a coach on making room for a miracle.

    I am interested in doing a few of your on-line programs but unsure were to start; I would like to do Breaking free; Moving forward; Radical manifestation and X4 Radical Money Program. My question is in what order would you recommend or can you do a few at the time?

    Thank you in advance,

  20. Diane Regan says:

    I signed up for your webinar. I did have to resolve forgiveness but around friendship. You have the programs for family and coworkers. Is there one I can work on for friends?

    • Colin says:

      I don’t have a worksheet or program specific to forgiving friends but I think you will find the tools flexible enough to be able adapt for use on a friend.

  21. Gina says:

    Thank you so very much Colin. I really appreciate you saying that coming from your perspective!

    The fear that keeps my energy there – and I’m writing this as it feels like a good place to release it, I understand that perhaps your time doesn’t permit you to reply more – is that if I don’t ‘get back in her web’, ‘subordinate myself to her’, basically go back in my box… that she will publicly shame me.

    It has been her modus operandi as far back as I can recall. Something happens in private, she then brings it up in front of others, and says something like can you believe that Gina….. (said, did), then she asks them “would you have done what I did?”, but reframing the situation to make her look innocent, when she has been baiting me to react so she can create drama, and then in public is all sugar won’t melt in her mouth, and then if I object, it proves her point. I can giggle about it now, so predictable, and I have just walked away in past, let it go, see what she’s doing, not about me, (and now not even speaking anyway).

    However now I am in a career where my profile is rising and I can feel that I am holding myself back with the fear that if I stay in no contact mode, that she will try to shame me for this when I make a name for myself, give interviews, spread rumours… I have done a lot of work around this, releasing, reframing, yet it is a legitimate fear as far as I can work it, she has done it before, she is continuing her behaviour. It’s holding me back, I just can’t seem to get free and stay free of that one last little bit… And the couple of times I did manage to release the energy, felt free, straight away I would get an email, or something, that would give a slight trigger and grab into me again. I feel like I’m going around in circles.

    Colin or anyone have any thoughts? Thank you for having a space to share this!


  22. Gina says:

    Hi Colin,

    I really resonate with all your work I’ve seen so far on the website and the worksheets, I fully believe that it all happens for our growth and all experiences are ‘Earth School’.

    What I’d love to know, is your opinion on doing forgiveness on people who continue the same behaviour – for me my mother. Perhaps they have soul contracts with others to keep being the same way for those others? She is a narcissistic sociopath, cold cold…

    My current belief is that to fully forgive I need to set very firm boundaries that allow me to keep my heart open. What I’d love to hear your thoughts on is around the following:

    When I change and grow, and forgive and open my heart, but she stays mostly the same, in her own rage and resentment at ‘me’, and still having her zero boundaries and trying to push on my new ones, is it in your opinion, spiritually ‘clean’ or ‘clear’ to cease contacting her, let her make her shifts in her time, or potentially never, and let her get in touch when ready? And just get on with my life.

    In 3D, she’s brushing everything under the rug, and trying to shame me for changing and expressing what I’ve been going through, that’s ok too, I get it, I spent a year re-raising my inner child and feeling the deep dark depths of the pain and anger and disbelief and betrayal, yes that was a fun year…! :) And now I feel complete in that process. And clear about spiritual lessons, yet she is still has her personality disorder, and no boundaries. It feels like not being in contact is the thing to do, I have no desire to speak to her, and as her communication is a ‘game’, I see little point in continuing communication, why would I?

    I’m not really sure what I’m asking, perhaps you can tell… I just feel not very spiritual cutting out contact with her. Can you help me understand?

    Thank you! Gina

    • Colin says:

      I have always said that if the person you are forgiving remains toxic to you, you should certainly put distance between you. That’s the most self-loving thing to do for yourself. But you continue to do the forgiveness work on the person from afar. Remember, you are doing it for you, not for her, and without expectation that she be any different. So don’t feel that you are less spiritual for staying away from her. There’s no requirement that you be a doormat.

  23. Kristina says:

    Hi Colin!
    I have seen in your shop some tool I’m really interested in some years ago and it looked like small mp3 player with your records and glasses with hypno effect. I am wondering if it is avaiable?


    • Colin says:

      I’m afraid that, for now at least, we do not have them available. We had some problems with the suppliers.

  24. Firefly says:

    Hi Colin,

    I would like to sincerely thank you for your work. I feel that stumbling across your book has been serendipity for me. I have used the process to let go of a long-standing resentment I held towards a friend and felt so much better afterwards that I actually danced around the room in sheer joy, an emotion I haven’t felt in 15 years!
    The next day I tried to apply the process to a more deep seated and serious issue, to sexual abuse I experienced as a child, but I am finding it very different. I can fully accept I had a soul contract with the man to experience this for both of our healing, but I do not know how to apply point 5 “My discomfort was a signal that I was withholding love from myself and the man in question by judging, holding expectations, wanting him to change and seeing him as less than perfect.” This man was not a family member but a “friend” who babysat me a few times so there was no love in question. Also, I feel I don’t care if he changes, I just want to be free of the pain of it. I just simply cannot see how point 5 applies to what happened to me. Please would you explain how this could be relevant to my situation?

    Kind Regards,


    • Colin says:

      Your enduring pain about the sexual abuse is understandable but Item #5 invites you to look at how your pain is a result of your judgments about him and your (quite reasonable) expectation that he behave differently than the way he did But if you accept the proposition that it was a soul agreement between your two souls and you chose to have the experience of being abused, then your judgments are no longer valid and your expectations (at the time) that he be different are now, in hindsight, also not valid. If you can get that, then you can go to the next step and realize that nothing wrong happened. That’s when your pain will fade away. A big step, I know but do the worksheet again and see it makes a difference.

  25. Nicholas says:

    I have purchased and used your chakra cleansing cd. At this point I’m unsure if I have benefitted from it in any way. Do you recommend using it more than once? (I’ve gotten great results from your worksheets.)

  26. Hi Colin,
    how are you? i do love your programs. I am subscribed to radical forgiveness, radical manifestation and radical money and would love to have access to the rest of your online programs. I did subscribe to the yearly coaching program in 2012 and I was wondering if you would grant me a discount and could email a coupon code. As I was signing up with paypal I was asked to provide a coupon code so it made me wonder if there is a possibility of this. Looking forward to hearing from you. I also just emailed a nice testimonial, thank you much and warmest regards,
    Martina Allegria

  27. Reginald says:

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  28. Tomasz Trzcinski says:

    Hi Colin

    I am Catholic and I have blasphemous thoughts insulting God, Jesus, Maria.

    Can Radical Forgivness help. If yes, how?

    Tomek from Poland

  29. Tomasz Trzcinski says:

    Hello Colin !

    I am Catholic and have very vulgar blasphemous thougts insulting God, Jesus and Maria.

    Can Radical Forgivness workshop help me ?

    How ? Tomasz

  30. andrea pacheco says:

    Dear Colin, Actually,I am a life and organizational coach and a terapist on reiki, energetic healing, aromatherapy and forgiveness process. I have experienced in Lima RF with Andrea Sydow and other courses she did in my country. I desire to become a certified RF coach and want your help to make the right election of adecuate program to me. I am working now with many persons and want to be of real help to heal their lives. Hope to have your response and details to begin aprox by november or december. Thank you in advance for your kind attention

    • Colin says:

      I don’t know how much more I can tell you beyond what is on the website but I do suggest you talk to Muss Hernandez if you haven’t already. She is in Lima and is certified and well placed to give you advice. Her e-mail is My apologies for taking so long to reply.

  31. Jocelyne Chernets says:

    I am slowly working through the Radical Money Program and I have come across a block. I am not sure if it is resistance or my misunderstanding what I need to do. The workbook asks that I “write something up that expresses how you might see yourself bringing your financial vision about”. I am retired and have a fixed income. I am not looking for extra work opportunities as I am thoroughly enjoying the time I now have to read, exercise, etc. So I am not sure what I would do to increase the “fixed” retirement income besides winning the lottery. I have skills that go beyond my profession but, as I said before, I don’t want to set up anything that would then gobble up the precious free time I now enjoy. I would appreciate advice as to which direction to go in as I don’t want to give up on the program and set it aside. It seems that most of the work is for those who are not at this stage yet in their life. I have many plans and would love an increase in finances to accomplish these plans sooner than later. Thank you

    • Colin says:

      If you come up against a question that is not applicable, just enter not applicable or something like that. However, while you cannot see how more money might flow in your direction, Spirit knows no end of ways this might happen for you, so stay open to receive money and it will come to you.

  32. Valerie says:

    I am working the Money Consciousness History Worksheet. I don’t seem to have many money memories to use for it. I don’t have any records I could use either. I’ve got recent records and some generalities from my past. Now what?? Thanks

  33. Gayle Kelly says:

    I understand what you are trying to do: get folks to separate themselves from their suffering. However…I think that if everyone “accepted” what had happened to them, there would never have been civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights, antiwar movements, etc. “Everything is ok” would never have led to people doing something about the things that need to improve on the planet. I use the worksheets, just in a different way than you might imagine. I believe in spiritual intelligence…and I believe that we are here to act. We act with god. We come here to do stuff. Some people are so into god that they want to die young because they think that this world is so messed up. Nothing wrong with wanting to be with god but we will all get there. Even the worst will go to god. Why hurry? This is a unique place in the universe and we can be glad to be here Just my opinion. Best. G. Kelly

  34. Beverly says:

    I received an email about a Penny Sale of your overstocked books. Is it legitimate?

  35. nona zilberman says:

    Would love to become an instructor in the Russian environment Brooklyn New York!
    Do you have the training Online Program in Russian?
    I am instructor in earth energy Qi Gong for women.
    Thank you DEAR COLIN for gave me another point of veiw in my life , but I think that everyone needs help before working with the questionnaire ! what to do in this case? My story is hard and……
    Thank you again and god bless you!!!

    • Colin says:

      Hi Nona,

      I don’t have an online training program in Russian but I am doing a workshop in Moscow August 29th – Sept 1st, followed by a 10 day training for people to become Radical Living Coaches. Would this be of interest to you?

  36. David says:

    The value of your work has been tremendous. I landed in a relationship that stared out wonderfully and then took over 8 months to fall a part. I really needed the tools of radical forgiveness and radical self-forgiveness to see how the falling a part served my highest good in so many ways its hard to count. I mean this was one of the biggest gifts of my lifetime! And yet, I still feel sad at the state of the relationship. I will accept the divine order that our journey’s joined for the lesson and now we may never have a reason to spend time together again. Yet, we are in the same church and both highly visible leaders in the community. I genuinely love her and appreciate her – she is a great person. And clearly there is some residue of holding on that I am doing. I do consciously let go and bless her when I feel this but am wondering what else you might recommend that would serve the highest and best for both of us and possibly offer some chance of reconciling a friendship. Maybe its just trusting and allowing hey?

    • Colin says:

      Hi David,
      Apologies for the time lapse in replying. I think you have probably answered your own questions. It probably is a case of continually letting go and accepting what is as is, and then allowing a friendship between you to develop naturally. If it doesn’t, then perhaps it isn’t meant to.

  37. Colin,
    I just finished reading Expanding In Love and 25 Practical Uses. I consider you the most important spiritual teacher on the planet.

    I cannot help wondering if, with your knowledge and insight, you can provide some greater understanding of the destructive weather we’ve been having…like the recent double-tornados in the United States…and, possibly, some control over it.

    I can’t shake the feeling that you would be able to come up with a Radical Weather Manifestation program.

    BTW, I modified your fourth step to: I choose peace and love.


    • Colin says:

      Hi Nick,
      I think you imbue me with a lot more insight than I have. I really don’t have any wisdom to share about gobal warming other that it may be all part of the breakdown we are creating in advance of the breakthrough to the new paradigm. The question is whether we wake up in time to reverse the changes in climate we are experiencing already.


  38. panties says:

    Ԝhat’s up, I wish for to subscribe for this webloɡ to get
    mοist recent updates, so ѡhere can i ԁo it please assist.

  39. Gillian says:

    Dear Colin

    I have been reading you book Radical Forgiveness; I am involved right now in a therapy group in Franfurt which is really helping me a lot to find my true self. I see the patterns of my partner’s behaviour working in them life; his tendency to get angry with me when I don’t understand” make me feel humilated etc. I have read what you write but I am having trouble with the next step. I know these things link back to childhood but I struggle to make the link.
    I so want to forgive and move out of the past but I feel so stuck!!!

    Can you help me?????

    kind regards


    • Colin says:

      Hi Gillian,

      I can’t help you here, but there are plenty of tools you can use on my website to get you unstuck. Or you can contact one of the coaches and get them to help you.

  40. Superbe poste, continuez de cette façon

  41. Debbie says:

    I am so frustrated after following all the instructions for 13 steps to Self-forgiveness. Now that I have completed the process I want to kill myself. That doesn’t sound like Self-Forgiveness to me. I have been going to therapy, accupunture, attending groups, going to spiritual healers and nothing has helped me with my anger. The only one that triggers me is my partner of 10 years (on and off) She has just left me for the 4th time because of my anger. It is not that I wasn’t willing or open to work on the issue. Now your program states in step 3: Possibility that that the situation maybe purposeful and my Higher Self executed the situation. Thanks for giving me false hope. What fxxxxxxx Divine Plan would allow this much pain and hurt? How the heck can I be a Healing Angel when I can’t even control my Anger. Yes I am receiving exactly what what I need. The message to get the fxxx out of this world. I am not a victim. I have openly admitted that I have an Anger problem and have asked and asked for help. Reconnect with what True Nature. I am already connected to what has destroyed my life. The Power within me is mean and evil why would I want to access it any deeper. I have no Healing Angel working with me. No forgiveness for myself doing this process. I feel worse than before I listened to this program. There is no self blame – I know the truth and my anger has destroyed my family. The victim in me is now I am all alone still with the same fxxxxxxx issue I have had for years. It is not going away so I must be the one to end it. I hope someone received benefit from this CD. Colin is incredible and I know he has helped many people and will continue to do so. I am just not one of them.

    • colin says:

      Hi Debbie,
      I strongly suggest you hire a Radical Forgiveness Practitioner, that is one our coaches who is also a psychotherapist because it certainly sounds to me that you need some heavy duty help to get a hold on your anger and self-hatred. The 13 Steps process could not be enough for you, but at least it got you into expressing your anger so that is good in itself, but you need to find a way to get to the core of what is causing that anger. The self-help tools won’t do it for you. Get some professional help and soon.

  42. Caroline says:


    I just wanted to say that your book helped so much! I had come across the idea of Radical Forgiveness from Joe Vitale’s book on clearing methods for using the law of attraction. Mind you, that was about 4 years ago, I only just read your book about 2 weeks ago because I had never realized that information was clearly sited before and I had access to it for years.

    Despite doing the worksheets and satori breath work (by myself, which I know you had said could be extremely intense and it’s better to have someone else there as well, I didn’t feel comfortable with another person present). I’m still having problems forgiving one person in particular though. Rationally, they actually really didn’t do anything that bad, yet I’ve done numerous worksheets and satori breath work which sometimes produces a shift, but not completely. The work sheets kind of cause a little shift, but then I shift back throughout the day, and the breath work produces a full body crying experience, yet it doesn’t all come out and I find myself having to revisit it every few days. Mind you, anything that does release stays released and doesn’t return, but more always comes up. How many sessions of breath work could I need for one person? Or am I somehow doing it wrong by only engaging in the breath work for about 30 minutes rather than a full hour (I get the crying after about five minutes). As for when the sobs begin, do I just continue breathing or do I cry it out? I feel very unsure. I’m a master at suppressing apparently.

    Thank you for your help! =]

    • colin says:

      Hi Caroline,
      You are doing just fine. There is obviously a lot of pain there still so the crying is good. Let the tears come while doing the breathwork and breathe through them. If you keep doing the worksheets or listening to the 13 steps in between the breathwork sessions, one day those tears will become tears of gratitude for he/she having given you what your soul wanted to experience. You also might want to do the appropriate online program to finally get completion. Take a look at them on
      Best wishes,

  43. Sue Crawford says:

    Last weekend I listened to your program “Radical Forgiveness” in the car on my way to Seattle. I would like to know where you ever got the idea that SOULS colaborate with one another PRIOR to this incarnation to bring meyhem and chaos into peoples lives is so abhorrent to every great teaching and teacher since time began that I am beside myself to try on any level to figure out where you ever came up with such a diabolical concept.

    There is one shred of truth you state and that is “how rape, murder and catrostrophy come into play is unknown”. The fact that you recognize that dismantles your entire hypothesis. I was so distressed by the time I arrived after 3 hours of listening to your ridiculous concept that I threw the CDs in the trash and vowed to try to find out how you ever came up with such a completely unfounded and untrue concept. I am sure Christ, Budah and every other great teacher is dumb founded at your attempt to publish a “self help” program to make money at the expense of people that are hurting or have been hurt is unconscionable.

    Since you did not seem to get the “real” message from all of them, it is LOVE! To purport anything less than that is a lie. Shame on you. You want to help people forgive, try doing it with the tools Christ, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, etc. etc. etc. use. It is not chaos and meyhem.

    Sue Crawford

    • colin says:

      Hi Sue,
      Sorry if it upset you. It may not be THE truth and I don’t claim it to be. But it is alignment with many scholars, mystics, great minds down through the ages, so don’t imagine that I invented this diabolical idea as you call it. Incidently, Deepak and Wayne Dyer say much the same things so I’m not sure why you suggest I refer to them. As I say, it may not be the truth but it has helped many thousands of people let go of their pain and suffering and that’s all that matters to me.

  44. David says:

    Hi Colin , my discomfort was my signal that I was witholding love from myself and (X).

    What does it mean to withhold love , can you simply in reference to the above. How do we withhold it from ourself & others ?

    • colin says:

      Whenever we judge or have expectation we are withholding love and acceptance. In effect we are saying they are not OK the way they are. We are withholding love from them and from ourselves because our judgments are a reflection of how we judge ourselves. We are simply looking in the mirror.

      • David says:

        Thanks Colin. As long as we withhold love , we are stuck & nothing changes.

        So , the answer to transform would be to be willing to see that YES , I was judging & I accept my judgements the way they are & see the perfection for creating them so far ?

        What is ” my discomfort ” ?

        Can you give an example of how one withholds love from himself , Say like by judging himself for having shadow attributes ?

  45. J.K. Winters says:

    In my latest blog post (link below) I referenced you and Satori. You have my permission to publicize this link on your website and/or in other communications. I would be happy to put your information on my FB page as well so people can find you after they read my post.

  46. joan denton says:

    at 12:12 PDT this date, April 15, 2014 Paypal processed
    a $97 payment to Global 13 Publications for the Energy-Body & Chakra
    Clearing Practitioner Training Online.
    Invoice ID is MSC8A
    When I logged back on to your website, no payment shows, however Paypal
    clearly shows processing the payment.
    I don’t know of any other pay to contact you, my apologies but I do want the
    thank you,
    J Denton

  47. Thanks for your great books and CDs. In my blog “Getting Unstuck – Part Two”, I referred people to your books and program – please access the blog at

    I was excited to see your mention of John Kappas, PhD in one of your books because I received a hypnotherapy certification from John and taught his Mental Bank – Success Is Not An Accident program many years ago.

    Thanks for your good work. I’m looking forward to a Radical Forgiveness workshop in Atlanta.


    • colin says:

      Thanks for the referrals. I will check out the link you gave me. I’d be interested to know whether you had success with the Mental Bank process. I trained with John in 1986. Florence Henderson was in our last class.

  48. Viktor says:

    Thank you Mr Tipping for your help!

  49. Viktor says:

    Thank you for this book!It changed my life, I understood a lot of things,problems,faults.I have an interesting question.As you wrote in the book,Radical Forgiveness can be applied to other people.It is not especially recommended to apply it to yourself but in some situations you can.I am 20 years old and I have a lot of gray hair and it`s quantity increases with age.I do not want to dye my hair,it`s all due to genetics,my parents also started turning gray but I think that there are the other catalysts.I am hypochondriac.I would like to ask you:can I apply Radical Forgiveness to my gray hair?Is it possible?I can just call them object X in the questionnaire of Radical Forgiveness.I feel deeply negative emotions because of them.There probably can be units of negative energy which do not allow my hair to have natural color.Can Radical Forgiveness help me in this situation and return me beautiful natural color of my hair.Thank you in advance for the response.

    • colin says:

      Hi Victor,

      To answer your question, yes, you can do a worksheet on any part of your body especially if you feel it has let you down in some way, but let me remind you that the purpose of doing a worksheet is to come to a place of peace about the situation knowing that it was or is perfect. So do it by all means but with the intention of coming to love your grey hair. If it genetic, that’s how if is meant to be. My mother who started out with jet black hair was totally grey before she was 30. She made it work for her. Accept what is and you will find peace that way. Good luck

  50. Hauser Urs says:

    Dear Sir
    you will be in Switzerland for QEMS, June, September and October in Sarnen with Wendelin Niederberger. I would love to attend, but I cannot for two reasons :
    First my ex wife will take part, and second I would prefer to get it in English and not have everything translated.
    Question : Is there a possibility to do it all at once (instead of 3 different dates) and if yes, where and when ? Great Britain, USA ? And what would be the charges ? If that is feasable, I would take a week off and come.
    Looking forward to hearing from you, I remain
    with best regards
    Urs-B. Hauser

    • colin says:


      I need more information to be able to answer your questions. Will you please e-mail me at so we can start a conversation. Anything is possible of course, but until I know what you are looking for and why you need it I can’t really say. And logistically, it might not be easy either. But lets look at it. I think there may be a way to meet your needs at least in part.

      Best, Colin

  51. Eugenia says:

    Hi again!:)
    This time I have not so global question as previous… Nevertheless, it has a great meaning to me. So, if my discomfort is related with my lovely pet, could she be the object of Radical Forgiveness? I actually don’t really get, for example, what to forgive, if me pet feels sick and I feel sceared, hurt and impuissance…
    Actually this is the THIRD(!) situation for ONE week, when I feel impuissance, fear and hurt..

    Thank you in advance, again)
    Best Wishes

    • colin says:

      It is not unusual for people to do Radical Forgiveness worksheets on their pets. So go ahead and see if it makes a difference to how you feel.

  52. Samantha Alvarez says:

    Hi Colin!

    I am writing a book on burnout for nurse practitioners called the Burnout Recovery Guide. It is a set of mindfulness-based exercises, and one of the concepts i talk about is radical self-forgiveness, borrowed with gratitude from your works. I am working on practicing it for myself as well. I cite your radical SELF forgiveness/acceptance worksheet in my guide, and direct people toward your site for more info. I would love to include a PDF copy of the worksheet along with my book as well. I assume that is okay, since it is available online, however, since it is your copyrighted information, I wanted to ask and make sure.

    Thank you so much for helping so many people, including me, and have a great day!

    • colin says:

      Hi Samantha,

      By all means include a SF worksheet so long as you give some instruction on how to use it otherwise people might not get it. And no doubt you will indicate that it used by permission. Thanks. Sounds like great work you are doing.


  53. Eugenia says:

    Hello, Colin!
    My name is Eugenia, I’m from St.Petersburg, Russia.
    I’m trying to accept the situation in Ukrain now from the Radical Forgiveness point of View.. I belive, that it’s really needed to be.. but i don’t actually understand for what… Can you make some comments about it?
    Thank you in advance,

    • colin says:

      Hi Eugenia,

      I totally understand your struggle with applying the idea that everything is exactly how it needs to be to the situation in Ukraine. As always, we need to feel the pain of it within ourselves first and then use the tools to bring back peace within so we can then project back out to the people who are suffering. The key to doing this is to know that is perfect at some level but then to give up trying to know why it is perfect. It is not possible to know the reason. With big things like this we find ourselves feeling helpless and being drawn back into victim consciousness by the sheer scale of the horror. Same with Syria, Egypt and the whole of the Middle East. But we can help by projecting the right energy into the area and the tool to use, as well as the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet is the Radical Transformation Worksheet. You can download this from our website Click on FREE STUFF.

      Try that and see what difference it make to how you feel within yourself. Then send love to everyone in Ukraine on both sides.


      • Eugenia says:

        Thnk you for your quick answer.
        I read..I realize…and I’ll do my best to change the kind of energy.
        I somehow know and feel, that god or – whatever/whoever it is – loves Ukrain very much.. I pray for all the people.
        May The Love Be With You and All Your Relatives.

  54. Sandra says:

    Hi Colin,

    I attended your webinar last week. My husband and I both filled out the form and we obviously have separate values. We have been together for 15 years and married for 12. I am working on my issues with one of your Radical Forgiveness coaches, Jackie Smith. She is encouraging me to do everything I can to save my marriage.

    I desire to take your workshop and hope that my husband will too. We live in Stone Mountain, GA. I have a part-time job that requires me to work every weekend. I have requested those days off if I can find another librarian to work those days. Nevertheless, the price for your workshop is a hardship. I can afford $100 for myself. I can also offer my graphic design skills for any handouts or documents that you may need. You can view my work on: I am also waiting for Amazon to send me a copy of Radical Manifestation. The book was out of stock when I ordered it. I need more income and flexible employment hours.

    I appreciate your request to receive an offer to attend your Expanding In Love your workshop for those with limited or no funding.


    • colin says:

      Hi Sandra,

      Offer accepted. I looked at your graphic work and will certainly take you up on doing some for us. I look forward to seeing you at the workshop.


      • Sandra says:

        Thank you so much Colin. I am very grateful. Do I need a coupon code to complete my registration?


  55. Julia says:

    Dear Colin,
    The only reason why I do not attend your grear workshops is that you live too far from me. We are waiting for you this summer in Russia.

  56. M says:

    Hi Colin,
    The first time I was introduced to your work was at an IACT convention in 2009 and was it ever powerful. I’ve been practicing Radical Forgiveness regularly with some amazing manifestations. It happens to be that I am planning to be in the Atlanta area next month and noticed that you are hosting the Manifesting In Love workshop that I hope to attend. In any event I am buying the book. I need some of your advise however. There is something that has a ruining effect on my life, it seems that I have a curse. The problem is that I have an extraordinary number of men that want to be with me at all cost. They just don’t stop no matter what my wishes are. It is frightening . I can’t count the number of marriage proposals I’ve had, many from complete strangers. The men just come up to me like they can pick me like fruit from a tree. I have never been courted. In my marriage of 15 years the roses are finally coming. I’ve been stalked and worse. I dress modestly, I barely acknowledge the men, I am not the most attractive female you have ever met. Recently there is a man who found my personal Facebook and same old story. He is a hanger on-er. I want to diffuse or neutralize this situation. I know this one, it has all happened before and I just can’t deal with it anymore. It has happened so many times. Do you think it would be wise to use the Manifesting In Love information to bring this to a healthy situation? I want healthy relationships with men and women. I want the men to stop being offensive to my marriage and family and show respect for me. What is your best suggestion? Thanks Much

    • colin says:

      I definitely think it would be helpful to attend the Expanding in Love workshop in March. Without I know more, I cannot guarantee it will solve that problem but I feel sure it will give you the power to secure your own personal space and create firm boundaries that men will respect. I feel pretty sure that will take of it. I hope to see you there.


  57. nelly says:

    hello! i would like to know if there is a french translation in the programm (radical forgivness), are there french practitioners and do you come to france for classes ?

    • colin says:

      Hi Nelly,

      The Radical Forgiveness book is translated into French and is published in France by Tredaniel. I have no plans to be in France this year, but I am doing workshops in Switzerland. The coach I would recommend for you is Lola Lucia
      Area Served: Spain & France (Worldwide by Skype & Phone)
      Phone:+ 34 678 700 632

  58. Nwilson says:

    Hi Colin

    I am writing again as you said you would provide me with information on a London Practitioner.

    Please, can you provide this information?

    Thank you
    Nadine Wilson

  59. Nadine says:

    Hi Colin

    I just wondered if you had managed to source the London based practitioners please? Thank you

    • Nadine says:

      Hi, have you had a chance to look into the above. I would reLly appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. Nadine

    • colin says:

      Hi Nadine,
      I have sent you the address of someone by e-mail. I hope she works out for you.

  60. Debra says:

    Dear Colin!
    Tell me, please, how to deal with situation of incest in 8-th point of Radical Forgivennes Worksheet, and at all?

    • colin says:

      Hi Debra,
      It’s not just #8, the whole worksheet is a fake-it-til-you-make-it proposition. It’s so very hard with something like incest to make sense of it, but not knowing whether you have read the book or not or how much you have explored the concept of Radical Forgiveness, it is hard to advise you here. I would suggest you go to the website and look down the list of coaches and find one who you think would be good for you. Ideally I would like you to come to the Miracles workshop in May. That’s the best solution, no doubt.

  61. Nwilson says:

    Hi there, just wondered if you there was an RF coach in the London area?

    Also wondered if anyone can attend the 1 day course on 28th June in UK (without having to attend any others beforehand).

    Many thanks for your help

    • colin says:

      Hi Nadine, I’m trying to find a coach in London who is currently active. I have several who still haven’t quite finished their training, two of whom I know would do a good job for you because they have the background. I will get their contact numbers for you if you would like that. And yes, the one-day workshop in June has no requirement that you attend any prior workshop. I hope to see you there.

      • Nwilson says:

        Hi Colin, thanks I would love to get those numbers from you please.

        Look forward to seeing you in June.


  62. Erica says:

    I’ve read your books and discussed them at length with my therapist, who is a very open-minded woman and has encouraged that side of myself to deeper explore issues from my past and learn to forgive certain terrible acts that I once saw as a permanent flaw on my personality that I would never shed. I was able to do this, in large part, when I discovered radical forgiveness. I have forgiven people whom I never thought I would, therefore, releasing myself of the pain of carrying the anger I felt toward them. I am able to feel love for people whose actions I was viewed as means for dismissing them from my life and hating without relent. It is an incredible feeling, as if a weight has been lifted, and I can now see the gift these “wrong-doers” brought into my life. I’d like to thank you, so very much, for helping me move on from my anger and past perceptions of others and myself. Words really can’t express my gratitude, and I am a hugger, unfortunately.

    Despite my progress and newfound outlook, I still find myself getting caught up in the day to day drama, involving myself in conflict and being overwhelmed by my capricious emotions. I forget the important lessons I’ve learned in the heat of the moment of conflict at times. Admittedly, this tendency used to be much worse than it has been since my discovery of your books, but I still catch myself judging others and forgetting to show my love to others, sometimes to the point of belittlement. This is a personality trait that, at it’s extreme, can come off as vicious, however, it also has it’s benefits at times. I enjoy the side of myself that isn’t afraid to speak up when it is necessary to do so and am complimented for my assertiveness and straight-forward, honest attitude. To my own demise, this behavior can also manifest at unwanted times and result in major conflicts with people I love.

    My husband, George, and I have only been married for a year and I am already beginning to show my least favorite side of myself in front of him, seemingly without control at times. I immediately want to redact my statements, as I notice this flaw in myself emerging, but it’s usually too late to avoid an argument. My husband is in the Army and we both have started individual counseling and also marital therapy in our first year of marriage. I don’t think he understands my new theory on how we should live life, partially inspired by your writings. The Army has made him rather close-minded and he shows little interest when I try to talk to him about my beliefs. Being in the Army and also newly-weds who are just starting a life together in a terrible economy, I was pretty devastated to see the price of your seminar in CA. I looked up the mileage before and determined that if, by the grace of God, George’s senior officers might let him out early on Thursday, we could drive the 17 hours there so that he perhaps might better understand himself, his wife, his deeply hidden personal issues, and the meaning of life and love in order to help this marriage succeed (obviously, things aren’t going very good and he is not on the same wavelength with me). Although i am sad we cannot afford to attend, I can move on with more ease from this let-down knowing that it happened to teach me a lesson (namely, SAVE YOUR MONEY! haha).

    I hope you can understand my East Coast sarcasm, as I was born and raised there. I realize it is hard to convey this Massachusetts attitude well through text, but I meant it all sincerely and from the heart. Thank you for your counsel.


    • colin says:

      Hi Erica,
      Thanks for the great testimonial. I’m glad that you have found it helpful. Your situation is not atypical and it would be much helped if you could attend the workshop in California or Atlanta. If your husband is very resistant you’d be better off doing it on your own so that would make it cheaper (why save your money when there is so much of it sloshing around). A flight for one to Atlanta is not too expensive but if you can’t attend, much of what you described as an emerging set of problems is addressed in my book, Expanding Into Love. I think you will find it helpful in many ways.

  63. Nwilson says:

    Hi sorry, I have some further questions – are you ever coming to the UK ? If not do you do Skype consultations showing Satori and would it be suitable for someone with restrictive lung problems?

    • colin says:

      Yes, check out my UK website. You would have to ask a doctor about your lung issue. However, people say it is good for asthma. I’m trying to find a coach in the London area for you.

      • Nwilson says:


        many thanks for your quick response. I really hope there is someone in the London/Essex area – I am willing to travel if there isn’t, but can only find one in Ireland at the moment (which is a little too far).

        I am so pleased to hear that you are coming to the UK and have just checked out the dates. Whilst I would love to make all the dates, that is not looking possible. Therefore, is it just possible to attend the RF workshop on the 28th or do I have to attend the others first? Many thanks.

  64. Nwilson says:

    Hi, do you have an Radical Forgiveness coaches in England, London would be great?

  65. Zuzka says:

    Dear Colin,

    your book Radical forgivness was given to me by my friend, when a situation in my marriage shockingly changed everything for me. After many years I started reading books as RF is, and now Im the middle of To Heaven on a Harley. After many weeks of deeply painful and victim state of mind I started feeling myself again, even with much more positive vibrations, but then I came across a line in the second book I mentioned…that people often get back into the sleeping state, because they awake too early and too quickly. That somewhat stopped me and pulled me back into the victim state, because I feel that something beautiful can happen inside of me and I dont want to interupt it, because of forgiving too early or because I went through the pain process too fast. I understand, that its natural for everyone including me to try to end the pain as soon as possible, but same time its necessary to go through the full proces of experiencing the pain. I find myself in conflict about these issues now.
    Otherwise thank you for being such inspiration, I love the connection of spirituality and practicality.

    • colin says:

      Hi Zuzka,
      Don’t be put off by that. It is quite natural to go in and out of this new state of consciousness. It’s all part of being human. If and when you find yourself feeling upset about something, just love yourself for feeling that way. Use the 4 steps: 1. Look what I created; 2. I notice my judgments and my feelings but love myself anyway; 3 I am willing to see the perfection in the situation; 4. I choose peace. That will help you shift the energy. So just carry on the way you have been going. You are doing just fine.

      • Zuzka says:

        Thanks Colin. 4 steps help and within few weeks I ll be able to work with a coach as well and some more forgivness work.
        Wishing you a very beautiful day.

  66. Elizabeth says:

    Good evening, Colin.

    I am currently working my way through Radical Forgiveness. I totally understand what you conveying in your book and I have even used some of the strategies. I, however, am having an issue. It may be addressed later in the book. If it is, please let me know.

    I understand finding the moment of hurt that created the energies to attract certain negative qualities. I’ve done it a few times and it has worked wonders. Here goes: I was born into an abusive family. I was sexually abused from the moment I was brought home from the hospital and several times a day with the cover up being presenting this abuse as a game until I was four years old. I was also bullied by siblings and a parent since birth along with several other issues. How do you deal with the pre-verbal issues that one may have? I think I’m doing okay, then I start having these feelings again. Then I bounce back and forth.

    Thank you for your time,


    • colin says:

      Hi Liz,
      You are doing just fine the way you are but given the severity of the abuse you might want to find a Radical Forgiveness coach to work through it with you, or better yet come to the Miracles workshop in May to work with me. Go to to find a coach if you choose that route. In the meanwhile finish the book and then e-mail me directly for a longer conversation. My e-mail address is

  67. soulet says:

    Bonjour, existe t’il des stages où les cours sont dispensés en français ?
    Je voudrai participer à un stage
    Et ne parle pas l’anglais
    Merci de votre réponse
    Bien à vous

  68. arlette Berche says:

    ,i got you casettes a wonderful eye opener !! and have bought many of your books. I’m Irish living in France i’d love to be able to share you and your utube videos etc… here, but cant see any of your utubes in french,, i know your book is now in french,, any way i can get your videos with french subtitles?? take care and blessings, i do believe peace is coming in the world with this work ,, THANK YOU,
    PS..any chance of you coming to France,,

  69. arlette says:

    im so grateful for your work ,,,i got you casettes a wonderful eye opener !! and have bought many of your books. I’m Irish living in France i’d love to be able to share you and your utube videos etc… here, but cant see any of your utubes in french,, i know your book is now in french,, any way i can get your videos with french subtitles?? take care and blessings, i do believe peace is coming in the world with this work ,, THANK YOU,
    PS..any chance of you coming to France,,

    • Colin says:

      I’m afraid we do not have any videos with French subtitles but there is a chance I might come to France next year in the Marseilles area. October most likely. Keep checking my schedule.


  70. Isabel says:

    Hi Colin,
    It is amazing that you find the time to answer to some of these questions. It shows you care. Often, I pick-up the right book to help me go through what I need to go through. I don’t think it is coincidence. Actually, coincidence as some may say, does not exist. I am reading your book on Radical Forgiveness. I can’t help going “yes, that is right, …” I however feel I may need a bit more help and wanted to know if you do personal individual sessions if not in person, over the phone perhaps?
    I am certain you can help me. many thanks again for all the good you are doing. for humanity.

    • Colin says:

      I do but only occasionally since I am travelling so much. I am in UK at the moment. But we have coaches who do offer private sessions. You’ll find them listed on the website.


  71. Gary says:

    I have read your book and done the worksheet however still confused how to deal with a wife who is unable to show affection. Under point 20 of the worksheet I subsequently cant feel the love as it is never expressed. I am an affectiuonate person so dont understand what is being reflected by my wife and would like to undertand what my soul lesson is.
    Hope you can provide an explanation. Thanks

    • Colin says:

      Hi Gary,

      In number 20 you are invited to feel the LOVE of Spirit flowing beneath the apparent situation, not love for any person. What is being reflected is whatever you find difficult to accept in the other person (the mirror). Maybe your affection carries too much expectation and demands too much in return. Just give it and expect nothing back. Love is not a bargain.


  72. Colin, my friend Brenda Strong is studying to be a coach with your program and has introduced me to your fabulous work. It is working well for me and I am amazed at how much it helps!
    I host a radio show on The show is The Soul’s Edge, Nourishing Mind, Body and Spirit. It was formally on KKNW in Seattle but I moved to Idaho so I now work with Mark Husson on the 12 network. I would LOVE to have you as my guest any time that you could fit it into your schedule.
    The show airs live on Thursdays at 11am Pacific. I know our listeners would all be tuned in!
    Blessings, Jeanette

    • Colin says:

      Hi Jeannette,

      I am still in Switzerland and won’t be back to the US until late November so I cannot find time for it until the new year most likely. I suggest you contact me again in January and we can see if it is a fit.


  73. Katie says:

    Hi Colin,

    I have just finished reading your book, radical forgiveness. I find it hard to believe that whatever is happening in my life is as you stated in the book and my soul attract or plan it before I was born but I am willing to agree that it might be true so how do I go about finding out more? Thanks.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Katie,

      The only way to know whether it is ‘true’ is to try it. Download a free Radical Forgiveness worksheet from the website and use it on as issue you have found difficult to forgive. If it works, its true. If it doesn’t work its not true for you (yet.)
      Best wishes

  74. Gigi Langer says:

    Subject: Thank you and Request for Permission
    I have read Radical Forgiveness and have used your free online tools. I also bought your package offered on Healing with the Masters a couple of years ago. I have experienced such amazing miracles with these offerings–less stress and worry, for example.
    I just completed a book about how to worry less. I include in that book an illustration of how I completed each step of your online worksheet, Radical Forgiveness. So, I have copied the instructions from your worksheet, and then written my own responses.
    I would like permission to include this illustration in my book. My hope is that it will bring more people to your website and tools.
    Thank you again for being such a gentle teacher of love.

  75. Alex Shayne says:

    Dear Colin-
    Thank you for sharing your amazing beauty and wisdom with us. I love your books and videos and have gotten so much out of it all.
    Thank you for the Radical Manifestion ebook….I’m ready. Bring on the abundance.
    With much gratitude,

  76. Gabrielle says:

    Hi Colin,

    I’d like to take two of your courses, one on money and the other on relationships. Just got my bachelors in philosophy and am very into metaphysics. I’m not in the position yet to pay for them, can you make it free for people like me?

    • Colin says:

      I’m sorry but both of these courses have not attracted bookings and have been cancelled.

  77. Virginia says:

    Hello Colin,

    I have been working with the radical forgiveness for quite some time with astonishing results. However, the person closest to me who keeps on challenging me time and again sometimes has the tendency, once I work on a forgiveness letter to bring out my emotions fully. What I mean is… I completed either a forgiveness sheet or wrote a forgiveness letter and later on during the day I begin to realize how much anger I have I was never aware of.
    I continue with my forgiveness work and then it finishes and we have a wonderful time again and I can see the shifts.
    Is it normal though to get angry and sad and all emotional after completing the worksheet the first time? I know, sometimes we have to repeat the process.

    • colin says:

      Hi Virginia,
      There is no ‘normal.’ Everyone responds differently but I think it was a good thing that the anger came out no matter at what point it emerged. It needed to be released and you doing the worksheet helpd it come out. That’s good. Yes, it is a good idea to do more than one worksheet especially when it reveals that the anger was deeply buried. Just keep doing them until there is no more left.

  78. Heidi says:

    Hi, Colin,
    I saw your blog about dying and my question is: I would like to die now, however, I`ve heard
    that if you commit suicide you would be send back again to incarnate into the same situation
    that you didn`t want to cope with and copped out. You did not mention this in your book.
    What do you think about it?
    Thanks Heidi

    • Colin says:

      Hi Heidi,

      I have heard that but I have no idea if it is true or not. My thoughts about are that if you commit suicide it doesn’t solve anything since you take your issues with you. Might as well deal with them here. That’s the purpose of Radical Forgiveness. Clean it all out before you die then dying will be easier, or then again, perhaps you won’t want to die because life is better.


  79. Fran says:

    I wanted to share with you a miracle that happened after attending Colin Tippings London Alternatives talk. I came here as there was a situation that had been hanging over me for a long time! An ex that I had a intense soulmate connection with had another woman pregnant within a month of breaking up. They live nearby and in an area I am always passing through, the anxiety, fear, hurt, anger and resentment was with me every time I passed through which was almost on a daily basis! I was always anxious I’d bump into them/ him. It was time to let it go, after doing the process in the talk I felt much lighter and like an energy had shifted. The very next day, in less than 24 hours of doing the process I am walking through the area to see a client as normal I bump into my ex, with his partner and baby. We hug, I shake his partners hand and meet the baby and I am at total peace with the situation, the anxiety, hurt and resentment just melted away, I felt nothing but compassion knowing that I am in the right place in my life right now. I have been waiting over a year for this exchange, now I can walk down the street without that fear. Anxiety and bitterness hanging over me totally cool to say hello and smile if I see anyone. Wow! Feels so good to let that go. I have total faith in the Universe and its divine plan for me. That was closure for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! X

    • Colin says:

      Hi Fran,

      I replied by e-mail already but thanks for sharing this. The 13 Steps Process is so simple and easy but boy is it powerful. I will be back at Alternatives in London next year to do a weekend workshop. Hope to see you there.

  80. sherry says:

    Hi Colin
    Does your radical forgiveness book come with a workbook or do I just download the worksheets online? Thanks!

    • Colin says:

      There is one worksheet in the book, but you should download ones you work with so you don’t put anything too personal in the book.

  81. Tracy says:

    Hi Colin. Having read extensively on spirituality, I think Radical Forgiveness is a practical way to make those concepts more permanent in daily life – now at the age of 42 it is so hard to disengage from the illusion I’ve been living since childhood (and which still seems so real) to what I now perceive as the true reality of no separation and all that happens as a reflection of self’s beliefs. However, one MAIN thing that keeps tripping me up and is not dealt with in the book or much in other literature is how to deal with your children in a spiritual manner? I am a mother of young children and constantly I find myself pulled into little dramas with them and the fighting they do with each other, not to mention how to help guide them without doing too much to interfere with their purpose of being here. This really could be a book in itself!! I could say kids are probably our greatest test and teachers in that they are masters of pulling you out of any kind of spiritual reverie or calm (I think of the story of the zen master creeping up behind his student meditators and hitting the ones who did not perceive it coming with a big stick). I am constantly feeling conflicted on how much to encourage (okay nag!) them about doing homework, chores, etc. and just “letting them go free.” I feel obviously you should give them basic guidance such as learning how to swim, teaching them hot/cold, to read, to do basic math – that those are basic duties of being a parent – however when they protest and complain how to deal with that? And is it our duty to try to give them these “survival tools” for living in this school called Earth? What is the real truth of how we should handle our children (who I understand are not really “ours” or even “younger” than us) but who nevertheless often act very fearful and cling to us in this “scary” world. I’ve done all sorts of “behavior charts” and “reward charts” and all of it seems kind of useless – I find myself being the frustrated/guilty one who ends up yelling when they are constantly fighting or not cooperating. Any advice (or a new book by you on this!) would be appreciated :)

    • Colin says:

      Hi Tracy,
      Well, kids can be very trying, let’s face it. And you are only human like everyone else. So cut yourself some slack for getting upset and love yourself when it happens. But at least you are aware of it which is half the battle. If you can laugh at yourself that helps. But to address your question, the only ways to ‘teach’ kids the spiritual way is to model it, and being real and aware at the same time is modelling it. If you live according to spiritual principle yourself, the kids will get it. They will feel it and be attuned to it, but they might not show it until later in life. As they get older you can talk about it, or even if you talk with other adults with kids present they will pick it up. It is after all a vibration. Just be yourself and love yourself for who you are. Relax.

  82. louisa says:

    oh my goodness – this parent work is intense! And i have great hopes that it will help. I just have to say that Unit 9 is impossible to finish in one day – i’ve given this many hours today and nowhere near complete. Some of the days took just a little time, others have taken more, but this one is definitely the most time consuming. I’m wondering if tomorrow is an extension of today as some of them have been or a whole new assignment? I so didn’t want to get a day behind but it’s late and i’m exhausted and i’ve still got 19 core beliefs to release – perhaps 34 was too many to work with at once?

    • Colin says:

      Yes, Louisa, 34 was too many. It seems to me from reading your comments that you are trying too hard with all of it and making it all too difficult. Perhaps that is one belief you might want to give up – that everything has to be difficult, and that I have to get it perfect before I am accepted. Lighten up and don’t take yourself too seriously.

  83. Michael Parastino says:

    One of the problems I find, is that some of the people that need this the most, can’t afford it. They can’t afford anything. I am disabled. I forgive everyone, there’s nothing to forgive, right? I still only get $750.00 a month to live on! Thanks.

    • Colin says:

      There’s an awful lot on the website that is free Michael and they all work. Try the Radical Manifestation worksheet and use it to bring more abundance into your life, not just money.

  84. louisa says:

    I’m doing the manifestation program & got to the purpose statement. Instructions state something to the effect of “assuming money is not an issue” – but what if it is the primary issue? I took the instructions literally so went ahead & completed it as tho it weren’t, focused on career & marriage, but in reading it over, it feels like I may have jumped the gun on it. Thoughts/suggestions????
    thanks and blessings

    • Colin says:

      If money is the issue, then do a Money Consciousness worksheet at the same time. However, things can come to you in many ways besides you buying it. So don’t get fixated on “I must have the money to buy it before I can have it.”


  85. louisa says:

    just going to ask the questions & hope for a response….thank you!
    Is there a 7 step verbal process for self forgiveness or something comparable for manifestation?
    Is it ok to substitute the 7 step process instead of the RF worksheet, in particular for the parent work, or for institutions and people related to any trauma/victim story of childhood/adulthood?
    I just did the questionnaire for the 21 day parent forgiveness and included both mother & father in it together – was i supposed to do them one at a time?

    • Colin says:

      Hi Louisa,

      First of all thanks for your very valuable feedback. To answer each of your questions.
      1. No I don’t have a 7 step process specifically for Self Forgiveness but I don’t see why the 7 step process wouldn’t work just as well for self. Just put yourself in the chair.
      Neither do I have one for Radical Manifestation although the online program is highly recommended. Also, don’t underestimate the 13 steps. Even if you don’t feel anything at the time, there’s a lot going on underneath your conscious awareness.

      It’s fine to substitute the 7 step process for the worksheet if you feel it works best for you, it is a powerful process, but don’t underestimate the power of the worksheet for the same reason as above.

      It is OK to do the process on both parents if the issue concerns them both. Otherwise I recommend doing them separately.

      Finally, just do what feels right to you. You can’t really do it wrong.


  86. louisa says:

    couple of comments; couple of questions. First, thank you for this body of work – it resonates very strongly with what i believe & teach & have suddenly realized i don’t actually live very well. Consequently, I ordered & watched the relationship dvd/cd, am beginning the online manifestation program & the forgiving parents one as well.

    I LOVE the 7 step verbal process – works wonders for me. The 13 step verbal process, however, barely scratches the surface of anything deep & leaves me frustrated & confused so i stopped using it, but then used it for a minor upset & it did work well for that. Have done the RF & RSF worksheets, along with money consciousness & Manifestation, without noticing much if any difference from any of those, except i felt exhausted after the RF & RSF ones.

    I’ve read RF but not the Manifestation book or the forgiving parents one but they are ordered. I’m really hoping to understand how to do the worksheets much better after reading those new books. The worksheets take a very long time for me and so far produced little apparent results – i can get to the feelings but don’t understand collapsing the story so the rest of it just seems strange & nothing shifts. And i feel completely overwhelmed when i think of doing one of those sheets for all the people & institutions involved in a lifetime of traumatic occurences.

    Is there a 7 step verbal process for self forgiveness or something comparable for manifestation?
    Is it ok to substitute the 7 step process instead of the RF worksheet for the parent work, or for institutions and people related to any trauma of childhood/adulthood? Altho, it is so intense I can’t imagine doing that, which is maybe why the worksheet would be better – it is much less an emotional eruption for me, just more time consuming & i don’t feel much shift afterward so find myself feeling like “why bother?”
    I just did the questionnaire for the 21 day parent forgiveness and included both mother & father in it – was i supposed to do them one at a time?
    thanks much for reading this long missive!
    with blessings and gratitude

  87. louisa says:

    i’m doing the radical manifestation online program & have gotten to page 8 of section 5, where i do the forgiveness worksheets on those who gave me negative programming in childhood. I have done a few of these before, but wonder if the direction here is to do one on everyone you can think of or just parents/immediate family?
    Also, much of my resentment/confusion/sadness comes from institutions & society’s expectations rather than individual people – Christianity, for example, or Appalachian culture, and racism, and class discrimination, and western medicine, and sexism. Do I use the regular worksheet to address these and if so, how? If not, what is the best way to begin clearing some of this.
    thanks much for clarifying this!

    • Colin says:

      Hi Louise,
      It’s good to do one for anyone or any institution or organization who you think fed you limiting ideas about what you should expect or deserve. No need to overdo it though, just do the family ones first and then a few that might cover everyone else.

  88. Kim says:

    Hi Colin- I have been on a spiritual journey for many many years, reading every self help, spiritual book I could get my hands on. Everything I have read has made perfect sense to me but nothing has ever shifted which has made me feel like a spiritual failure! I bought your book about a year ago- it was quite far down on my list- so I just picked it up yesterday and started reading- energy started shifting in me for the first time in this long journey. I went to your website last night and joined Colin’s cafe and started the 8 day program. I filled out the first online worksheet last night and literally feel like a new person today. I truly thought I was never going to get out of my story and pity party and one worksheet and poof! I love letting go of not having to know why my soul needed these issues- I believe that has been a big part of my blockages- because I could never figure out the why’s. What a relief to let that go….it is a work in progress but for the first time in my life I feel peaceful and hopeful. Thank you so much! I am so excited to continue on this journey.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Kim,
      Sorry for the delay in replying but I want to thank you for your comments anyway. It always feels good to hear of someone’s success with this work. I’m very glad to have you as a member of the community.


  89. mas says:

    Thanks Colin. Appreciate your prompt response!

  90. colin says:

    Hi Mas,

    The 4-step process helps in the moment of upset, but you may need other tools that take you deeper into your process, like the worksheets. It’s hard for me to give you much advice on so little information so I would advise getting in touch with a coach so you can explain the situation and have a proper conversation. You can find one by going to the website


  91. mas says:

    Hi Colin,
    My child has been diagnosed with depression. I feel a lot fear. I keep doing the 4 step emergence procedure. What else can I do to keep my vibration up?

  92. Nick says:

    If a person has done many spiritual bypasses,in order to avoid confrontation, what should they do?

    • colin says:

      Hi Nick,

      Being aware of doing a spiritual bypass is a big part. Now, whenever a confrontation presents itself drop the spiritual BS and get real. Then do a worksheet. The best way to deal with a confrontation is to respond with love.

  93. Missn says:

    Hello Colin;

    I know you get a lot of mail and comments but if you or someone has time to help me out with this question, I would be really appreciative. I worked on and through some of your forgiveness worksheets yesterday but am not at the bottom of it so maybe there is a new approach. About six years ago I went to an AA meeting with a person just out curiosity and I accidentally got involved with one of the sickest people there. It was both emotionally, physically, verbally and spiritually abusive. So sometimes I do not know who to forgive or who I am madder at…the person who did it, or myself for getting involved. I tried working with the worksheets but it is still a problem. I think it was because there was a spiritual problem, I really think that was the base of it and that, as your worksheets suggest, if I would have had a better connection to God it would not have happened, but it did and have not let go. Can you make suggestions? I know the answer is spiritual. Thank you

    • colin says:

      Do both forgiveness and self forgiveness worksheets. Of course it is spiritual. It’s all spiritual. There’s nothing that is not. And it’s all perfect. Get it?

  94. Nicholas says:

    You always say, If you spot it you got it. As a therapist you have spotted a lot of people’s crap. Does that mean you’ve got it?

  95. therese says:

    bonjour je suis tres interressee par le livre :le pouvoir du pardon radical , et j’aimerai faire acquisition du CD 13 étapes , mais voila il se trouve seulement en anglais , mais mon probleme c’est que je ne parle pas un mot d’anglais ….seriai je la seule a vous faire cette demande ? ou peut etre il est possible de le trouver en français ! si oui pourriez vous me l’indiquer .Merci par avance

  96. Jolanta says:


    I am living in London. Recently I received invitation to Transformation Circle, in which there is your name, but before I decide to go I need to ask you – is there any possibility I can check if person who does it is Radical Forgiveness Coach…? His name is Jonathan Bell.
    Best Regards,

  97. lea Seren says:

    Hi Collin, how r you guys? I want to ask you if you can u expand a bit more on your FB posting about awakening vs the falling in love and the 2 sides of the coin? I didn’t understand the second part. So when u are awake there is no double sided coin? Is that what u mean?

  98. Diane says:

    I bought your book because of the two months’ free access to Colin’s Cafe, because I was thinking I would have access to all of these programs, but I guess that’s not the case. Sadly, even buying that book was a stretch for me now.

  99. Diane says:

    Thanks for your response, Colin. I went to to your website and saw that those two online programs you mention each cost $70.00. Unfortunately, I am not exaggerating when I say I have no money. I really created a huge crisis drama for myself and lost all of my assets. So this appears to be a Catch-22. I agree with you that this is the key to my financial problems, but since I have no money, how do I get it resolved? Any other ideas?

  100. Diane says:

    I wanted to add to my above post that while I have been going through this financial trauma over the last year or so, I have become aware of an issue in my life that it has brought to the forefront, an issue that is clearly up for healing. I’m guessing that my soul created this whole experience to get this issue healed. The issue is this very deep-seated very painful belief that I am alone in the world, that no one is there for me (though some say they are, when push comes to shove they are not), no one truly is in my corner, and hence I don’t matter. I think some part of me keeps me stuck in this financial situation because I want someone to show up and help me out of it, rescue me, to prove that I do matter enough to get help. The belief is a driving force in my life and engenders a huge amount of anger and resentment in me; and because I feel my sister has turned her back on me in my time of need, I feel like I never want to speak to her again. Same with my best friend. It has affected other relationships as well. I am really tired of the victim consciousness but can’t seem to extricate myself from it. The anxiety and stress is beginning to affect my health, and I don’t even have the money to go to a doctor.This goes back to my childhood and my mother, and I did do a forgiveness worksheet on it, but the issue persists. I am really in an emergency situation financially..what is the best way of going about addressing all of this so that I can manifest what I need quickly? Thanks so much, Colin.

    • Colin says:

      OK, go to my website and select online programs and do the 21 day program on forgiving your sibling and the one on forgiving your parent. The worksheet was not enough. I also think you need to contact a coach and work through these issues with one of your choosing from the website, but if you have no money that might be difficult. This is key to all your financial problems I would guess.


  101. Diane says:

    I am in a very scary financial situation which includes bankruptcy and foreclosure. I want to start a new career in real estate, but I need some start-up money. Yesterday I did the manifestation worksheet for $10,000 to pay my start-up expenses and living expenses while I get the business going, which I know I can. I visualized as vividly as I could celebrating closing my first transaction and all of the feelings that go with it. I know you’ve said the universe doesn’t need reminding of my request, but I’m wondering what I do now. Do I continue to visualize it everyday and focus on letting go of worrying and trying to manipulate the situation, i.e. trust the universe to bring it? It’s just about a full time job trying to manage the anxiety, let alone all of the things I need to be doing just to keep my head above water. Thank you.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Diane,

      I can understand your anxiety given your situation, but to answer your question, once you have done the worksheet there isn’t any need to keep going back over it. You can just keep in your mind that the money is coming but don’t obsess about it otherwise you will block it. The other thing I suggest you do is a worksheet to manifest someone or some way in which your financial situation can be resolved. In other words simply ask for support in getting it done. No need to be any more specific than that. You have been asking for $10,000 to get you started in a new career but that’s not the same as asking for help with your situation. It might not be what Spirit have in mind for you. Try to relax and surrender to the situation so you can be more open to what needs to come to you.


  102. Lorraine McIntyre says:

    Hi Colin: I have been following you for years now, been to your workshops, etc. But, I can’t find the radical forgiveness worksheet (free one) on line any more. I loved that online worksheet because there were pop outs to explain in more detail than the worksheet itself. Can you tell me if you still offer it online?

    • Colin says:

      Hi Lorraine,

      Yes, I do still offer it online but, along with many other online tools and tutorials just like the Radical Forgiveness one, it is now available only from within the Radical Living Online Community – a membership site. You may want to become a member because there’s a lot of stuff already in it you will enjoy and a lot more on the way. Go to and hit the membership button on the left side. We’d love to have you.

  103. Mary Vogel says:

    Oh, and you asked about knowing the difference between appropriate guilt and inappropriate guilt. I do believe that I see the difference.

  104. Mary Vogel says:

    I should also add that I discovered that laziness was part of my shadow self, something I abhor in others.

  105. Mary Vogel says:

    After doing lesson 1 of the Radical Self-Forgiveness 8 day course, I feel more peaceful and relieved. I came to the conclusion that I manifested the situation I wrote about to wake myself up and be in the moment. The incident that I am so guilty about centered around my in attention to my job. I still feel a bit sad over it but also a bit lighter, and for that, I’m grateful. I’m looking forward to lesson 2.

  106. PR says:

    Hi Colin,
    I am working through your Radical Money program and in the process I have realized that I have been self-sabotaging my success all through my life! At a deep level I do not want to succeed. And doing some forgiveness sheets made me realize that this was related to a sibling feeling bad whenever I succeeded and she didn’t (or at least that is how I interpreted the situation)– this happened all through school when I would get better good grades, got into better colleges, and then even in our careers.. I would be making more money, at least in in those initial stages of our careers. And now I find, to my amazement, that this energy is stuck in me and has become permanent self-sabotage.

    Now after decades I have realized this is why I self sabotage success– it doesn’t feel good to me. I’m not sure how to clear this– do I do
    a) self-forgiveness
    b) forgiveness of the sibling
    c) journal what success has meant to me in the past so that the buried emotions surface?

    I am still working through the money narrative.

    I intuitively understand this probably needs a reframe, but I am not sure how to address it. I would appreciate some guidance please.

    Thank you very much.

    • Colin says:

      I replied to this one directly. I hope it helped.


      • PR says:

        Hi Colin,
        I have not received this reply from you yet in my email. I’ve checked my spam folders also. I do get you regular blog postings.

        I would greatly appreciate it if you could please resend the email. My email address listed in this response form is correct and free of typos.

        Thank you very much!

        • Colin says:

          I can’t find it either. I probably deleted it once I replied since it came through the support section initially not the website, but the answer to your question is to do all three of those things if necessary. By the time you have worked though all the modules in the money program and done the worksheets you will be well endowed with knowledge and understanding of how to do a reframe.

          Best wishes,

        • Colin says:

          Sorry it got lost but basically the answer is yes. Do all three. By the time you get them done and all the work in the program you will have done the reframe.

          Best wishes

  107. Iveta says:

    Dear Collin,
    I am writing you to thank you for the biggest gift I could ever receive. Friend of mine has introduced me to Radical Forgiveness method by directing me to your free offering where I have discovered the most powerful method of healing I have ever encountered and I have been Alternative Therapist for over 10 years and healing my shadow issues for over 20 years now. I bet you get thank you letters daily! :D However I would like to express how truly deep my gratitude is by telling you the story of my life I have been struggling with my whole life and tried to heal and understand through numerous methods including hypnotherapy with no result.

    I have been born with a burden of being unwanted child of my mother who blamed me for all her misfortunes of her life. I have been a cause of her not leaving my verbally abusive father who treated her like his personal slave. It was easy to leave him only with my older sister, but not with two children. My mother has been very abusive towards me all my childhood. I was subject to constant humiliation and vilifying. I “lacked” intelligence social skills morals beauty well… I was like this waste of space for her she had to care for. I was a burden. I owed her for pushing me out without labor pains and was constantly reminded that I can’t be anything good because nothing good comes alone to this world. The huge fire broke out the minute I was born in the town where I was born. My whole family joked about that all my childhood. I was this lightning conductor for everyone’s anger and pain they felt through their own misfortunes. My mother has died of kidney cancer when she was 54 years old (5 years ago). She told me she is leaving this way because she wants to leave my father but it was easier this way… She was “too old” and “too tired” to deal with the break up. I didn’t understand why she mentioned this to me until much later. My mother insisted that someone spent the night with her at the hospital so I did. It was the worst night of my entire life. I witnessed her last fight with cancer and her horrible death. I sat with her dead body for over two hours before I had to leave… It traumatized me greatly. Much later on in therapy I realized that my mother felt I owed her and that I needed to witness her death so I know what I have caused by being born. She completely refused her responsibility for her own actions and decisions. I was blamed for my mother’s death by my father and my sister because I am spiritual teacher and therapist and I should have healed her. My work has become a joke to them all simply by not being able to perform miracle on my mother.

    My sister has been a very vicious person. I was bullied all my childhood by her and her influence has led to very horrible things, including rape. You might be thinking how was she responsible? I have visited my sister when I was 16 years old. She lived in London at that time. I was very excited about music and nightlife in London and wanted to see a nightclub. I was a nuisance to her. She told me her friend will take me to nightclub. I specifically asked her if it was safe to go with him. She said it was… only she forgot to mention that he tried to rape her. She deliberately let me go out with this man who of course violated me. It was my first sexual experience in my life. Anyway… My sister had very strong influence on everyone around her. People loved her and she could show any mask she liked to everyone around her. She managed to poison everyone around her against me with her lies.

    I have had very painful and lonely childhood with no support no love. I have planned to commit a suicide at the age of 16 after the rape experience. My sister has caught me while preparing everything and fortunately I have survived. My life hasn’t improved a little bit when I grew up and left home. My sister and her gang was replaced with another person and her gang at my professional life and it seemed that everywhere I looked and went things were pretty much the same. Jealousy, vilifying harassment cyber bullying you name it… I have survived it all but not without a toll called deep chronic depression. I have tried very hard to do things right… but everything kept on falling apart. I put on huge amount of weight I was scared to leave my house. I was blamed for everything even for my best friend’s suicide. I got divorced twice and escaped few abusive partners only to find another one like that.

    I constantly asked myself a question: “What have I done to deserve this?” “Am I really such a horrible person to deserve this?” I constantly searched for answers and I have worked very hard to heal all my childhood traumas without any success.

    I have been extremely depressed last three weeks and I truly thought I have lost all my will to carry on. I have two beautiful children and thought of leaving them here alone usually stopped me from committing a suicide. I prayed to all Gods and Goddesses I know I asked my High Self to help somehow. Last week a miracle has happened. My husband told me we had some money to spare and I wanted to join the Radical Weight Loss program for some time. I have happily paid for the program and went to read and do all the work. And here comes the miraculous healing part. I have blamed my husband for not appreciating my overweight body so I thought ok, I am gonna do the Radical Forgiveness. The result of it was that I am sabotaging all my life and punishing myself, feeling that I actually deserve all the vilifying and harassment I have been going through all my life. I felt how much I loathe myself. The next step was to do Radical Self-Forgiveness and find out why I do this to myself. Oh boy… was I in for a surprise and a ride… I found out that my mother has projected her self-hatred on me when she conceived me and found out she was pregnant with me. I was angry beyond telling you of it and I have tried to reframe but it was so hard. It was like a huge house was falling hard on my head. I found out that this situation was to teach me how much I do for love. How I let people to abuse me only to be loved. But all my efforts were in vain. It was never enough. I knew my healing spree hasn’t ended yet. I did another Radical Forgiveness and my issue was “People who abuse my need to be loved and accepted.” It was a core issue for me and during listening to you telling me what the step 13 was I knew the answer. I felt such a huge relief and new energy completely flooded my body.

    I was supposed to learn how beautiful and unique person I was. How talented and awesome I was. How many people I helped how wise I am for my age I mean I speak fluently English, I am very talented musician and sound engineer I know so many holistic methods of healing and I have concluded this by a sentence I almost shouted: “I am f*cking awesome!!!” (excuse my French… lol) I saw in that moment how all those bullies, all those people saw how awesome I was and they simply wanted to be like me! I felt this deep gratitude towards my mother who taught me what a beautiful and creative and awesome woman I was. Who else was supposed to teach me this than my own mother? I have realized how many souls were in my soul contract to learn this! I mean Universe must love me so much because there were near to hundred people bullying me to help me to realize what an awesome woman I was!!! So many people took interest in me learning this! I was beyond grateful. This was… is… so huge! I actually went to bed repeating how awesome and beautiful I was… :D and I really meant it! :D It has been two days and my whole world shifted from depression to wonderful warm feeling within me, to this satisfaction with the world with myself and with who I am. My body is still going through the healing process because I had many physical injuries as a result of my self loathing. I feel this weird healing pain I know for example from Reiki. Funny thing is that I don’t need people around me to change. I even know that there still will be people who are jealous and envious and who will try to kick me down. But do you know what? I don’t care… :D They have what to be jealous and envious of because I’m awesome… ha ha ha… :D and if they want they can realize how awesome they are too… My mother has taught me on spiritual level more than she could ever teach me on the level of this plane of existence. She gave me the biggest gift she could. She taught me to love myself and to appreciate myself. I know it looks kind of bad on this plane of existence but I could have never had the better mom than I had or a better sister! They conspired together to help me to realize how awesome I am and have always been!

    So thank you Collin for your Radical Living methods because without them my mother’s legacy would have never come to fruition. You are my healing angel who delivered through your work the messages so vital for my life and me! I can not express how grateful I am. You deserve a Nobel prize for Radical Living methods you know… :D because the miracles you delivered to my life by your work are enormous and vital and I hope Universe will flood you with abundance on all levels because you deserve to be the happiest guy on the planet. You helped me so much. You restored faith and love to my life and towards my mother and my sister. Not even all the money in the world can be enough to give you for such a gift! THANK YOU!!!

    I would love to become a registered Radical Living therapist and when I get some money (and I will because I learned your methods… :D) I would like to enroll to your courses to be able to help more people with your methods! I have done 65 Raical Forgiveness healings around 20 Radical Self-Forgiveness healings and 4 Radical Manifestation worksheets and my life has transformed completely. I know I will do happily much more because this truly helps! :D So Thank you again for everything!

    Many blessings
    Czech Republic

  108. David Medici says:

    Hello, Mr. Tipping.

    I am not one of your students, but I am in contact with two certified RF coaches. I am rereading your book for the second time and would like to request some reference information. In Chapter 13 you refer to “An interesting, but as yet unpublished, study on forgiveness and time […] conducted at Seattle University.” Googling for more information I find very little to confirm the existence of the study. I do find a reference to M. Leifer’s 1986 unpublished Seattle University manuscript The dialogal method in phenomenological research, but the source original source appears to be from Kurtz and Ketcham’s The Spirituality of Imperfection. Can you provide any more information on the Seattle University study, either its authors , study year, or any material from the study that has appeared since?

    Kind regards,

  109. Christine says:

    Hi! I listened to the radical foregiveness audiobook. I really enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing the concept as well as the worksheets! After listening to the book, and doing a few worksheets on a couple issues. I see patterns in my life. Which I really appreciate. However, something that keeps popping in my mind is “now what?” I feel as though the situations in my life i did the worksheets require an action from me as they are in regards to pending situations I am involved. Do I just have faith after doing a worksheet that the calmness I feel will guide me towards a direction more aligned with my truth self? Or do you have other materials that cover this topic? Thanks!

  110. Melanie says:

    I was given the Radical Forgiveness book as a gift and I must say it has been the best book I have ever read. After finishing it, I can absolutely see what a difference it has made for me. Every time I find myself getting upset over something someone says or does, I ask myself “why” and go through the worksheet and am instantly calmed down. It has helped me get over a lot of anger, especially after leaving an abusive relationship. Thank you so much :)

  111. Heavenly says:

    I am completing the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet on my father while simultaneously reading Colin’s book about forgiving your parents. It is so true that when you ask for growth, the Universe will convene in your favor to help you achieve it. I was reading the book and feeling stuck, so I completed the worksheet and instantly felt lighter. I was able to see patterns and connections that extend into not just my love life but my work and social lives as well. The next day, I saw a very clear pattern pop up professionally and was able to address it with peace as I saw several connections between behavior learned from my father’s departure. Thank you, Colin, for making these tools available and accessible.

  112. Sam says:

    Hi Colin,
    I have used the radical forgiveness worksheets that you offer for free as well as the 21 day online courses. I found them to be very powerful. Thank you for making this available! I now feel a sensation of fear and anxiety. It is almost palpable and I do not know what is bringing this on or what to do about it. Any suggestions?

  113. inello says:

    Hi Colin: Thank you for this opportunity for me to try to resolve this relationship issue with my family member. I did the work sheet on radical forgiveness. What happened to the worksheet when I finished it, do you get ? I asked because I didn’t see a submit button. Anyways, This is all new to me and I’m not sure what’s suppose to happen, but while completing the worksheet some of the statements and questions moved my thinking inward, leading me to ponder that it’s me causing this issue and not my family member. What am I suppose to be experiencing from the worksheet? Some of the statements and questions I really didn’t understand clearly but I answered them to the best of my ability , for example: exercise #6-Now callapsing the story, could you elaborate on this? I want this transformation to happen for me because I need resolve and I also need your guidance. Thanks in advance

  114. DC says:

    I have been interested in the idea of Radical Forgiveness for a over a year now. I realized my spirit needed some healing bad. I was spiraling out of control (hard drug usage, dangerous sexual behavior and long moments of dark depression). At the beginning of 2012, my world fell apart when I lost 4 friends in 3 weeks. One month later I lost another. From then on, bad events followed me, leading me to a hotel room and a plan to take my life. I decided to try RF and wow….I fell asleep immediately afterward because it was so emotionally draining…in a good way. The following week, the love I thought I’d never receive (RF was for my dad) showed up on my sidewalk…The RF book was my gift to all my friends and to myself. To keep this to myself is beyond selfish. Sharing RF has been my mission for the past 4 months. The world must know how to forgive…

  115. Jim says:

    I just finished re-reading Jill’s story for the third time before I did the worksheet. Each time, I got more and more clear understanding of the concepts of Radical Forgiveness.
    It makes so much more sense to when I reflect on the things that go on in my mind when I am angry and need to heal

    On to lesson 3

  116. Nicholas says:

    I had in mind a reputable publisher that I pay to publish.

  117. Sammy says:


    So far I am really enjoying the method for Forgiving others. I have been amazed at the connections between my relationships with current people and past experiences. I did a forgiveness sheet on a person who molested me when I was a very small child and I feel better. I believe this could be connected to my mom’s similar experience when she was a child, however I do not remember my life before this event so don’t have anything else to connect it to. Do you have any words that would help connect and understand why/how these kinds of things happen in your eyes?

    Thank you.

  118. Jim says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first worksheet because I found it very difficult and painful to complete honestly. I can see where the word radical is so relevant. The most important person to forgive is…… myself.

    Such an eyeopener

    • Colin says:

      Hi Jim,
      The next step then might be the online self-forgiveness/self-acceptance program. It’s worth a try.

  119. Will says:

    I started the process there is just so much stuff, resistance it seems with my friend and my therapist says that the relationship will not be restored. Yet I am still working the process. I care about this person and the relationship much and am willing to do this process to recreate the love, harmony and connection. Just need some awareness that there is some good going on. The relationship has just been to painfull for me.
    Thanks look forward to working the next worksheet.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Will,

      Keep at it if you think there is realistically any hope of restoring the relationship, otherwise move on. You might try the Moving On, the 21 day Program for Forgiving Your Partner. It’s probably your best option at this point.

  120. Nicholas says:

    Dear Colin,
    Could you recommend a publisher for self-publishing a spiritual book?

  121. Virginia says:

    So, I did the forgiveness sheet a second time. This time I could not feel all that anger anymore. For the same person. I could somehow not summon up all the angry feelings when filling out the sheet. However, some feelings differed from the first time around.
    When I woke up the next morning though, I felt very indifferent towards that person. If there weren’t contact through a third person, I would forget all about this one.
    Is this ok or does this mean now, I still have not really forgiven.
    Do I yet need to repeat the process or this outcome also OK?
    Thank you for anyones response,

    • Colin says:

      It seems to me that it is working just fine. Feeling neutral is an indication that the energy has dispersed. That’s good. When you can feel ‘love’ for this person then you know that the forgiveness is total, but that might take a while.

  122. Virginia says:

    Yesterday I filled out at radical forgiveness sheet. When I did it I felt a lot of sadness and I had to cry. I cried and cried and cried. But in the end I felt some relieve. However, when I woke up this morning, I felt anger towards the person.
    So I repeated the procedure. I realized, when filling out the sheet a second time, I couldn’t connect to the feeling of sadness anymore.
    Even the anger wasn’t that strong any longer.
    It was even hard to summon up all the feelings of being a victim the second time around.
    Now I am very exited to find out, how the person I felt all that resentment against will react. And since there is a third person involved, which I did not forgive yet because I am not angry at him I wonder if and how this will affect him, too.
    This is exciting and the thing I have been looking for!
    Thank you very much for this material!!! This is the best ever. Your book is also quite addictive. I enjoy the work.

  123. Nicholas says:

    I accept that life is in divine order and we should stop judging it. What about people that take steps to fix what they do not like about life? They have judged it, made
    it wrong and took successful steps to alter, for the better, what they saw as
    wrong. Did these people buck divine order and compromise their integrity?

    • Colin says:

      No. We still have to do what we need to do in the human dimension while at the same time recognizing that whatever we decide to do in response to events – with integrity will be perfect too. We cannot ‘buck the divine.’ We are not that powerful.


  124. Linda says:

    Good Day Colin!

    I am so inspired today and it’s been about a year since I was introduced to your work and have been using it regularly. Thank you so much for delivering it to the World!

    I am posting this here, as this is where your team instructed me to go, and the worksheet I did was the Radical Transformation one. It was really incredible and deeply transformative for me. The topic I chose, which is what disturbs me in the world is The disconnection between the sexes.

    In doing the worksheet, it started with a disconnection that I was feeling between my significant other and myself, and then slowly turned into the status of the male/female interaction on a global level and beyond. What I see has happened is that we have demeaned and degraded the very people who are very much a part of who we are, they are our opposite, our mirror, our yin or yan, and without them, would be our demise. Now it’s time to put that all aside and truly step into that sense of empowering one anotherL our sacred opposite gender counterparts.

    I found my responsibility in what I am willing to do about it and have found that I am in a place to fully embrace a shift in this dynamic. I am opening up the conversation amongst different groups that I belong to and have removed it from the “women only” sector and open it up for men to become an integral part of this healing.

    “9. I hereby declare that I am willing to hold this higher vibration and to resist all temptation in the future to react to events with fear and despondency. Whenever I feel myself slipping back into fear I am taking six deep breaths in order to bring myself back to my center and maintain my vibration.”

    And so it is! Truly, Linda

    • Colin says:

      Hi Linda,

      This is great! Yes, the split between male and female needs to be healed if we are to make the shift in consciousness we all are hoping to experience. We have a wonderful ceremony we do to facilitate this and have done it in many places around the world. We call it the Gender Healing Ceremony. I am willing to share it with you if you want so you can do it with your groups.

  125. bernie says:

    hello colin or whoever is reading this.
    i think there is a mistake in the (radical self forgiveness-)worksheet:
    in box 17 it says “i completely forgive those who implanted the ideas in me that i am (same as in box 5)”
    i think it should read “same as in box #6″, because there it says “(…) my self-judgements have been based in what others, particularly my parents saw in me and taught me about myself, for example:…”
    whereas the text of #5 doesn’t apply by just saying “my guilt over it is appropriate/inappropriate”

  126. Susanna says:

    Hi Colin, yesterday I completed my first worksheet, I don’t understand why changed 3 times my reason, when I done it that, this is OK? I started with a person, that changed for situation (that in my last 5 weeks was very complicated situation – I felt this is repeating again) – and finally changed for a stuff (that stuff always made me upset). Now I am more relaxed :) Thanks Susanna

    • Colin says:

      Hi Susanna,

      I don’t know why the changes occurred but there must have been a reason so just accept.


  127. Margo says:

    Three days ago I completed a Radical Transformation Worksheet. Yesterday I experienced the first specific manifestation, as well as an inflooding of ideas and visions and a sense of excitement regarding the future of my project. I find this amazing, and look forward to whatever happens next. Thank you so much for making your insights available in the form of these worksheets, as well as for your follow up e-mails.

  128. JR says:

    Dear Colin Tipping,
    Thank you for making your work available. Your body of work work me up.

    Repeatedly and unsuccessfully over many years, I have “tried” to forgive the “traditional” way. Never worked. Radical Forgiveness is already working miracles in my life. I am finally able to see the gifts I received, especially from my biological family. Doesn’t mean I like them or want to be around them; it does mean I appreciate their roles in my life on a soul level. For all of the lessons, I am grateful.

    Stepping out of Victimland is freeing.
    Freedom is sweet.

    With peace and love profound,

  129. Ari says:

    Hi. I feel very angry, as I ordered your new self hypnosis thing for over$400.00. I spoke with a woman who told me it was on its way USPS. And that I should have received it Wednesday. She also told me she would email me the tracking info.

    I am not loaded with cash and expected it prior to the holidays.

    I need you or someone very competent from your organization to take care of this situation ASAP.

    I have called her everyday since Tuesday before thanksgiving and and have received no response cony even via email.

    Please respond in a private email. As I looked for a contact number for you as we’ll but none were available.

    Thank you.


    • Colin says:

      Hi Ari,
      Sorry to hear we have let you down. We have just come back from Europe and because of the holiday there is no one here to find out what happened. It is Sunday. Tomorrow I will find out. You asked me to respond by e-mail but you didn’t leave me an address.

  130. Agnes Szucs says:

    Hello Colin,
    Thanks so much for all these wonderful mini-courses. They have indeed changed my life (in the healing sense)… :)
    I have a question about the Radical Self-Forgiveness Worksheet. There are some questions (such as #15) where the form asks for a name of another person. But if I’m forgiving myself on this worksheet, whose name do I put here? And in #22, it says “I completely forgive you, ______, for I now realize that you did nothing wrong…” Do I put my own name in here? Or again, is it someone else’s name?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Colin says:

      Hi Agnes,
      In #15 you put the name of the person you hurt, if any. In #22 you put yourself.

  131. Tracy Bay says:

    Hello Colin, once i did the RM worksheet, within a week, an old friend who i had not heard from in years came into my life and offered a solution to my money problems….i felt it was devine intervention. I am so grateful and filled with joy!

  132. Nick says:

    You mention that everything happens for a reason. But certinly, many situations call for intervention or confrontation. How does a person know if they are using radical forgiveness out cowardice in order to avoid confrontation?

    • Colin says:

      Hi Nick,
      It’s not your decision to make. Spirit makes those decisions. You just do whatever any decent human being would do if intervention is necessary to prevent suffering. But you do it knowing that somewhere there is a reason why it is happening, including your intervention. Regarding confrontation, if you do a worksheet first, then you might find the problem you think requires a confrontation disappears.

      • Nick says:

        Do the feelings have to be felt and processed before a shift can occur? Or does the shift depend more on your willingness to see the moment as perfect and you can do the emotional work later on when you have a chance?

  133. maria says:

    Hello, mr Tipping
    that’s great what you are doing for people
    i have an issue for 13 years already, & of course it’s a love story((
    so, i’ve done this worksheet & 2 days passed so far but i fell ok
    but i am slightly scared that these horrible feelings are gonna be back
    actually that’s fine, it means i am gonna work on them again))
    anyway whatever it is – it seems working))
    thanks a lot
    at least the tool exists)

  134. susan says:

    I went slow with 1st RF worksheet over 2 days, had to process some questions for a bit to come up with an answer. Know I’m not done ! Feel so welcomed & gently held in the approach of this. Sense of relief coming up as I become aware of shame I had that I had not gotten over my issue, & realization that that it’s ok to have & feel the shame. My feelings are all ok & doing worksheet helped me feel safe to claim them. Feeling calmer & looking forward to more process. Thank you.

  135. colin says:

    Hi Jim,
    Some good points here. However there is a difference between something being objectively true and truth. Truth can be subjective in that something you have experienced becomes YOUR truth. Something that is TRUE is proven to be so. In my opinion faith is neither.

  136. Jim says:

    I did the program with my father and felt better at the end. I am willing to think that it helps me. But just because it helps doesn’t mean it is true. The part that I have trouble believing is that implies that we exist in another sphere somewhere and communicate with each-other at this other sphere…a little like we are angels in heaven, and also that our destiny is pre-planned to a certain extent.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Jim,
      My question to you is would you rather be right or happy? If it works, why worry whether or not it is true?

      • Jim says:

        Thank you for your prompt response, and thank you for opening me up to this way of looking at life.

        I want happiness and truth. It is not that I believe that this perception is not true. I think it might be true. However, the truth of it might be difficult for humans to grasp.

        I was talking with an artist the other day who had a vision that 9/11 was going to happen long before it happened. He was connected to this spiritual world. This is the kind of thing that makes me think that what you are proposing is true.

        If I just wanted to be happy I might become a religious person, Christian or Jewish or Muslim, since these religions also offer roads to happiness, based on faith rather than what I would believe is true.

  137. Passion says:

    I’ve attempted several times on several days on several different computers to open the RF worksheet link and/or download the Radical Forgiveness worksheet and nothing happens. Let me know when it works again – all that comes up are blank white pages…………. My creative resistance?

  138. Roni says:

    Hello Colin – I wrote the above as a reference to myself after reading the story of “Susan.” I have gone through my life believing that I was constantly ATTRACTING and then holding onto bad situations, sort of like a sponge attracts and holds onto water.

    After reading ‘Susan,’ I hold a different view, changing everything for me! There’s a big difference between “attracting” bad situations and “creating” them which very much has to do with CONTROL.

    With a sense of awareness that I have been “creating” bad situations in my life, can I look towards at least stopping myself in the process and is this a step towards self-forgiveness????

    • Colin says:

      Hi Roni,
      Knowing that you have created these situations is the first step, but the biggest shift comes when you really get it that they were not ‘bad’ situations at all, but perfect in the spiritual sense. You have never made a mistake in your whole life.

  139. Roni says:

    ‘subconsciously CREATE a lot of bad situations in life to reflect wounds from earlier times of hurt’ ….

  140. D says:


    Dear Mr. Tipping,
    I am in no way trying to discredit your method or work. I write from a deep sense of unending pain. I’ve done the free online course on radical forgiveness; I wrote the three letters. I tried to understand my pain from a soul contract point of view. I was hoping for some form of freedom from grief, anxiety, and depression. Nothing seems to have changed. I found the love of my life, and for the first time had a healthy good relationship. He left me suddenly without explanation. I found out recently that he gave me a disease; the consequences terrify. And after knowing all of this, he still refuses to talk, to ask if I am getting better. He continues to be treated well in society, loved by all, doted on by his family. He drew me in, loved me, rubbished my life, and moved on…without even a backward glance. How has the course helped? I’m doing a lot of related Louise Hay work with a therapist; she was the one who suggested you. I’m still drowning. Please help.

    • Colin says:

      Dear D,
      I strongly suggest you go to my website and find yourself a Radical Forgiveness Coach, many of whom are psychotherapists, to work with. Obviously, the free course is not enough for you at this time. You need to work through this pain but I think you need to do it with someone who can go through it with you, one on one, even if it is by phone. All I can tell you at the moment is that this will pass.

  141. Ikeca says:

    I really like some of the responses you provide. I sincerely believe that forgiveness is good for the soul and more an more people need to practice it.

  142. Roni says:

    Hello Colin – What is the “Miracles Workshop” that you refer to in a cancer related writing?

    Thank-you in advance.


  143. amelia says:

    Thanks Colin for all of your feedback. I did have another question this morning. I know that in Jill’s story you tell her not to talk to Jeff about what she is going through and when she sees him she asks that he not ask any questions. I’ve interpreted this to mean that I shouldn’t share any of my discoveries/findings directly with the person involved, is this true? I have a strong desire to acknowledge my feelings with this person and the unrealistic expectations that I placed on them (the ones identified in Letter #2 of the process) but b/c of your suggestion to Jill to not speak of it, I don’t want to “mess anything up”.

  144. amelia says:

    Hi Colin,

    First thank you for the invitation to go to the LA screening of Sacred Journey to the Heart. I met Ronna and it was an amazing movie and I had breakthroughs during the film. At night I felt totally at peace and I felt the joy and gratitude that acceptance and radical forgiveness has brought and full faith that if the Universe is on my side, everything that happens, even the things that cause pain, must be “good” for me.

    Then each morning I wake up back in that victim place and still mad at people that hurt me and really feeling the feelings of being unlovable and unworthy. That then gets me to spiral down and say “haven’t I been through this already? why am i regressing?”.

    What’s happening? I don’t understand.

    • amelia says:

      I’ve also been super tired! Like sleeping for 12 hours from early afternoon and waking up early in the morning. Is this normal?

      • Colin says:

        Hi Amelia,
        There is no normal. Everyone reacts differently, but I can only tell you to continue the process and then if you don’t improve I would suggest hiring a coach.

  145. amelia says:

    Okay so I’ve been knee deep in Radical forgiveness for almost two weeks now and it is turning my world upside down in a very real and raw way. I am also doing the online courses on Radical Forgiveness and Radical Empowerment at the same time as reading the Radical Forgiveness book. Yesterday I had a huge rage tantrum out of nowhere that followed my eating tons of ice cream. I didn’t realize that my cravings for ice cream were associated with pain that I was unwilling to be with but I had an epiphany while eating the ice cream and realize that ice cream was my “drug of choice”. In true Radical Forgiveness fashion I allowed mysel to GO THERE. I hadn’t “gone there” in SO long. I screamed, I cried, I pushed through the pain. I felt a pain that I hadn’t felt in years and on some levels that I had NEVER before experienced. What was interesting was that through my tears of range, shame, and guild, there was a little voice inside me that said “I am OK. This moment is perfect. I asked for this. Experience your experience. I am safe.” It was a crazy experience that I can’t even fully express in words. I journaled all of it immediately afterwards and once the feelings subsided I felt extremely productive!!!

    While I am releasing and experiencing a lot of emotions and open to seeing them as perfect, I still find some resistance to letting go of some ideas. I’m not sure what that’s about but it’s bothering me….

    Anyway, amazing insights! My whole world is topsy turvy and I welcome it!

    • Colin says:

      Hi Amelia,
      You are very brave to allow it all to happen and not finding ways to stop it or dull it. Peace will come.

  146. Herman R. says:

    Thank you for helping us with a subject (self-forgiveness) that is too often over looked and thereby not addressed. My challenge is with automatic thoughts that invade my consciousness with hyper-critical and extremely demoralizing memories and beliefs. The issue is they (automatic negative thoughts) enter my thought stream and trigger intense emotional pain which activates anxiety, depression, or a freeze response. I know deep down that if I could catch these messages early on and use acceptance and self-forgive on them – I might have a chance. However, my automatic thoughts are so subtle in the way they invade my consciousness that I am painfully absorbed within them until they run their course. How do I use self-forgiveness to deal with the hostile takeover of automatic thoughts? How do I make friends with and accept this critical, judgmental, tormenting aspect of myself? Thank you for a response and all the years of sincere effort and dedication to the subject of forgiveness; it appears to be the most significant and primary principle of internal growth and love.
    Thank you again,
    Herman R.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Herman,
      I know how strong a hold some of these ideas have on us but I can only say to keep doing the work so eventually they lose their power. Perhaps the online Self Forgiveness/Self Acceptance program would help. Good luck.

  147. aline says:

    Hello Colin,
    I read the book and got a feeling of relief all along. Everything you say is in fact healing.
    I made the first RF worksheet on “the situation” that dominated my childhood/ violence from my mother. I knew and practiced what you call traditional forgiveness in the book, but subday, I felt radical forgiveness gives radical freedom, lighness and relief. There is a differet opening of the heart, Love is flowing differently inside. A good friend of mine found me relaxed . Of course, I feel my ego is fighting to get back to the status quo and claims for its victim status, I hear my jugdment and thouhts about the “guilt”. So I now stronger feel the choice I have which is as you say: be right or be free. Shall I do the same worksheet agin on the same situation? Kind regards

    • Colin says:

      Yes, I would suggest you do it again on the same issue until you reach the point where there is no energy left on it. That’s when you know its done.

  148. Idara says:

    I do not feel super “different,” more peaceful perhaps- and the person I was working on forgiving did pay me an unexpected compliment today which was nice…I will choose to see these things as progress. I am also happy that I “softly” stood my ground in the event in question that led to me doing this exercise as uncomfortable as it felt. I will certainly continue with the course.

  149. amelia says:

    I first did the Radical Forgiveness worksheet on 10/3. What hit me was the realization that the thing I am criticizing/judging about those who are “causing me pain” are projections of what I am unwilling to be with about myself.

    I have been increasingly frustrated and angry at the fact that I keep falling in love with guys who have drug dependencies and are unwilling to let them go or get help for these dependencies. Then I realized it was more than the drug dependencies. It is basically falling for guys who know they need to make different choices in their lives to achieve greatness, but they just won’t. Then I realized this wasn’t just limited to romantic relationships but also with friends. I have so many friends that complain about the complacency of their lives or that are in dead-end and useless relationships, and know they need to exit the situation, but just REFUSE to.

    This helped me realize what I am unwilling to get help for and situations that I am unwilling to exit for the greater good. As a result, I realized that there are many things from my past that I have not healed or dealt with or even told anyone. I am beginning to feel and realize the shame and guilt I’ve held onto and never got support for.

    In the same way I am angry at my friends and romantic partners for choosing destructive behavior via coping mechanisms and complacency, I have also been choosing the same thing. It is liberating and freeing and I am eternally grateful for all of the soul mates that have come into my life and are instrumental to this healing.


  150. Jane says:

    Hello Colin,
    Thankyou for the great work you are doing to raise the conscious awareness for the greater good of all people. I love your work. I have read your book ‘Radical Forgiveness’ twice now. It occurred to me the first time I read it that somehow I already had a kind of knowing, of the truth in it. It was by no accident that it was put in my path. I am quite new to this information but would love to know more about it and spread the word. I wonder if you would be kind enough to answer a few questions I have about the contracts we make. Mainly it concerns the loss of my son, through suicide. Was his departure, in this way, pre determined and agreed upon by all of us concerned? Or did the trials of human life seem too much for him to bear on this particular journey and he opted out early? Did he break his contract early? Is this possible i.e. do people break their contracts or was it all in the plan? If not, will he be able to take the human journey again or is his purpose fulfilled? Could he have sacrificed his time here for me to learn about my own spiritual awareness / lessons or is this what we planned?

    I felt as if I already knew my son and had loved him unconditionally right from conception. When he took his own life at 27, I was consumed with grief and guilt for a long time. After the initial shock and during my grieving process, I came to the realization that in some small way….. or somehow…. I had known that this was going to happen. Could this be so? Or was it just my tormented mind trying to rationalize the situation? If I were to describe the ‘knowing’, it would be on a scale of… perhaps one grain of sand in the whole beach… kind of ratio. Did I tap into my higher consciousness to ascertain this, in order to survive what I perceived as a tragedy? Does this seem possible? Have you heard of this type of thing from other people in a similar situation?

    I assume that my contract also brought my ex husband and I together. It was an abusive relationship that I stayed with for 25 years. I have never had a victim mentality though, and have forgiven him for the pain and suffering my children and I endured during that time. After reading ‘Radical Forgiveness’, I dare say his actions came from complete love. That part of my life experience taught me many lessons and for that, I am truly grateful. My question here is… do you think that these two episodes in my life were actually contracted and linked and, if so, why were they both so traumatic? How do I know what the purpose of all of this is?

    I have signed up for your free course in Radical Manifestation. Thankyou so much for this opportunity. I am looking forward to recognizing my true power and to improve my financial situation which is dire since my son passed away. This statement could lead me to other questions but I don’t want to take advantage of your kindness for answering my original questions.
    Colin, thankyou so much for your time. I appreciate and look forward to your reply.
    Kind regards……. Jane

    • Colin says:

      Hi Jane,
      I think you know all the answers to your own questions, far better than I could answer them. You have been through the experience and have pondered the questions arising from your grief. My answers would be theoretical but yours come from your experience. But no matter what, choose peace. That will the most self-loving thing to do and the best for your son too. I think you know it.

  151. ABHIJIT ROY says:

    Havin gone through a lot of soul-searching, reading & therapy too since a few years ago, I was very open and willing to all of the Worksheet. But so much of my story, my self-blame and what I’d like to conquer was so apparent and clear to me, that by the time I reached the ‘reframe’ part, I wasn’t upto / disn’t feel like completing I and left it blank, knowing exactly how I felt and where I’d goofed up. So, now I await your 2nd worksheet and see where it takes me !.

    • Colin says:

      I am very suspicious of this. Not bothering to write the reframe looks like subconscious resistance to seeing the perfection if only because you are still labelling them as goof-ups. Go back and complete the worksheet. You are not there yet.

  152. nic says:

    Hello everyone! Hello mr.Colin Tipping! Thank you very much for your help and support! I’ve read your book radical forgiveness a few times.I appreciate you for this masterpiece!

  153. dale says:

    Is it about not being right or wrong? I knew what I needed was to be spoken to with compassion and talked to not to be hit. I took all the blame shame and guilt. So am I to forgive myself since he blamed me and thus I took on his blame. I just needed compassion and love. I knew what I needed, but since I didn’t get it I blame myself for being bad. It’s crazy how I take the blame for what I needed and he couldn’t give it. I even knew he couldn’t see it for the forest for the trees. Thank you for your healing. I sense it is compassion and forgiveness in seeing the other person’s lack of love and awareness that we need and can’t get it that we all take it personally and that it has nothing to do with us except lack of forgiveness that we need right now. It’s not our fault.

    • Michael says:

      I have just started the Radical manifestation worksheet and 2 parts of the following information.

      I must say I feel I am onto something really hot here. It just feels the right thing to do right now. I feel enlightened already and know there is a lot more to come.

      I look forward to further advancement and I am feeling those feelings on having money coming my way and be able to further my spiritual growth.

      Its real to me that this could really happen to me and my energy feels high.


    • Colin says:

      Hi Dale,
      Do the forgiveness worksheet on him and the self forgiveness worksheet on yourself and then stop beating yourself up about it. You’re right, there’s no right or wrong so let go of your need to be right and it will all work out.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Dale,
      Do the forgiveness worksheet on him and the self forgiveness worksheet on yourself and then stop beating yourself up about it. You’re right, there’s no right or wrong so let go of your need to be right and it will all work out.

  154. Jennifer Isely says:

    WOW WOW and WOW again! I have finished reading your book Radical Forgiveness, and am now reading Radical Manifestation, because manifesting money and what money means to me, has been a HUGE challenge for me. I am to the point in your book on Money. I discovered some “A-Ha” moments just now, in doing a Radical Forgiveness worksheet regarding the people in my life that I received messages from, let’s say negative reinforcements surrounding money, either while growing up, and/or current ideas about money from family and old relationships. WHAT AN EYE OPENER!!! I’m not finished with this second book, but can already feel the internal ‘shift’ starting to happen..and how exciting to know, it’s an internal shift I CAN DO, rather than holding out ‘hope’ that it’s something’ external’ from me, that’s holding me back…This is exciting news!!! Just wanted to share, and wanted to thank you in advance and currently, for all the eye opening material you’ve given me so far..CHEERS!

  155. Marie Mondeil says:

    Hi Colin,
    Thank you very much for your reply. My mind is not clear enough so I will tell things one after another.
    Yes, I have a high level of anxiety. Three years ago I was diagnosed with a Bone marrow cancer. Doctors are still watching over me every three months so you can imagine my “anxiety”. Thanks to the 13 steps of self forgiveness on CD, I feel more peaceful but not completely. What exactely is needed to heal cancer? I did not understand properly what to put into practice.
    Help, Colin!
    When I wrote the three letters for self-forgiveness I felt truly “bad and ill at ease” and even more guilty after the letter 2. However I felt relieved after the letter 3.
    It seems not to work on all the issues … unless I don’t focus enough on the issue when doing the 13 steps of RSF?
    I live in Europe so how can I work with a radical forgiveness coach? how much would it cost?
    Love and Light and thank you for the first positive steps … and all the positive steps to come.

  156. serena says:

    I am a long time user of rad forgiveness over the years. I am sharing it with others who are interested now too. It seems many of us are getting down to the wire with multiple serious issues being triggered every which way so we need to support each other and work fast to finish up healing we didn’t even know we still needed! And it’s way more than expected! i forgot how hard it can be even tho it does give immediate help, it changes shape and rolls back in layers and waves I’m noticing not just for me.
    My curent trigger is my current (x)bf as we are breaking up seemingly for real just now. I thot it would be fairly easy as it was a relationship based on friendship and i think love, and he was stable to a fault, intelligent, and mostly kind. The big stumbling block for me was he could only do things HE suggested. If it was my idea it was like he couldn’t even hear me. Because of that strangeness and other similar refusals to change anything in any small way, i felt we had no real future as i would always be frustrated and angry about it, so I backed away & refocused on doing my own thing. Might his refusal to hear or even consider changing the slightest thing for a relationship which he wants very much some kind of narcissistic block? I’m thinking it is. I was diagnosed borderline narcisistic personality disorder years ago, and I thought I had worked through it well enough. I think people should know that it’s a matter of degree and unless it’s to a toxic level, we make great friends and can have good relationships and don’t need to be avoided like the plague! Anyway…
    long story short, 5 months ago my now-ex was diagnosed with prostate cancer & underwent surgery. So far his cancer tests negative, but other aspects of recovery remain a struggle. I am wondering if his cancer and recovery issues are a result of his repression of feelings which also manifests as his inability to hear and shutting down when i tried to discuss my need for more relationship balance in order to stay with him. I felt he had a choice and just didn’t care enough to change. Now I think it was never about me…
    Giving up, I suggested he look for someone with his identical interests, but as his clone did not suddenly appear, we continued to see each other on occasion. But just as i began to think maybe we could try again to work something out, he suddenly starts acting secretive and when i demanded he tell me what was up he finally gave me just enough of a hint to send me over the edge with all kinds of betrayal of trust and friendship fantasies. So opportunities galore to process the worst, which turned out to just be a couple of eharmony dates that don’t sound very promising to me. Ha! In reality his soul gave me a very gentle healing gift diguised as a Big Healing, and still it continues… So i continue to do the worksheets and more. Overnight he went from cavalier casual wanting to see me. Then even before he arrived was extremely strange and uneasy making all kinds of excuses to say, do, and be with me as little as possible, even acting depressed. Never have i ever seen him like this. Might this strange new behavior be a result of me starting the process, that it is triggering him and he is fighting to keep those repressed emotions that resulted in his cancer at bay? Nothing i ever said or done before ever even cause his brow to crease -no effect whatsoever, no matter what. Even thou i was often frustrated and angry with him. Nothing ever caused him to distance or even act like he even noticed – never the slightest effect.
    I care about him and want him to heal with or without me. This high strangeness dares me to hope that this process might not only healing me but also him! That would truly be a miracle. MUCH of my pain is from frustration and concern that his emotional blocks will kill him and most likely doom him to a sad and lonely life, as i seriously doubt he will will ever find his true love clone.
    I know i will be fine no matter what, as i am very emotional and so always work things out. nothing much gets repressed for long. I also am quite content being alone and often prefer it. But i lmuch enjoy being with others too, either way. AND I have rad forgiveness tools!
    I know if i even mentioned the process to him he would not want to hear any of it. He is a medical doctor and thinks only in terms of the physical treatments and “medications”.
    Please dont tell me I’m codependent to care about him. He is my gift remember? He is my healing angel. It is only right that my soul would also wish to be his.

    • Colin says:

      Being a healing angel for someone is not fixing them. It is accepting them as they are and realizing they are doing their own journey. That’s what he is teaching you.

  157. Iveta says:

    Hi, I’m having weird difficulties after doing a Radical Self-Forgivness Worksheet. It worked very well I have seen the results right away. I also have noticed three situations where I have behaved differently and people treated me differently than before. I feel empowered and I feel I am much more in balance with myself. However there is this huge anger coming to the surface. I thought it would go away in few days but it has been more than a week now and I am like a volcano… I feel unhappy, irritable, I have a tendency to cry all the time and nobody can disturb me while I do something. I have been snapping at everybody who talks to me while I do something. I feel like curling into the corner and crying and than dying… :( It is not even in my mind it is as if it is only part of me. Otherwise I feel good… better than before. It is like schizophrenia. I don’t know what to do with myself. It is as if I am happy but my subconsciousness or unconsciousness is going all angry on me… I know this sounds crazy… but here it is… Would you please be so kind and suggest what to do? Thank you so much!

    PS: Radical Manifestation is working like a charm. I almost fell of a chair and went nonverbal for few minutes when I saw the trend report of my new album… :D Thank you so much!

    • Iveta says:

      I also should mention that it is very easy for me to forgive others but forgiving myself is much worse. I am very stubborn too… :(

    • Colin says:

      Hi Iveta,
      It is obviously working. By doing the work you are accessing some old stuff that you have buried a long time ago and it is that that is causing the discomfort. Just be with it knowing it is good but if you need more help then don’t hesitate to hire a Radical Forgiveness Coach to help you and guide you through one of the online programs perhaps. Just don’t bury it again.

  158. Shirley says:

    Hi Colin,
    I did a radical forgiveness course years ago with you in Brisbane Australia, bought your books , read them, made sense, left them alone & picked them up again. Did other forgiveness course with different people and they are all gelling, realising that there are lots of people and teachers on this pathway and I am never alone. Your little story about God/Universe asking for volunteers to manifest forgiveness on earth rang a bell as I had volunteered to be a union rep in my workplace and I have no doubt voluntering to manifest God’s attributes is my True Self mission on the earth plane.
    Self Forgiveness and Self Acceptance is what I need now and I am grateful that you are providing me with the tools to achieve it. Since doing the worksheet on SF &SA
    I have been having lucid dreams of manipulation activities in various situations where I I felt I was the protagonist (real estate -church – schools). I wake up feeling unease in my body everywhere and in my feelings. I do some violet flame invocations because for me the violet flame symbolises forginess ansd transmutation or change in energy.
    Your 13 steps for RF helps a lot and I Am infinitely grateful for your continued support. Sorry to be so long winded.
    Light & Love always

    • Colin says:

      Hi Shirley,
      I have fond memories of Brisbane and am glad that you have found the tools to be of help in discovering your spiritual purpose. Blessings.

  159. Marie Mondeil says:

    Hi Colin,
    I am very slow in doing the worksheet and in writting the 3 letters. When I write the letters, do I have to write only one per day? I need to write to my son, my daughter in law, my husband, my parents, my shame, etc. So I am still doing this now.
    Concerning dead people, can I put them with living people in the same letter? For instance, two people rejected me strongly during their wedding; I was very sad of course; 8 years later one of them committed suicide. I was deeply devastated by her death that way, especially because she was my daughter in law and only 30 years old. I feel deeply guilty. After having written the 3 letters I am not at peace with my conscience as I could not make up with her before her death. I am not able to love myself, to forgive myself … and it was like this evers since I was a child. After the 3 letters, instead of lightness and peace I feel even more sad. And now I don’t feel like writting the 3 letters to my husband, and to my parents. The way seems very long to me, so many sadness, so many negativities to “erase”. Do I have to rewrite the 3 letters to my son and to my daughter in law, during 6 differents days?
    Thank you Colin. God bless

    • Colin says:

      Hi Marie,
      You can do a number of the letters on different people on the same day, but I think it is best to leave 24 hours between each of the three. However, I would advise working on one person at a time, not trying to do multiples. Take your time. It is not a race. And yes, you can do it on dead people also. Sounds like you need to do the self-forgiveness course around your friend who committed suicide. You might also consider working with a Radical Forgiveness Coach. You seem to have a high level of anxiety and that would help you.

  160. Olive says:

    Thanks, Colin. My mother was an abusive alcoholic and my father was her enabler, so I know all about co-dependence. Looking back, I think my mother might have also been a narcissist. Everything was about her, and nobody ever asked about what I needed or wanted as a child. Growing up, there were no hugs or “I love you’s.” As a result, I’ve had a string of relationships with emotionally unavailable men. But this was my first with a narcissist, and he corkscrewed into my brain. I just have to get him out of there.
    I guess I was a total magnet, alright. I’ll keep doing the work. Funny you mentioned a life coach — I just consulted with one yesterday! I was sitting on the fence as to whether to start working with her, but you just convinced me. Thanks!

  161. Olive says:

    Hi Colin,
    I did the forgiveness worksheet on a relationship I ended a year ago, with someone my therapist said had narcissistic personality disorder. He started off putting me up on a pedestal and by the end had humiliated and insulted me to the point where I finally had to end it. I have spent the year obsessing over it, repairing my self-esteem, working hard. As I did the worksheet the first time, I had the realization that I created the relationship – that I was pursuing an illusion, a projection of things I wanted, but knew I’d never get from this man. I felt a bit lighter.
    Now, a couple of days later, I am obsessing again over him, getting angry, feeling betrayed… when does this stop? Help! And thanks.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Olive,
      It sounds like this has been going for a long time so it is a lot to expect just one worksheet to obliterate a long term relationship characterized by co-dependence and narcisscism. (Narcissists are magnets for co-dependents.) If you had some success with one worksheet do more of them. You may need to hire a coach to help you give up your obsession with this man. Don’t give up though. And stay away from narcissists!

  162. Ulf says:

    Hello Collin,
    filling out the first sheet was very emotional, the more I was thinking about that Life – situation with the person – the more angry I got. I thought is is emotionally done and over for me. As I said it was very deep, but also other situations came in my mind. I was always feeling like this when is was acute, but I pushed it away…. Now I feel somehow empty and very exhausted. The other parts of the question sheet I recognized, that I always boycott something inside me…. Yes, very strong all this! What is about all the other similar situations with family and friends…. I do not feel any big relief and forgiving process, but I can see that I am the person attracted the situation to go with me in resonance.
    Thanks for listening

  163. Colin says:

    Hi Evita,
    No, the manifestation worksheet won’t help in any direct way with the weight issue but you can use it to manifest some form of support in helping you achieve your weight goals. But since you have had success with this approach already, why not try the Radical Weight Loss program?

    • Iveta says:

      Thank you Colin for your reply. I am planning to do the Radical Weight Loss in near future. Friend of mine told me about it few months ago. First I have to manifest some cash to get out of the situation we are in. But I know it will work… Radical Manifestation came at the right time… :D
      I will try what you suggest but I believe the Radical Weight Loss is a winner.
      :) And I would love to attend one of your seminars in person some day.
      I am seeing other fantastic results already. I compose music and people who didn’t even notice my work a week ago are now talking in superlatives about my work… lol… I must have been invisible.
      Thank you again for everything!

  164. Iveta says:

    Dear Colin,
    I have done your worksheet for the first time two days ago and I am already seeing a huge shift in my thinking. My wish was about my creativity and making money through my creative endeavors. However, I suddenly don’t take “crap” from people (please excuse my language). I realize my potential, I am not scared of the outcome of things… this has done some miraculous changes in my perception of myself and everything I do! I don’t even care if my wish comes true because this is the gift I truly needed! THANK YOU! Now I’m thinking if this is what the universe had in store for me instead… but I don’t feel it is the end of the miracle changes in my life with connection to this wish!
    This is huge! I am grateful beyond words!
    I have one question… Is it possible to use the Radical Manifestation sheet for the overweight problem?
    Many blessings

  165. PR says:

    Dear Colin,
    I have had so many shifts by using your worksheets– It’s amazing, something shifts permanently! Thank you so much!

    One of the things I am struggling with right now is how to release fear(of anything). Would radical manifestation help here? Manifest a state of no fear? I have realized that if I get to a state of ‘being’ where that fear does not exist, then in reality that fear will not manifest. The certainty comes from inside, and not from the external. I realized this with one aspect of my life through an automatic process, but do not know how to apply it as a process to my current fears.

    Right now specifically I am dealing with the fear of needing financial security. How do I release this fear? How does one get to a state of abundance from scarcity? Is that covered in the Radical money program? I have access to it and am yet to work through it. I think I have to release this fear first, and am also interested in knowing how to release other fears not related to money.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping, just like radical forgiveness, there is spirit way to release fear! Thanks so much for all the deep healing your methods provide- they have been life changing.

    In gratitude,

    • Colin says:

      No, fear is an emotion and you cannot manifest emotions – not in the way we are using the term manifest. You must first find the beliefs that are the root of the fear and deal with them. I would recommend hypnotherapy for this. You will find parts of the Money program will help you to discover such beliefs at least around money, so it could help. Do the money program and see if you can push through the fear. It can’t do any harm.

  166. Sam says:

    Hi Colin,
    First of all I would like to thank you for all the free worksheets that you have provided. It is very generous of you!
    How do I get over my self-defeating attitude. I have always felt that I am not worthy of being loved and have been single for a long time.
    When I am at work I feel that I am not good enough. I am in a very competitive field of work and always have a feeling that, at best, I am mediocre and will never do the kind of brilliant work that I have always wanted to do (since I was a kid). I would appreciate any guidance that you can provide

    • Colin says:

      I would imagine these (untrue) negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself come from childhood. First of all, try the free Self Forgiveness course. Then you might need to forgive your parents for making you believe you were not OK. Use the online 21-day Forgiving Your Parents program for this.

      • Sam says:

        Hi Colin,
        Thank you for your reply. I have already completed the 21 day course on forgiving your parents and it helped me a lot!!
        I have also worked on self forgiveness using your worksheet and book. But the negative feeling about myself are still there. Is there anything else I can do?

  167. Marie Mondeil says:

    Hi Colin,
    Thank you so much for your reply. I feel relieved. This morning I was surprised to see how the doctor regards me: he said he was very happy about me that I “changed” in good! Wow! I forgot to tell you that I am in “cancer remission” and that I truly need to change. One thing please, Colin: I could not open Jill’s story nor could I open Susan’s story. Nothing appears when I make a click on the link.
    I am a bit slow in doing everything in your guidance. However I realize I am on the good way. Thank you very much Colin.

  168. Susi Rachouh says:

    I did two Radical Forgiveness worksheets on a man I have been dating for a few years. I have broken off the relationship on numerous occasions, but in the past have always gone back into the relationship again. I did the online version a few weeks ago and I felt an immediate shift. I would like to bring the relationship to closure now, as I do understand that this was a soul to soul agreement. AS he is spiritually inclined, he may understand these concepts, but basically I am just asking for advice on how to break it off, keeping Radical Forgiveness concepts in mind. We belong to the same faith community, we are both Sufi’s, and I will see him weekly so feel that closure is really necessary. Thanks!

    • Colin says:

      Hi Susi,
      Use the Radical Forgiveness technology yourself in order to raise your vibration and release the need to hang onto the relationship when in reality it is over. Then make your decision and declare it with clarity and resolve. Own your power.

  169. Kurt Stern says:

    I wrote the answers on paper and wrote on the paper all of the statements from the worksheet that began with “I”. I wanted to take in those statements. When there was a choice, I felt only “skeptical”. I was a bit surprised at what I was able to write for #16 and #19, that is, it was good. I did find myself crying a bit as I wrote the last answers. However, I do not feel much different and if it is of value, I think that I might do the whole thing again after I write another about someone else. I want release but seem to hang on anyhow.

    • Colin says:

      You did just fine. It’s not about results really, but yes it would be good to do more worksheets on the same person or someone else. It does take a bit of practice but do let go of thinking you must get something.

  170. Marie Mondeil says:

    Hi Colin,
    It is my first message of “help”. When I filled up the worksheet before the lesson 1, I had difficulties to read out loud anything: I am blocked. And I never could do it.
    Is it necessary to speak out loud also when I write what I want to “say” in the worksheet?
    I totally agree with what is written. What I feel is difficult to explain: it is a mixture of fear, anxiety, sadness. Fear of upsetting my husband, afraid to hear his anger, his eyes contempt, and I cannot write anything.
    On the other hand, I don’t know how to pray; what to say, etc
    I could not open the link to read Jill’s story.
    I really need help I think.
    Sorry for my english. Thank you very much for your help and patience.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Marie,
      Don’t worry if speaking it out loud is too difficult. Just do it anyway. Sooner or later you will be able to speak it out. And, by the way, do not show the worksheet with your husband or even tell him that you are doing it. It is private experience for you only. When you have completed it, throw it away if you are worried about him seeing it. Let go of the fear and trust the Universe even if you don’t know what to pray. It knows anyway.

  171. Marie Ann Reynolds says:

    Hi Colin,

    Thank you for being there.


  172. Marie Ann Reynolds says:

    Hi Colin,

    Thank you for the email about the three letters.

    You’re asking a lot to haul up stuff I have worked so hard to forget. Regardless of where I hid everyone to escape the pain, digging them up is just asking for it.


  173. vendy says:

    I missed the first two question, and it still does something. I didnt feel anything spectacular immediately… just a mild ‘something happen’ although I feel lighter.
    The real treat is before bed I try to think about that situation that outrage me before, I just can’t and it doesnt seems to matter! Next day it gets better.

    I guess that’s the shift to balance that you are talking about.
    Thanks Colin. Appreciate that you are doing the call at hootless.


  174. Marie Ann Reynolds says:

    Hi Colin. For the response . Jill’s story had some particulars that did have meaning. One
    I’m carrying miles of unresolved hurt dragging behind me. I have had cancer and body illness since childhood. It shouldn’t matter now that I’m 75 years old, but carrying so much pain leaves no room for any thing else .

    Understanding what’s under near the story is working on me now.

    Marie Ann Reynolds

  175. Kathy in the Wallowas says:

    First, thanks for your sharing on the Hootless call.

    I loved the worksheet, primarily because the way it was designed allowed me to surprise myself with some of the things I was hiding from myself.

    I love the process and am ready to see these experiences as holding knowledge I needed.

    Looking forward to the next e-lesson. Kathy

  176. Eva says:

    I just wanted to say “THANK YOU”! I did the Online Radical (Self)Forgiveness course. I came across the course “accidentally” and it appeared to be what I needed. There were a lot of old and newer things to get rid of from my life so I did many worksheets. I learnt and felt that everything takes time and everything is a process. I also realized that I needed those negative experiences in my life to become who I am now and where I am now. If someone is virtually willing then Radical Forgiveness is an amazing start to change their lives for better. It’s like a step in the right direction after a long time of getting lost repeatedly which lets you see the light.

    THANKS! :-)

  177. Marie Ann Reynolds says:

    Hi Colin, the forgiveness worksheet created such confusion regarding soul agreement and contracts with people. Encouraging me to make a bigger situation to add to growth.

    Why make things harder than they already are? How can I be released from a contract with another person, who has no knowledge whatsoever that a contract existed? I want to break up this negative engery field which has dragged me down my whole life. I want this cloud to be gone now. Help!


    • Colin says:

      Hi Marie Ann,
      The confusion arises when we try to figure it all out. Just trust the process and do the worksheets until the pain has gone. It really is that simple.

  178. Iris says:

    Hello Colin, I want to show my appreciation to you for the work you are doing. I have read your book and found it amazing. I have been doing the worksheets which have helped me a lot to get a new perspective in every situation. However, as I am growing spiritually and understanding things better, I noticed that my partner becomes less understanding and my peace and lack of desire to argue with him or pick fights annoys him. Although I do understand that this work it is done for myself and not to change anybody, I would like to know what happens if there no positive shifts in energy between people around you in my case my partner and they are unable to understand that you are growing and looking at things from a new perspective? If I choose to leave the relationship will it be wrong? I do understand that doing the worksheets allows you to understand how your soul needed the situation to happened the way it did. But what if the person keeps being disrespectful after the work has been done? Do you have a choice?

    By the way my partner does not know that I have been doing this work. But he does notice that I have changed and I guess he is not happy with me taking responsibility and not being a victim anymore.

    Thank you for your time

    • Colin says:

      Hi Iris,
      Sometimes the price we pay for spiritual and personal growth is that we lose those close to us who find our changes difficult to accept, mainly because it reminds them of their own stuckness and fear of change. The remedies include practicing acceptance of them and loving them in their resistance, but if it comes down to you both having separated to the extent there is no connection left in the relationship, then maybe it’s time to move on. It is not wrong or right to leave. Just make the decision and be brave.

  179. Karen Walkowicz says:

    Hi Colin,
    I did my worksheet on my parents who were very violent, abusive alcoholics when I was growing up. The neglect was so severe I didn’t get even the basic needs of a child. The insight I got while doing the worksheet is that even though my parents acted the way they did and as a child I internalized it as trauma, shame and guilt I don’t have to internalize as such now as an adult. I really don’t think I care about what happened and what they did. I am done blaming them but I still feel the anguish, shame and guilt which monopolize my feelings and interferes with my life. I am thinking maybe I need to forgive someone else or something else. I also did the worksheet on myself. Maybe you can see something I am not.

    Thanks, Karen

    • Colin says:

      I understand how you are able to say you don’t care any more but that’s not the same as coming to see the spiritual perfection in the situation and recognizing that your parent’s did that FOR you not TO you. It was what your soul wanted and you chose them. So, you still have more work to do with Radical Forgiveness before you can feel peace around what happened.

  180. Tori says:

    Dear Colin,

    I just did my first lesson. Is it possible to be willing, to understand and see the story I was writing and refram it and purge and cry and let go of the old crap and yet still hurt? I really do accept that the situation is exactly what I’ve needed to grow. I understand that I may have even chosen this person to help my soul grow. I don’t blame him or me for that matter anymore but there is still this fundamental belief running that he triggers that I’m not enough. I know intellectually that this is not true but yet I watch it get activated in me. What am I not doing?

    • Colin says:

      Tori, be patient with yourself. It may take more time and perhaps more worksheets because the wound causing you to feel not good enough may go way back to your childhood. Did your father make you feel that way? What’s really good is that you are aware of it and watch yourself going there. That’s a big step towards healing it.

  181. amy says:

    Hi Colin,
    You stress the importance of not sharing your hurt and victim feelings with the person who you are working on forgiving. I’ve already shown my vicim side and expressed my hurt and pain many times prior to doing the worksheets and this process. Does that mean it’s almost impossible to work through the murky mud and reconcile? Thanks for your work, Colin.

    • Colin says:

      Not that you don’t express yourself to the other person, only that you do the forgiveness worksheet on your own and don’t share the process or even tell him/her that you are doing it. Forgiveness is a solitary act. Reconciliation on the other hand requires reciprocity. Both must want it. We have a good reconciliation worksheet on our membership site you will find helpful. Go to to join.

  182. MARIA GOMEZ says:


    • Colin says:

      I thought I had answered this – it must have got lost! Anyway, although I think it might be possible that we have simultaneous lifetimes since there is no time anyway, I don’t ever remember writing that. It may have been a translation error. What I do say is that when we have a repeating pattern of doing the same thing over and over again in our lives, we only have to do the forgiveness on one for all the others in the pattern to be neutralized.

      • MARIA GOMEZ says:

        thanks a lot for your answer,toorrow night I will tell my reading group your explanation, we thought too, it could be a translation mistake. Best regards, Maria

  183. Victor Omedes says:

    I am writing a comment on my experience after going through the work sheet…
    Before that, I would like to say that I have been involved for many years in a spiritual school which understands that the ego in the form of lust, anger, laziness, pride etc…should be eliminated in order to free the latent consciousness within, that is to say inside the subconscious of the mind. I feel this is right but something was missing and not helping in the opening towards the others

    Reading the Radical Forgiveness book (which I am reading for a second time) is giving me a wider, deeper and more meaningful understanding of the purpose of my life and how the souls (or the spirit) are helping us in this process of growing.
    To be more precise I can now feel more empathy for the others, I can understand better why is good for us to be with people…I see the beauty of opening my heart to all so that the divine flow can work better for the benefit of all…..

    I feel now more in peace and willing to face challenges for the sake of myself and the others.

    Thank you for offering this course, for reading this words and for answering if is the case…



  184. Yuri says:

    Dear Colin

    I bought audio from your site (Invoice No 20276; dated August 5). Though I specified delivery as MP3, I got it in iPad format. OK, I managed to change the format but instead of 2.5 h I got the 1st part of 30 min, which repates itself 5 times.

    Really what I need is only your audio 13 steps (which I would like to try in the car), which unfortunately was absent in this 30 min. I wrote about this problem to your contact mail on the site, but no response.

    How can I get 13 steps in MP3 format?

  185. Frances says:

    PS. it has been a year since I walked away from the relationship because the emotional stress was making me very sick. I have not spoken to the person since then. I left loving him, but I felt I needed to walk away since I was very sick and he was already trying to date other people but would not let go of me completely. when I left he said he loved me and wanted another chance but I left and never looked back. I was already too sick to stay,but i still feel guilt and love him, I feel stuck because I feel his actions were all my faults since I am the one creating my reality. This makes me want to have him back in my life despite all. I am very confused and have been sick to my stomach for this whole year unable to digest anything, it will be great to get some insights from you personally Colin. Thanks

    • Colin says:

      Once again, my advice is still stop trying to figure it out and taking on guilt for creating your reality. It simply is not meant to work that way. You are not creating your reality – your soul is, and who are you to say your soul got it wrong. Stop trying to be spiritual and just deal with your life.

      • Frances says:

        Thank you very much for taking the time to read and answer my questions. Your advice made me feel so much lighter and better. Many blessings Colin. Thank you!

  186. Frances says:

    Hi Colin, thank you very much for your work. I am a little confuse and wanted to know if you could help me understand a couple of things.
    1. When you say that your partner is your mirror does it mean that if he is unfaithful, He might be showing you your hidden insecurities or that you do not love yourself?
    2.Having the awarness that we create our reality, if I was in a toxic relationship, does it mean that I was the one making my partner act in a hurtful way towards me?
    How can I stop feeling guilty and blaming myself for creating that situation? realizing that I was the one making my partner act the way he was makes me want to be with him again even though the relationship was toxic. I am confused about this, any advice for clarity?

    • Colin says:

      Hi Frances,
      The answer to all three of those questions is that yes, all this happens for a reason – though not necessarily for the reasons you give, but only at the soul level. We must distinguish how we see things at the human level and how it might be at the spiritual level. We also need to give up trying to figure out why things happen the way they do at the spiritual level, and just trust that it is the case. We have to live our lives as human beings, but if we also have an awareness that there is a spiritual story behind what is happening, it help us to get through. The only solution to all this is to use the tools and stop trying to analyze.

  187. Johan Delva says:

    OMG – OMG – OMG Colin!! Your suggestion on applying forgiveness -total and radical forgiveness – for all aspects of what is going on in the news; in the world; really really resonated with me almost like an explosion. I have been avidly studying world events, world history, world evil, ‘the devil’ etc. for more than 10 years nonstop day and night. The only way to survive that sort of knowledge for everyone who learns about even only 10% of what I know; is true and total radical and complete FORGIVENESS. If it is going to happen soon that more and more truth is going to be revealed to the world, people are going to need your radical forgiveness more than ever. Thank you for your excellent service!

    • Colin says:

      Hi Johan,
      Took me a little while to decipher OMG, but I still got how deeply the work has resonated with you. I also do agree that Radical Forgiveness has the power to transform the world if only we can get enough people doing it regularly.

  188. Elvia says:


  189. VJ says:

    I filled out my first forgiveness worksheet on my Dad for hurting me physically and emotionally as a child. I asked my higher self/Divine for some information to help me heal. I had a dream of being a being a child held under water. (I have never been baptized) I am more emotional now writing this memory out, and resisting letting go of my pain. Did I do it wrong? Big fear of not being good enough that I have to check in and ask, right. I feel so disempowered by authority figures in my adult life it is holding me back and I want to learn how to release this.

    • Colin says:

      Hi VJ,
      No you did not do it wrong at all. In fact it is a good sign that the feelings are coming up about your father. They need to be acknowledged and it is part of the healing process. The important thing is that you don’t stop doing the work. I would strongly suggest that you go the website and do the online program for forgiving your father. It may also be necessary for you to hire a Radical Forgiveness coach to help you work through this authority issue that is all part of your woundedness caused by your father.

  190. Elvia says:


  191. Regina says:

    I want MY outcome to be like Jill’s in Jill’s Story! I first read it seven years ago when my unhappy marriage was trapping me so much that I was willing to do something about. Passionless and unexpressive and lacking the companionship I cravwd, I embarkedon my journey with Radical Forgiveness. I did forgive myself and start livung and expressing my lifes’s passion. But, for me, instead of getting closer, we drifted apart. Even though we both did worksheets and playSatori, we didntgrow in love. Today, I’m sitting in a divorce attorney’s officei
    nhere’s my question: even though I do the worksheets is it true that I might not get what I think I’m asking for? I guess I already know the answer. I get what I need. Right?

    • Colin says:

      Hi Regina,
      You know as well as I do that RF won’t necessarily change what is meant to be. Your divorce has been on the cards for a long time, so now look to the future and be open to “what’s next.”
      Love, Colin

      • Regina says:

        Yes, this is getting interesting. Using the tools every day is helping bring to the fore the beliefs about MYSELF that motivated me to marry someone who mirrored my self doubt about expressing my life’s passion. And that’s where I can focus my attention. Not on saving the relationship, but on claiming my own power. It’s so amazing what using the tools every step of my way, without trying to predict the outcome, brings. So totally miraculous, Colin! Thanks for your continued support! Whohoo!

  192. Katia says:

    Hello, Colin.

    Yesterday, I filled the RF Worksheet out and it made so many things clear to me. It is no accident that I heard about you and Radical Forgiveness precisely now, at this point of my life, when I need to learn to forgive and let go of hard feelings to save my marriage.

    However, after the worksheet I have realized that my pain has become such an enormous part of my soul that I am actually afraid of letting it go. I am terribly afraid of letting any kind of new energy, even positive, into my life and my consciousness. It feels like it will be a whole new me, someone unfamiliar that I am reluctant to meet.

    Are there ways to overcome this fear? I have been at this point before, and I always backed off because I was scared to make this step.

    Thank you!

    • Colin says:

      You clearly have identified a pattern in your life – you are frightened of change and anything new, even it is good. So try to remember a time when you got punished or something bad happened, or you experienced anxiety when you were about to make a change, or a change in your circumstances occurred. I really think it would be worth contacting a Radical Forgiveness coach who can help you identify the issue and then take you through a process to eradicate the fear. Go to and look for coaches. Good luck.

  193. Kalpana says:

    Hi Colin,
    I love the release of emotions that comes from doing the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet. I’ve done it twice this week for one particular issue. Now the positive emotions and loving-kindness has given way to an anger I didn’t know I had. I have no idea how this is going to heal the situation or send the person who has left me back to me. I’ve wanted him back for so long and now I’m so angry with him that I’m not sure I want him back. But I do…confusion…

    • Colin says:

      Hi Kalpana,
      Obviously you are experiencing an emotional roller-coaster. The anger that is now surfacing has probably been there a long time and the forgiveness work is bringing it up, so that’s good. It needs to be felt and then released. The other comment I have to make is that you can’t make someone do what they don’t want to do through doing this work. You must just focus on healing yourself and trust that what the future brings will be what is best for you.

      • Kalpana says:

        Thanks for your reply Colin. It was very insightful – especially where you said that I can’t make the other person do what I want by doing this work. It was an eye opener for me as to how controlling I am being. I’m going to trust the process and simply work on myself. Thank you,

  194. Rebecca says:

    Hi Colin, I did the worksheet about a year ago on one issue I was having. It must have been too fresh, and honestly was one of a few that were emotionally draining at the time. I did the sheet again yesterday, and it really helped (different issue). The only blank I was confused on was #17. I didn’t know whether I was supposed to put the person’s name in there, or something else. What was supposed to go in that blank?

  195. Jill says:

    Hi Colin, I read your book Radical Forgiveness last year, filled out 2 worksheets & had amazing clarity & immediate changes.

    I had an unpleasant experience recently so decided to revisit & do your free on line course. I filled out the form but this time I don’t really feel any different & nothing appears to have changed.
    I am considering whether to walk away from this particular friendship, which is very taxing.

  196. Regina says:

    I just joined the group and am reviewing the online Radical Forgiveness course. Your follow up reminds me of my first worksheet. I was a total skeptic that the issue, a perfect expression of the ” way my life was” would change because I answered a bunch of questions. Well, it did! Within 30 minutes of doing the worksheet, some new ways of addressing the problem of being let down by someone popped into my head. Within a week, instead of having just one person to take care of my son, I had a list of 20 people on a whole support team! That one worked for me, and eventually opened the door for my new career as a Radical Forgiveness coach, bringing the tools to women who are feeling trapped in resistance to walk into their dream. Thanks for making forgiveness practical.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Regina,
      Thanks for doing so much to make Radical Forgiveness accessible to so many people, especially women.

  197. AnaPilar Shaw says:

    Hello Colin, I did the Radical Manifestation Lesson #1 last May to bring money into my life. Doing the worksheet was very helpful in getting me focused on what I truly wanted, but I have to admit, nothing happened. I also have to say that I did not follow through with reading the subsequent emails and I did not read or do Lesson 2.

    Then, in July, I went back to my inbox and found Lesson 3, Money Consciousness Worksheet. What a wonderful breakthrough I had!

    I wrote out the Lesson on paper and was surprised to discover attitudes about my life that directly affect my financial reality. Then I went to the RF CD to do the forgiveness work on those persons that helped me form the attitudes and the Rad. Self-forgiveness CD because I am the only one, after all, that agreed to embody these attitudes.

    I am thrilled to advise that 4 days later my sister called to say that an unexpected windfall came to us and she was sending me a check for $3500 immediately. Thank you for this wonderful process, Colin, it really does work!

    • Colin says:

      Yes, it really does work. Thanks for sharing this great story. It just goes to show you have to do the whole process and not just part of it Enjoy your windfall and just know that you created it. Bravo!

  198. chrissy says:

    Colin, the inappropriate guilt part is complex as you state there are many forms of this – so when parents are extremely mentally ill, have children nonetheless and the children are not given healthly love, specialness, guidance, etc. and they go out into the world and become self-destructive to themselves and others in an unconscious manner, guilt results later at some point in their life – then they look back and realize they harmed others without conscience, do the parents have some accountability here -

    • Colin says:

      Work it out for yourself. If they were very mentally ill then maybe their guilt is inappropriate. If they were capable of making a good decision then maybe its appropriate. But you also have to remember that the children were not victimized because those souls chose those parents in order to have that kind of experience.

      • Chrissy says:

        Colin, I need you to simplify your reply. I was specifically asking about children of two mentally ill parents, yes the soul choose this, but the children are unconscious here and make serious mistakes as a result. Does unconscious guilt mean accountability for their sins – my brother was quite the rebel and passed early in life, and I worry about him……

        • AnaPilar Shaw says:

          Hello Chrissy, your situation moved me very much because it is familiar to me. My mother is a very psychologically/emotionally ill person; my father had his own mental/behavioral issues. The result is that my sister and I survived as best we could being our own parents.

          With help of this Radical Forgiveness process, I realized that my parents were doing the best they could and their actions and behavior gave me the exact lessons I had agreed to learn in this lifetime. My mother, father, sister have their own journeys, lessons, purposes which are not my business to judge or try to figure out.

          Ultimately, I can only do my part to be responsible for my actions, behavior and healing. Because I found this Radical Forgiveness method, I accept that I alone am meant to use it and be healed – my father has passed away 10 yrs ago and my mother is too incoherent.

          My sister, at present, is not ready to consider forgiving our parents and that is her choice, I respect that and love her with all my heart. Only she can live her journey, only she can decide when and how her struggle will end. She does the best she can with the knowledge and understanding of life she has so far. It’s all any of us can do.

          Be well Chrissy and embrace this wonderful opportunity Radical Forgiveness gives you to be healed.

          • Chrissy says:

            AnaPilar Shaw, really, it’s me who wants to thank you for your deep insight and empathy – my mother is borderline personality, narcisstic and intentionally highly vindictive and I’ve been alone most of my life too trying to understand it all- and gained strengh from reading your reply. I would be interested in talking with you further if interested. Please e-mail me as I’d like to learn more from you. Chrissy

  199. Leila says:

    Colin, I started this morning with worksheet 1. It is hard for me to let go of my need that the party that hurt me recognizes the pain caused by him/her to me and my need for them to do something about it to repair it. I also find it hard to accept that I interpreted it all subjectively. I can see what they did as well as I can see what I did. Any suggestions to pass this blockage to completely forgive them?

    • Colin says:

      Just to keep doing the worksheets or online programs until you feel peace. That’s all I can say. If they don’t work, hire a Radical Forgiveness practitioner who can help you.

  200. Sandi says:

    I was rather upset with myself because my car isn’t working & needs repairs. I live on an acreage, 2 miles from town, so definintely require a vehicle to get anywhere to shop, etc. I was feeling stuck & trapped. Life felt difficult. I felt quite annoyed with myself for putting myself in the situation.

    Interestingly, when I told a friend who is away for a month, the situation, she told me to use her truck which was sitting in the yard, not being used. What a help that is! How wonderful, knowing I have a good vehicle to use (I felt like I could breathe easier), as well as have a friend who is happy to help me. I’ve been busy helping her with some time-sensitive things, while she’s away, so it’s good to know that we can help each other.

    But this morning, I got really annoyed with myself about the situation of being stuck. (I know I need to make changes in my life & that I deserve better than I’m allowing myself to have).

    With doing this exercise, I realized it’s actually helping make life easier for me right now, as I can do some things, that need to be done, that I can’t do with my car. & it’s time for me to seriously put thought into what’s next for me. I know I need to make a lifestyle change. I’ve always been one to put others before myself = not always able to make decisions very well for me.

    & it’s a wonderful opportunity for me t0 receive graciously. I have been very good at giving but need to learn to receive (but making progress with it).

    Thank you so much.

  201. Walter Pearson says:

    Hello Colin,

    I did worksheet 1 to forgive my mother for suppressing (unconsciously) my masculinity as a child because of her tyrannical father;she did not want me to be like him. I couldn’t be a “normal boy”, “rough house”, etc. Also, sex was a taboo subject; I had the impression sex was “dirty, nasty” == I actually had the idea that “nice people” did not have sexual feelings. Also, I had repressed homosexual feelings that I could not talk about to anyone; indeed, as an only child, I had no one to share my inner feelings with.

    In working the sheet, I seemed to readily forgive my parents ( my father was not a strong “manly” figure in my life; never taught me to play sports, or encouraged me to be a masculine boy, never hugged me, told me that he loved me). I now realize it’s ok for me to very masculine and homosexual.

    I do have a health problem that I created for myself. I took an over the counter health supplement to lower cholesterol, and it caused big problems with the muscles in my body. I am slowly recovering; but after doing the worksheet my symptoms got worse. Could be my ego resisting radical forgiveness? I have a lot more anger and hostility in my subconscious? I haven’t completely accepted myself, I still hate myself and can’t love myself?

    Thanks for your comments


    • Colin says:

      I can’t comment on your physical issues, but I would urge you to keep working on the hostility and doing the self-forgiveness/self-acceptance work. There is clearly a lot more to uncover, so make good use of the tools we offer on the website. Perhaps then you won’t have any further problems with your body.

  202. Kathleen says:

    Something I have just started doing as part of the Radical Self Forgiveness is to ask my higher self to silence the critical voice within me. It amazes me how that voice can shift from one thing to another and make me repeat the self forgiveness worksheet and ask again to be quieted. I need a general concept for this. I have been asking for specific things to be quieted but this critical voice has an army of things it seems that it can call upon to further chastise me.

    • Colin says:

      Tell it to shut the ____ up! Stop paying attention to it. Keep using the self-forgiveness worksheet because then you talk to your Higher Self.

  203. Marie Morton says:

    Hi Colin – I was working on the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet and got to # 3 and had uncontrollable laughter about the whole situation I was writing about that went on for quit a while and I feel the situation has been totally healed and has no power over me!! How wonderful is that? I had a similar experience when I did a 10 silent meditation sit. All I wanted to do is laugh and the leaders told me some people cry for a release and laughter is another release. Have others had this experience? Thanks for your work. Maarie

    • Colin says:

      Hi Marie,
      We see this in the breathwork sessions at times. People go through spasms of laughter and then crying alternating all through the session. It’s all emotional release.

  204. Elizabeth hunter says:

    Hi Colin

    Thank you for the free email course , i found your book when i was dumped from a previously relationship and though he sexually assualted me i managed to forgive him with the aid of the tools you provided , I was a victim of child abuse as a young girl so the pattern was there
    I thought i had done so well because it is 2 years ago now , i met a man and i never felt so loved , BUT within months it turned really toxic and he became agressive and angry , somehow i am attracting this to me and i thought i had done so well , i have done the sheet on this man and dont seem to be releasing as well as before , thought the previous experience was much worse , am i doing something wrong or not doing something .
    I despair at myself for getting into this situation again and feel the heartache and grief of loss , what else can i do so as not to go through this again.


    • Colin says:

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Give yourself credit for recognizing the pattern and seeing the connections between each time the abuse occurred. I am assuming you are no longer in the toxic relationship once having recognized him as a healing angel and realizing there was no further point in being in that relationship. But don’t despair or beat yourself up. You are doing fine. You are awake enough to know the signs.

  205. Leila says:

    My question did not get answered and it was before the last two ones you answered on the tenth of Aug.. :-(

  206. spirit says:

    Colin, A couple years ago I came in contact with an old friend who I had not spoke to over many years, be exact. We have always had a deep connection, I was in a relationship and well we became emotionally involved, I was at a point where I was wanting to leave my realationship. In the midst of all this my mom became very ill and I left for a number of months and stayed to help care for my mother. I emotionally started spiralling, shut down all around me, and became very withdrawn, and in doing this I pulled away from her, she became hurt, I just wasn’t able to tell her how I felt, I truly didn’t know. Something changed in me I became numb, even though I truly care about her, and have a connection that I am not able to explain, I wanted to be friends, I believe that is what is meant for us on this earth, it would be an amazing friendship. We have tried many times to do be in each other life, apparently my communication needs help, I wasnt clear, she has continued to feel that I wanted more, and I blame myself for not being clear and for asking something of her she is not able to give….Its unfair for me to ask that of her….But Colin, we keep coming together one way or another, I believe on the spiritually level that are meant to be in each others life, for us to be on another level in our next life, we are to be friends in this lifetime to learn, and see what we have not seen, from each other to have that ultimate realtionship…..the void is amazing!!!

  207. Susan Phillips says:

    I did not get any relief or feel any forgiveness. I learned that I was never listened to as a child. I am not listened to as an adult either. I attract the same non-listeners and demanding voices in my life as my parent was. I am frustrated.

    • Colin says:

      Then forgive your parents for not listening to you. It’s as simple as that — if you want to stop being frustrated. I suggest the online 21 day program for forgiving your parents. It’s on the website, It’s the best thing to do for youself. Good luck.

  208. Corinne Brion says:


    I have a few questions about this:

    Do I write one set of 3 letters for each person? If it is my mom and brother
    and father, can I just do one set for all of them , since it is same family
    and same trauma? (we all suffered from mom committed suicide and brother
    dying at age 2).

    Also, I received the e-mail about doing a money worksheet….why do I need
    to do radical forgiveness worksheets if I do the money consicouness
    worksheet and the radical manifestation worksheet? Can I just do the money
    the last 2 I mentioned?

    Please explain and clarify, thank you

    Corinne Brion

    • Colin says:

      Hi Corrine,
      One set of letters is OK if it is all one issue. Then do the 13 Steps audio a few times as well on each individual.

      You need to do a RF worksheet on anyone who taught you to hate money.

  209. Leila says:

    Colin, I started this morning with worksheet 1. It is hard for me to let go of my need that the party that hurt me recognizes the pain caused by him/her to me and my need for them to do something about it to repair it. I also find it hard to accept that I interpreted it all subjectively. I can see what they did as well as I can see what I did. Any suggestions to pass this blockage to completely forgive them?

    I also felt some positivity after feeling my willingness to accept that I chose those circumstances to LEARN something I truly don’t understand. It was soothing. I feel I have to do again and again. So much in lesson one. Quite deep. Thank you for having these courses for free.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Leila,
      Your need for the person to in effect apologize means you are still giving them power over you and that keeps you stuck in “Victimland.” Forgiveness is what you do for yourself, not to make others do anything or change. Give up that need and you will stop feeling stuck.

  210. Elvia says:

    Well because this is my only way to communicate with you mr. Colin.
    I love your books, and feel I can take on the wold. Reality nok on my dore. It will be to much cost to bay books from you to sand to Mexico City, they charch for sending a book is not only at time to ship it but Mexico charches to resibed the pakege too. So my cuestion to you is if you have your book abeileble electronic (E books). so I can kip wething it that way in my computer. I did have one Ebook I purches from B&N. but it is the only one they have. I like to kip my baibretion up If is only for my self. I have purches your book “Radical Forgivnes” in Spanish that I will give to my brother as a gif. and aniting I may be able to explayn to him. He can reed Inglish and wrigths beter then I do iven after 60 years I heve ben i the USA.
    thinks for your time.

  211. Gerrie says:

    Dear Colin,
    Amazing! I have only done the first worksheet and am reading ‘Radical Forgiveness’ but an issue that I have been so angry about and which has caused so much pain and rage and negativity in my intimate relationship just transformed from the exercise….and I feel that there is more I can do, actually. This issue and all the anger has caused my partner to move out and me to want to be single and alone. But what to do with the feelings!! And of course this situation feels so FAMILIAR to other situations with other partners.

    Then I did this exercise and I truly let go and surrendered and thanked him for giving me such a lesson and I felt so much love and gratitude. And guess what? I received (without needing, wanting or caring to receive) an SMS from him telling me that he loves me and misses me. I don’t care for the outcome but just the love.

    Thank you Colin, what a gift you are giving and all within such a cogent framework. I want to come to one of your workshops!!

    • Colin says:

      Hi Gerrie,
      What fabulous confirmation! It really does work, doesn’t it! Thanks for giving such great feedback. I hope it all works out for you in the best possible way for the highest good of everyone.

  212. Erich A. Webb says:

    My girlfriend and I are reading radial Forgivenesss. I have have spent time studying Hindi belief and other forms of enlightenment. My question is your division of World of Devine Truth and World of Humanity are they equivalent to the absolute and relative realities of Hindi belief ? Or does the World of Devine Truth incorporate the two-fold truth of the Hindi belief?

    Look forward to your response,

  213. Chris says:

    You have said not to do a manifestation worksheet on the same thing twice as the universe doesn’t need reminding. In today’s lesson you encourage anyone wanting to manifest money to do the money consciousness work to make sure there is nothing blocking the receipt. After this and all of the forgiveness worksheets are done should another manifestation worksheet be done for the same desire?

    • Colin says:

      I t really wouldn’t hurt if it makes you feel better, but my opinion is still that once you have asked for what you want and handed it over to Spirit, that’s enough. The other worksheets are for clearing the way for it to come in. Good luck,

  214. Elvia says:

    I have tray to contac you direct , no loke. ther was somthing I did not wanted to say for over 200 to see. . forget it. now. My problem now is that I want to pas this to my brother and other persons But not here in USA I’m going to expend 2 or 3 years in Mexico City and i want to take lessons on how to start a groop an be preper for cuestions. how do i do this? thanks for your time

  215. Star says:

    I have not read or ordered the Radical Forgiveness book yet. I recently signed up for the online Radical Forgiveness lessons and today read the story about Jill. I understand that she had issues and unresolved feelings in her past about being loved by her father and these feelings/unresolved issues have now transferred into her 6-year marriage.

    In this situation, she was unhappy with the lack of love and affection from Jeff and they were able to work it out once Jill came to terms with her feelings and was able to forgive herself and her father.

    My partner of 4 years grew up with one parent leaving them at age 10 to the other parent dying of addiction overdose from prescription pain killers at age 16 and from that point on just trying to survive, keep safe, graduate high school and work. As for me, I grew up with an alcoholic parent (not mean or abusive) that passed away a year and a half ago. My partner does not know their limits when it comes to drinking and has done some drunk embarrassing things to me and around my family. My partner suffers from severe depression and anxiety from their upraising, was consistent for a year or 2 with taking their medication but has gone off and on their medication, and has relapsed twice since we have been together.

    My partner recently was drunk and said hurtful things to me and I am ready to call things off with my partner because I can no longer live like this and continue to try saving and helping them, when they aren’t taking charge for their own life, mental health and actions. I need to start living my life for myself especially after trying for 5 years to save my parent from dying from alcoholism.

    My question is where do you draw the line in knowing what direction to go in? The line of forgiveness and giving that person and yourself a second chance together or knowing that the relationship is not healthy and looking at my quality of life and what’s best for me to heal and move on in life?

    Thanks for your expertise and guidance. I am lost and torn on what to do with myself, my partner and weather to continue with our marriage/relationship. We are only in our 30’s.

  216. Yuri says:

    Hi Colin

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful system. I am just starting (only 1 week) but I feel a difference in myself! I understand that your system is based to a large extent on ideas from “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch, and I like it because I liked those books as well. However, even though I read “Converstaions with God” several times, I could not fully implement the ideas from them in my life, and I feel/hope that your system will help me to do that.

    Hope to see you in Moscow next week (I’m planning to come one day to your seminar on August 12)

    One small point regarding Susan story (who murdered her husband) where I feel some discomfort. Yes, I agree that from God’s point of view everythig is perfect. Yes, I also agree that every way that we choose – is God’s way because there are no other ways. But we/I have free will, and we can choose the road. God does not have one road, it has many, and we can choose out of them. So Susan as I understand it never was commited to kill her husband. Rather she had very strong desire to do that, and she could not overcome it. But she could choose another way, and find something different, and that way would be perfect as well. Both ways are perfect from God’s point of view, because they give the possibility for the soul to study and grow, but from soul point of view there is the difference, and one way is more preferable. Just this is not the question of guilt, but the question of mistake. So the next time in the same situation Susan will react differently.

    I feel that your story as you put denies free will – that’s where from the discomfort goes. If no free will – we are just robots and are doomed (fatalism).

    But this very small point. I really appreciate your system and thank you for sharing!!! Great job!!!

    • Colin says:

      Hi Yuri,
      I totally believe we have free will, but it is the soul who has the freedom to choose, not the ego. Our Higher Self makes choices in every moment, but based on spiritual law not human law, nor even on human moral values.
      See you in Moscow. Right now, we are in St. Petersburg.

      • Yuri says:

        Hi Colin

        Thanks for the answer. Our opinions are different.

        I think we have free will both on the Soul and the ego levels. Our Soul is aiming to reach perfection in acting on Earth, to act as Soul/Love/God on Earth. So it tries to teach the ego to do so. When we (the ego) act on the Earth “not up to the mark”, the Soul sees and recognizes this as a mistake, and not perfection (but does not have any guilt). So Soul/High Self sees his action as not perfect (our Soul is perfect but the actions are not). The next time our Soul will try to teach Ego not to repeate this mistake.

        Will see you in Moscow

  217. Glenn says:

    Hi Colin
    I did a forgiveness worksheet on Monday night. It was concerned how my girlfriend was treating me. I felt like I was being used. Anyway I did the worksheet and felt a lot better.

    The interesting thing is that I haven’t heard from my girlfriend since.

    What do I do now?

    • Colin says:

      Hi Glen,
      Do nothing. Just wait and see what happens. If she does not contact you and it still hurts, do another worksheet, but only to feel better within yourself, not to affect her. It could be that it’s over. Sorry.

  218. paula says:

    I have someone who has walked away from my life and I feel such an emptiness

    • Colin says:

      Hi Paula,
      With so little to go on, I don’t think I can help much. If the split is recent then my best advice is to stay with your feelings and let the emotions arise from the depths of the emptiness when they need to. If it is not recent, then begin doing the Radical Forgiveness work and start to really work through it. There is, or was, a reason why it happened and there is no need to stay stuck. But feel the feelings first.

  219. Tracey says:

    Hi Colin

    Ok I am beginning to get it. Partly afraid of not ‘doing it right’ and now I have come to the stage of how do I heal. As I said before, I have tried many things and I am also a therapist, ie kinesiology, reflexology eft etc but nothing is touching the situation at the moment. And now, today, I can see a big connection that I had not spotted before. What do I do now? Let go? carry on finding connections? Forgive I think you will say, I need to do something for me because I am still feeling the victim in all this.

    Any suggestions gratefully recieved.
    Many thanks

  220. Tracey says:

    My question is – almost like a ‘been there done that’ thing in the sense that I have explored my issues before, or so I think, so doing the worksheet has made me see how skeptical I am having looked at many areas of healing. I am in relationship ‘difficulty’ and want to clear my stuff. Do I just carry on with the worksheet etc and all will hopefully become clear later. Is that ok?

    • Colin says:

      Skepticism is perfectly OK with Radical Forgiveness since belief in it is not necessary. All you need is the willingness to use the tools. If it works, it works and that’s all there is to it. So, yes, keep doing the worksheets.

  221. Agnes says:

    I started the Radical Manifestation course online. I enjoyed working on the worksheet, and felt really good. However the next day really weird things happened. I experienced an intense hostility from total strangers for about an hour. During this time, someone nearly hit my car when coming out from parking and after stopped several times for no reason, but hold me up. When he turned to the other way, an other car, this time a van came up next to me, and kept cutting in. I had a hard time to avoid an accident. After all these, whoever I called on the phone, was busy and never called back. Very unusual. Could it be a manifestation of my own sabotaging self? It was a very frightening experience.

    • Colin says:

      Had it been one of the Radical Forgiveness or Self-Forgiveness worksheets I might have said that it was connected, but the Radical Manifestation one? I doubt it. But you may be right. Maybe it is stirring some stuff up. Who knows?

  222. M says:

    I just realized, (with an outstanding issue) which I did 2 versions of the worksheet on, that I now need to forgive myself for being so quick to take the blame. I thought I was angry at her (and the long repeated issue of not being heard/discounted/dismissed). But just NOW I realize I was so afraid of living with what felt like vicious negative feelings coming from this coworker/friend that I took the blame (and may have to pay a bunch) and yet do not really believe I was guilty! So more layers of forgiveness to do! (Still feels icky, sticky, and unresolved.)
    BTW I originally downloaded a worksheet that was not as clear, or helpful to me, as the more recent one. I only knew to look again b/c of the CD (audio) version was so different than the one I had downloaded. I like the CD version much better and managed to find it online. Thank you. Hmm, maybe i need the radical self forgiveness before i do the radical forgiveness?!

    • Colin says:

      Lots of confusion here. So try sorting out the details of your story and stripping out what is not true so you can decide what is your issue, and what is hers, what you are entitled to feel guilty about and what you are not, and so on. Then do the forgiveness work on her and yourself once you are clearer. You might want to think about doing the online program, “Harmony Works,” A 21-day Program for Forgiving Your Co-Worker. Check it out on

  223. Alicia says:

    Hi, Colin,
    I am working on finishing my my first worksheet. Forgiving is my final attempt to become a happy whole person. Already, I feel happier and more willing to be able to forgive, which I thought I would never be able to do. I will continue to do the worksheet over again, as many times needed. When the worksheet asks you to rate your feelings: skeptical, willing, etc. It you check skeptical or unwilling, do you need to do the worksheet over? Do you start over, or just work on the part that was skeptical/unwilling? Thank you for your work.


    • Colin says:

      Hi Alecia,

      Good to hear that you are feeling happier having done the forgiveness work. Just do the worksheets until you reach a point where you have no charge left on it and feel totally neutral. Good work!

  224. Elvia says:

    Yes I have fell bed. I can reed, spik, Inglish, but can’t spel bery well. I try to send you a masege. But wont go thru. I do not have the gots to put it in here. what can I do?.

  225. Tara says:

    Hi Colin,

    I have completed the Radical Manifestation and Forgiveness worksheets {thank you} and found them fascinating because they’re so different to everything else I’ve tried. I have no idea if either has worked yet, although I appreciate it takes time and I only did them a couple of days ago!

    I am finding that my mind keeps going back to the thing I want to manifest, and I’m concerned that that might somehow stop it or delay it, if I keep poking at it with my thoughts? I find the trusting part very hard, as I think many people do, but I would like to know if it’s possible to sabotage the good work done on the worksheet by repeatedly thinking about it, and sometimes worrying that it won’t happen? Now I’ve written this down it seems a bit silly but I’d still like to know for some peace of mind!

    Many thanks,

    • Colin says:

      Hi Tara,
      No you really cannot screw it up. Once you have completed the worksheet, that’s it. The only thing you have to watch is not putting up resistance to receiving what you have asked for by negative self-talk about not really deserving it and such like. So just stay open. Remember, this or better!
      By the way, there are no silly questions.

  226. Kathleen says:

    As I do these work sheets it seems that I am not only letting go of emotions around a situation or a person but I am also changing some of the old outdated beliefs and attitudes that I seem to have carried from childhood. Is this a good way to do some changing of the subconscious beliefs that we keep repeating?

    • Colin says:

      Absolutely, Kathleen. Radical Forgiveness is not about changing anything other than how you see things. Keep working on all those old beliefs.

  227. Jenny says:

    My problem is that my husband asked for a divorce several weeks ago. I did your worksheet and read Jill’s story, and both did bring me some relief – for a few hours. My husband and I are still living in the same house until he gets a job and one of us can afford to move out, but he says he does not want to work on the relationship. I’m not sure if the radical forgiveness pertains to me since I would have to forgive him asking for a divorce and he seems determined to stick with it. However, I believe deep down he still loves me and that our problems could be fixed if he wanted to work on them. Can you provide some support?
    Thank you,

    • Colin says:

      Hi Jenny,
      I’m glad the worksheet brought you some relief albeit short term. It’s hard to do it when you are in the middle of a crisis. However, you can’t use the process to force changes. Radical Forgiveness is a way to come to peace with what is. It is not a way to make someone else be different to the way they are, though sometimes that can be the result as you saw in Jill’s story. If he doesn’t want to work on the relationship, there’s nothing you can do. It’s probably over. On Thursday I am writing a blog on my website about how to handle a break-up. That might help.

  228. Larch says:

    DAY 3
    What I was really suprised at was how the greatest insight was honouring myself for the part I have played in the whole process I feel more empowered and whole and equal, equal in my relationships and capable of having reciprical loving relationships and a sense of constantly moving flowing energy and relations
    THANKS COLIN I have gained a lot from these processes and know I will continue to use them in the future. They speak to a place deep in my heart and remind me of a lovely children’s book I used to read to my son “The Little Soul and the Sun” by Neale Michael Walshe…. always remember I have sent you nothing but angels.
    THANKS again!

    • Colin says:

      That is a line worth remembering, isn’t it. I send you nothing but angels. We use that story by Neale Donald Walsch in our ceremoney.

  229. Larch says:

    You said you would like some feedback on the three letter process
    day 1 almost dizzy after completing it.

  230. Colin: My therapist recommended your free course to me and I have also bought Radical Self Forgiveness and Radical Forgiveness (on CD and book), I have done course one and printed off more blank worksheets as I have dealt with “one” issue that has been a constant in my life the last 26 years and I know there are more. One of the things that blessed me was as I was filling out the worksheet I began to “own” only my part in this issue and by doing so I feel it has made me a stronger person in the sense of empowerment. No longer is there a “hook” in me and I felt the release. My question is this is it sometimes necessary for a person to “review” this situation if they feel the “old” mindset trying to come back on? I still have to have some contact with this individual and am concerned about going backward myself. I do know I have forgiven myself for my part in this situation and the way I view it is totally different than I did before forgiving myself. Thank you and Bless you.

    • Colin says:

      You must have a great therapist!!! Yes, if you do feel some old stuff coming up again, do another worksheet. It is a lot to expect that one worksheet will be enough if the issue is old and long standing. Keep doing them until it’s all gone, especially if you get triggered again.

  231. Larch says:

    Do you know anyone who practices radical self-forgiveness and forgiveness in ireland?

  232. Lisa says:

    Hello Colin. I would like to take this time to thank you for the work that you do! It is most amazing and I do believe that you have a wonderful way of presenting a true healing process. I am using your processes in a dissertation to show the metaphysical value in our lives when we use things like you have presented.

    I purchased your book and read through the things in the book and then decided to do a worksheet on a couple of issues. This is crazy! I was going to ask you about my son and I must say, I did the worksheet on Sunday. Which, was very difficult. I cried for a long time. I did “see” my son and we did communicate on a soul level (I have not seen my son in over 2 years now and have not really been able to speak to him) but today, I do not feel so much sadness! I was working through two particular issues to “unblock” my flow so my life will get back on track and I am happy to feel lighter. I still miss my son but the pain is greatly reduced. Thanks so much! I sure hope it works better on the next one! LOL! Thanks again! I am most excited to finish my dissertation that will include your processes. The thing that I do recognize is that we do make an agreement before we arrive here. So while the “experience” Is not what we had in mind, it is a lesson that maybe the other person needs to experience as much or equally the same as what we need to experience.. Thanks for that shift in my heart!

  233. Larch says:

    Did radical mainfestation worksheet today and went in quite lighthearted but asked for something I have always wanted and dreamed about related to the road I felt I wanted to travel but was shocked at what happened in the experience. I realised that I felt totally differently than I thought I would. I was meeting someone who I hoped would support me in bringing my dreams to fruition instead I felt totally disconnected with them, felt inadequate because they were so present in their body and connection that I felt totally inadequate, tight , tense, carrying a burden and really not fully engaged in my body. They told me that what we were doing together would help but I didn’t want to feel so rubbish and inadequate months into the future when I envisaged the meeting happening. In fact I was very angry but also began to wonder if what I have hankered after was what I actually required or needed at all. The thing I was manifesting did not in my imagination match the feelings of wanting to feel alive, chosen, valued, lucky and blessed that drove it. I’d appreciate any advice or support on this one thanks

    • Colin says:

      This work does have the potential to cut through your own self-delusions to what is true and connects you to your real feelings. Go with it.

      • Larch says:

        Whoopie do beginning to feel really free and safe for the first time in years
        Loved Jill’s story
        Beginning to “get it!” Thanks
        Have a great day all!

  234. Larch says:

    did the radical manifestation worksheet yesterday and the again for another thing with my husband who I roped in today
    i have noticed a shift in my general attitude by doing something different
    i think it might be fun to continue doing it for something different for the next few days because it has opened me up to posibility thinking again
    even as i was doing it i realised how much i limit what i think is possible so even from that aspect it has been helpful i haven’t dared to dream for a long while and enjoyed the shared experience with my husband… shocked how many emotional attachments i can make to a purple chair…. expectation a great thing… also interested in what you said about it needing to be tangible realise my faith and disappointment on the job front lately has made me want to focus on not tangible things because if they don’t show up i don’t have to risk being disappointed… also a lesson for me in it all about flexibility… how things may show up in a different way than I expected…. am a little maybe very skeptical… watch this space
    forgot to say in relation to radical forgiveness and manifestation… THANKS!

  235. Larch says:

    I feel more resolved to move on
    I have acted like a victim for too long
    I think i’ve also been beating myself up i should be able to handle this if i’m as spiritual as i think i am and if i want my new life’s work to be about empowering people to heal
    how very arrogant but how wonderful to see that too and realise that that doesn’t have to become the newest drama i’m scared i can’t see a new job but i realise that sometimes i just need to move to a more supportive environment and to trust that that is okay am i making any sense i feel more resolved and empowered to move on and keep the focus on my life i want to live in a more relaxed open and loving way and i feel i am taking the first step in the direction i want to go

  236. Lori Santo says:

    Hi Colin, I am new to your work, and I enjoy your contributions deeply about manifestation. I am currently at a confusing crossroads in my life, and it is a place where I have been at many times before, in which I KNOW I can no longer do the work as a legal assistant I’ve been doing nearly all of my life. I am 53 years young, a single mother of a 7-year-old boy, and I have absolutely no affinity with my work, and I haven’t for many many years. It has been the source for putting bread on our table, and it literally is sucking the life force out of me. As I go deeper into mediation and prayer, and this has become a pattern in my life now over the past ten years or so, the jobs are ‘removed’ either through being terminated (immediately, too) or being laid off. I am now simply too ‘awake and aware’ to continue this pattern. I just left another law firm on Tuesday, through involuntary termination. I woke up this morning, after doing the worksheet and a lot of mediation while visiting in Lake Arrowhead, and my mind was filled with questions and repetitive thoughts about what truly lies deep in my unconscious and subconsious minds that has held this pattern in play for so long. I am an artist and a writer by passion, and I am called deeply to become a life coach. I am an entrepreneur at heart. I am highly sensitive and creative, and I am so hungry for meaningful fulfillment, all I can do is cry holy tears and surrender, as my hunger for transformation is so profound, and I cannot see ‘the way.’ I’d love to hear any feedback or input you might have about this. How do I truly transform my life into creating a life of value and meaning creatively, while contributing to others, and at least hold a J.O.B that I can tolerate while creating my own company??? What could I possibly not be ‘seeing’ about how to do this??? Any words are greatly appreciated. Thank you!! Lori

    • Colin says:

      Hi Lori,
      I hear your pain and I know it, for at about the same age as you are now I was in the same position doing work I hated while knowing that there was other work I was called to do and was put on this planet to do. But I was too afraid to let go and let God. Then one day, I surrendered and did it, and from then on everything worked. I took a lot of risk, mortgaged my house to print my book and so on but I was supported every inch of the way. I can only tell you what happened to me. I cannot tell you what to do with your life. But I can offer you a career path that would feed your soul and give you fulfillment. Take a look at the training to become a Radical Living Coach at and see if it speaks to you. Even if you don’t change your job, at least practice your art as if it were your life.

    • Larch says:

      wow see how similar your story is to my own
      I read a book A Life at Work ( I think) by Thomas Moore and found it really helpful… a key message is life is so much more than a job and it asks us to find richer deeper ways of living. It might be of interest or not of course
      thanks anyway for sharing your story

  237. Kay says:

    Hi Colin,
    I wanted to thank-you from the bottom of my heart for your gift of Radical Forgiveness. For quite some time I had come to the realisation that my parents loved me in the way they thought love was and I forgave them and loved them for loving me. What I didn’t realise, was that I still held onto a grievance (belief) about what love is. Because they didn’t show me love in the way I thought love should be shown – I thought I was unloveable. And in wanting them to show me love in the way I thought love should be expressed, I could not express my love to them. Thinking I know what love looks like I denied myself and others the gift of expressing their love and receiving their love, and my gift of expressing love. I thought I needed to be someone or something others wanted me to be to be loved and accepted, and that I needed to earn love – even from God. If I didn’t be that someone or something then I would be rejected, as that is how I perceived my parents – as rejecting me when they didn’t show love the way I wanted.

    Other beliefs came to the surface as well….I am a failure because they (my parents) do not love me. I am not enough because they do not love me the way I wanted to be loved, cherised, adored, accepted and wanted. And with these transparent beliefs I continued to live life through these limiting beliefs and wondered why love was elusive and my life felt empty, unloving and not enough and why I found love so difficult to express. These beliefs kept love from me and from me loving myself, as I saw myself as less than love.

    I am willing to see, touch, smell, taste and feel love in every moment, at all times…as Love created me like Itself and all there is, is Love.

    Once again…many thanks and with gratitude to you and God.

    • Colin says:

      Hello Kay,
      You have expressed in a beautiful way the pain that many people feel, even if it is subconscious. On their behalf I thank you for sharing your experience so they, too, can release themselves from the toxic belief that they are ‘not OK,’ or even unlovable.

      • amy says:

        Thank you Kay, your words “I denied myself and others the gift of expressing their love and receiving their love” has provided such a shift for me today. I have put a block to my husband’s freedom to express love in the only way he is capable because of my hurt. Beautiful.

  238. Yvonne says:

    Hi Colin,

    I’m taking the opportunity to provide feedback on the free courses that you have offered. I have been working with both the Radical Forgiveness and Radical Self Forgiveness courses which I feel go hand in hand with one another.

    Initially I did a forgiveness sheet for a relatively small issue which seemed to precipitate a real live issue in regard to my abandonment and betrayal pattern – the very next day in fact! I did a worksheet on forgiveness and it was really difficult. I was in a lot of pain over that one. Within a few days however I had ‘pulled out’ of that and felt at peace with the situation. From there other more serious issues from the past presented themselves – issues of abuse as a child. I have done worksheets for them as well and find that they have been much easier to shift. It seems as though this first big issue has removed the core of the pain and confusion and these others are part of a ‘clean up operation’. I am really delighted about this.

    I have signed up for the bigger Radical self forgiveness and self acceptance course as well as the one for forgiving my parents. I can see though that the it is as you say – the real gift is in the tools. I would never have credited that it could be as simple as this. It has truly proved to be miraculous to date.

    Thanks Colin – this is changing my life and I feel a lot lighter in my being as a result.

    Blessings to you

  239. Anne says:

    Hello Colin

    I have gone through the worksheet and subsequent lessons. It has taken a little while for things to shift and I really can relate to Jill’s story in a big way. I had read it before but this time it really stuck with me. I realise that I have a pattern of attracting partners who are (in my opinion/victim story – “weak and spineless”). Previous partners have let me down, not been there for me when needed and have not “had my back” or stood up for me when needed. There have also been times when I suspected emotional infidelities.

    My current partner has lied to me and been disloyal as well as leaving me with a feeling that he does not “have my back”. I dont trust him completely mostly due to the lies and although things are now good between us and he has tried to make amends, the mistrust hangs over me..perhaps because I really value loyalty very deeply and cant shake it off. I wonder if I ended the relationship, would I just attract the same kind of partner.

    My question really is in practical terms, what is the next step to make the relationship shift and for me to be secure? I still have work to do in forgiving and letting go of the victim story. I think things have shifted a little in a positive way but I am still unsure that I am convinced. Is it simply a case of me truly working through this and if I truly forgive, things can change for both of us without me having to speak it?

    Another thing I wanted to add is that recently I bumped into an ex partner who really broke my heart some years ago. He seemed full of guilt and has asked for my forgiveness. I had put it behind me but realise I have not (or dont think I have) forgiven him as I buried the immense hurt away. I wonder if there is any point in going back to tell someone you have forgiven them after such a long time…but also mentioned this as it has been part of the shift – it has really made me focus more on forgiveness and what it means…and hopefully this will be positive turning point for my current relationship.

    Many thanks

    • Colin says:

      Yes Anne, it is case of keep working the tools until there is nothing left, but there is never any need to speak to the other about you doing the forgiveness work on them. In fact it is counterproductive. They may feel a shift themselves and might say something to you. Then it might be appropriate. Or they might ask you for forgiveness, but even then there’s no need to say how you have come to a place of forgiveness, only that you have.

  240. An says:

    If through the worksheet in radical manifestation one can bypass the critical mind: why can´t we do the same with emotional stuff that comes up in the radical forgiveness worksheet?. Why do we have to go through the process of feeling the pain and horrible feelings? can´t we bypas them too and just forgive others and/or yourself just by visualizing it and feeling the feelings as though you had already forgiven them or yourself?

    • Colin says:

      Hi An,
      I said we bypass the mind; not the emotions. We have to feel the feelings no matter whether it’s Radical Forgiveness or Radical Manifestation. Both worksheets ask you to touch into your feelings. It’s essential.

  241. Nathalie says:

    Hi Colin,

    I received the lesson 1 worksheet and a few follow up emails but no lesson 2, just an email about the book, and you have mentioned you will will send through lesson number 3 tomorrow. Lesson 1 was great but how do I find lesson number 2?


  242. nancy says:

    Hi Peter & Colin,

    First, I need to apologize to Peter for trying to know what he needs. I learned today that was a judgement. Forgive me. You know what is best for you to do. You are indeed on your divine path.

    Colin, Thanks for helping me get clear on that point. As a teacher of children it’s so easy for me to slip into the command mode. EEKS!!!!


  243. nancy says:

    Dear Colin,

    I learned of you on the Living the Course website.

    I have now finished the radical manifestation worksheet and am working on the forgiveness sheet with all my grievances one at a time. I am determined to free myself, finally at this middle age of 56. I am ready to go for it.

    The manifestation worksheet already is working and I only did it a few days ago. I asked for a marriageable, wonderful mate by my birthday Nov. 3rd. They’re all gathering around me. now all I need to do is choose. How do I do that???

    Thank you for your extraordinary generosity in sharing all this for free. I might not have been able to do it otherwise. You are changing the universe forever. Because of you we live in a more forgiving, peaceful, happy world. God Blessed you Mightily. Again, thanks for sharing.

    Infinite love and gratitude,


    • Colin says:

      Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for reaching out to Peter. How to choose from a number of potential mates??? I can’t help you except to be clear what you want and what you do not want. After that, trust your gut. Good luck!

  244. peter says:

    Thanks Colin been to 3 psychs, & on 3 different kinds of meds, spent my entire retirement, no help. Just trying to figure the spiritual lesson from God in mental illness & what ever I did in the last lifetime? I guess suicide is for others to forgive & God to have a good laugh, & at least some kind of graceful exit for me, with no more suffering.

    • nancy says:

      Dear Peter,

      I read your note with anguish.

      Please know that it may be if you do choose to end your life you may have to start up right again where you left off in the next one. Don’t be upset with me, but it seems everything that happens to you comes at your command.

      Don’t ask why, just get busy and do some of the forgiveness worksheets on yourself. Yes, forgive yourself. Do it. I promise everything will change.

      Life loves you,


    • Colin says:

      Hi Peter,
      I can’t say whether suicide is the answer or not, nor whether it will be a graceful exit. Nor, once on the other side, whether you take your suffering with you. I do believe however, that God loves you no matter what and does not mock you. Whatever you choose to do, I send you my love and support.

    • Larch says:

      a desolate place to be in
      no chink of light very alone
      i send you every blessing

  245. Katherine says:

    I began the worksheet again. Since my issue is with the relationship I had with a man, I kept looking at issues with my father. As I began to write my story from the victim point of view, my issue turned out to be with my sister. The more I wrote about it, the more it explained my behavior and feelings in the last 2 relationships I’ve had. For me, this is turning out to be a process, with layers slowly coming into view. I’d like to just have an aha moment, and move on, but I think I am going to be patient, and take it a day at a time.

    • Katherine says:

      I went to sleep, and dreamed a dream I have had before, where I feel very fearful. I woke up and I just finished the worksheet again. I feel more at peace once again. My anxiety level when I started was high. I was feeling sadness in my heart and stomach area. I no longer feel scared, or sad. I feel more removed from the situation and less emotionally involved. I am amazed at how this works! Thank you, Colin!

  246. Katherine says:

    When I started the worksheet last night, my anger was at about a level 8. I was reluctant to begin the process of answering the questions, because I found it painful. Once I started, it became easier, and by the end, my anger was at about a 2. Today, I do not feel that I am done with this issue yet. I do believe in this process, but I am not connecting the dots as they apply to me yet. I don’t recognize the pattern, but I want to.

  247. Sylvia says:

    Thank you. I will try that.

  248. Sylvia says:

    I have question, I have apartment in Poland and what suppose to be a good investment is a nightmare. Trouble happen all the time, things get broke, tenants escape without paying . It is costing me a lots of money…..and I looking for a risen why? I try to work on that….but so far it stays the way it is. What could you recommend in my situation? Thank you very much.
    Lots of love

    • Colin says:

      It’s hard to know why these things happen. But you might try cleansing the apartment by burning sage in all the rooms and praying for energies that might still be in the apartment building to go to the light. Also do a Radical Forgiveness worksheet on the apartment itself. Hope it helps.

  249. Sylvia says:

    Hallo Colin!
    I came across your book around 3 years ago, that was “Radical Forgiveness” and it did change my live. Like most people I hold lots of issues from the childhood. True process I completely realise pain and forgive my mum, and now we have better then ever relationship. Healing was possible on body level as well. I had cysts on my ovaries, and that heal completely without operation. Friend of mine suffer from chronic migraines for years and she discover she had lots of unrealised anger on her father, she realise that and have no headache ever since.
    Radical forgiveness helps me to realise issues on regular bases. So I can enjoy inner peace with in me.
    I am extremely grateful I was blessed, and discover Radical Forgiveness. Many greetings to You, Colin, for creating that simple and powerful technique
    With radical manifestation….well I set for smoothing small , and give a time for one month, I see some movements, around my goal. Seems to be negative, but somehow I trust that is a way that suppose to be happening, and result will be positive in the end.
    Ideally I would like to go to England on your workshop, because one of my goals is become a trainer of Radical Forgiveness , at the moment seems to be impossible , because money problems….but I working on that…so…. see you in England in October!)))

  250. CB says:

    Greetings Colin,
    I listened to your teleclass. And I listened it over again. Today while I was walking my dog, I was still thinking about your own story; about how “everything just shifted”. The sub-title of your book “The Direct Path to True Self-Acceptance” came into my mind. I begin to think you might be at the place where you had come to accept yourself and your true calling. Later it struck me that you might have just ‘handed it over’. When you stopped trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, the struggle was over; the burden must have lifted. To me it seems to be a moment you let go and let God. It is your own radical moment which you have been trying to teach people.
    The second thing I took away from the teleclass is the idea that money is love; that money makes the world go around. That led me to recall how my own family has always been there for me when I need help. We siblings fought often as we were growing up. A counselor would consider my family dysfunctional; However you are the first person who put it that money is love. I think at that moment my shame of needing help from my family in the past just melt away. That explains why I have always felt loved by my family although we are not very good at verbalizing it. Realizing that all the sibling bickering in the past just fell away. I feel I have shedded like a dog lost its winter coat. I sent my brothers e-cards to express my warmest appreciation. Thank you, Colin. Your radical approach fits me just right.

  251. peter says:

    I have been trying to forgive myself & others for 10 + years with no success & now know I am mentally ill & am wondering if you have any suggestions for someone who is insane? I seem to be able to help others find some peace & connection with Spirit & when it comes to my self I destroy all close relationships & drive all away. I am now living in my car just wishing for death to come quickly. For 20 + yrs i worked In San Quentin prison teaching violence prevention, including RF when I became aware of it. Now it seems as if God has left me in the hands of evil & my mind is overflowing with toxicity, I ahve done lots of wksheets 10 today & am left ssobbing & all alone why won’t it work for me?

    • Colin says:

      Hi Peter,
      To be very clear and honest with you, Radical Forgiveness is for people who are well and only need some help resolving normal life issues. If you are not already in the care of a professional who can really help you, then please reach out and find this kind of help. I cannot advise you in any other way.

  252. Adele Adamson says:

    I loved doing the first Lesson of Radical forgiveness, it came at the right time as I had a melt down with my son, who I love dearly, but he has the ability to upset me, and it really does hurt. I sat and immediately did the workshop, and also did Jennifer’s Letter of Forgiveness this morning , and I feel good. I feel at Peace and ready to truly forgive, well right now it feels really right I did not have a problem doing this forgiveness work, it is truly a wonderful tool, THANK YOU

  253. Regina says:

    Hi Colin–

    I have listened to you four times on various online conscious evolution programs over the last months, the most recent with Jennifer Hadley. In this latest one, you described the spontaneous comment at a seminar you loved doing, from a customer who said “And we’d pay you double!” It is a compelling part of your story. It is a demonstration of how when we do what we love, what our life purpose is, there is only joy.

    I believe that. Every day I work on letting go of a lot, and the first half of 2012 has enabled that in ways I could never have imagined. Because of this, I have two questions. I know most certainly that I have been helped by several modalities–tapping, amazing release techniques, meditation podcasts, theta healing, and your worksheets, on which I spent some marathon sessions in April. My first question is, how can we merge these modalities, when there are people like you who offer us so many opportunities for self-revelation and purpose? Or is that something we can just accept, an apparent confusion that sorts itself out in our heart?

    I have no question about the efficacy of Radical Forgiveness, for the major worksheets I did literally stopped trains of thought that had rummaged in my brain for a few decades. I had known what was going on in my head intellectually, but had not absorbed it emotionally, not to the extent I now do.

    My second question, however, concerns only one area that shows me I haven’t “got” it yet despite all the work and trust–that of receiving money, just as you talked about with Jennifer. Intellectually I can imagine the early sources of limiting beliefs, but of course, not so emotionally, or I wouldn’t be writing this now. I have earned over six figures and gotten into debt a year later quite a few times, now being one of the debt times. I have to move out of my apartment by month’s end–no option–and have no means to do so. I have awareness of where to go to live, and no means to get there and stay. Right now, anyway, that is the situation. I know it will change. But we also live in the moment and that inevitably brings flashes of anxiety into that moment. I let them go as fast as I can. After your session with Ms. Hadley, which I stubbornly kept putting off listening to on replay, but finally did so, I fell asleep. Then this morning I woke up with your words in mind. A little later I asked the question you had suggested about why a belief in limitation and lack existed–what it might be. This was about the umpteenth time I had done that, of course, in the last six or seven months, and maybe for a lot of my adult life. Your list of possibles was very similar to that given by Brent Phillips, though there was a signal difference, an opposition–you were bypassing the subconscious mind and he was recommending a reprogramming of it–but both ways the results were intended to show up. The question that came up for me suddenly appeared this morning in a phrasing I had never used before: “Will I be a good person if I allow myself to receive a lot of money and keep it flowing to me?” In that second I knew it wasn’t a religious question, per se. It was more as if I sought permission from people I loved, my grandparents, who were the kindest people I ever knew, with whom I lived my first six years, whose work was all in the Salvation Army. I can’t seem to get past this. I have done the worksheets. I guess my question to you is that I wonder what can make something like this question I’ve given to myself so powerful? Why we would hold onto it the way we do? There has to be a reason beyond the question itself, I feel.

    An added note–with Ms. Hadley you spoke a lot about having found your life purpose and every time you did I wanted you to send the genii to us that said how we can do that, too! I even told you to do that aloud during the online session…:-) This morning when I woke the very first thing that came into my mind was the answer–I am here to be a teacher. How, why, what–especially at this stage of my life–no idea. But the resonance of those words was loud and clear. I had no doubt. This brings a freedom I cannot begin to describe.

    Thank you for that session.


    • Colin says:

      Hi Regina,
      Lot’s here but let me be brief:
      Question 1: Find the one that works best for you. There are many ways.
      Question 2: It’s an unanswerable question – so just be with what is.

      • Regina Clarke says:

        I suppose it must be unanswerable, though it’s a real–I think human–wish to know what makes us tick in that regard. In a guided meditation years ago I felt myself in what I called an in-between place where at least two lifetimes were there for me to choose from, and then selecting this one and instantly speeding to Earth, gaining the subsequent amnesia. I remember becoming alert after the meditation and in tears that wouldn’t stop for a bit, for I had left a place that felt filled with such Love. I do know that all those we meet in a lifetime agree ahead of time to help this journey on Earth happen as it does, that all those I encounter, whatever way that may be and however perplexing, do so to help me to learn.

        I am a writer by profession, so I am never short-winded. Apologies for a length in the previous message that seemed so brief to me… :-)

  254. Kathleen says:

    I have done extensive reading and study about manifestation. Some say to picture the desired item as I did in #6 several times a day. Others have said to get a picture and put it on a card that you can look and imagine it being yours several times a day. A third way is to go to a place of oneness with creator and do similar to #6 and leave it alone. This confuses me. What is your recommendation?

    • Colin says:

      Whatever works for you. All of that is conscious mind stuff anyway. The real work is in handing it over to Spirit and that’s where the worksheet is valuable.

      • Kathleen says:

        Thank you for your response I have started to read the book Radical Manifestation and I am learning so much more about this interesting subject. I have done several radical forgiveness worksheets and am starting to do some more because a Good friend expressed something to me over the week end and when I meditated on his comment I found that I had some major forgiveness work that needed to be done. I am so grateful that you have made all this available to others like me. I have thought about wanting to become a life coach in Radical Living.

  255. Mike says:

    Hi Colin – I love your stuff. It really helped me deal with my divorce in a way that allowed me to reach a state of compassion and dignity. The stuff keeps coming up though. I felt at least 30 different ways in which I was feeling like a victim in my life just a couple days ago. I did the Radical Forgiveness worksheet around one person who showed up a lot on my list, and now I can’t even remember what some of those other victim positions were. I really feel much better -but as soon as I see the person, it seems like I get back into it.
    My head goes right to the position of “this is unfair, she is wronging me, etc etc.”
    I can’t seem to remember (in the moment) the feeling of reconnection that i can get to when I am working by myself.
    Any advice on this? And also, should I do worksheets on all the other little issues? I get bogged down…


    • Colin says:

      If you get reactivated it means there is still energy there. If the worksheet is too much to keep doing it over and over, try the 13 Steps audio whenever you get triggered. And, Yes, do worksheets on all your issues to get them cleared out.

  256. Colin M says:

    Hi Colin, ref my last comment, I didn’t actually think you were an ACIM teacher. There was an earlier posting from ‘An’ and I was commenting on her entry. If you scroll up the page you will see her entry. On reflection I think my entry was a bit flippant and I hope if ‘An’ reads it she doesn’t think I was dismissive of her achievements in becoming an ACIM teacher. Anyone who can understand and teach ACIM merits great respect.
    I suspect you thought I meant to type in ‘Ah’ at the start of my comment as an exclamation and that I had directed the remarks to your good self. My apologies if that was the case.
    The reason I addressed this comment to ‘An’ is because I have did feel for a long time that ACIM was the solution I was looking for and it held out a great deal of hope for me at one time. When I researched it however and discovered that one of the co-authors had reportedly suffered a serious decline in health that struck me as incongruent. If a belief system is held out to be the answer to the ‘woes of the world’, why would the main proponent of that belief system not themselves be a beneficiary.
    ‘Physician heal thyself” comes to mind. Thanks for your reply about going back to the web site for the self forgiveness course. I will do that. I have some serious ‘self forgiveness’ to do. Kind regards Colin

    • Colin says:

      Hi Colin,
      Understood. However, I think your demand that people who bring forth a message to the world has to be anything other than human is unrealistic. Bear in mind too that the person who ‘channelled’ ACIM did not believe it at all. If I had to wait until I was 100% forgiving I would never has written my book. We teach what we most need to learn.


  257. Hi Colin,
    I’ve just started the radical manifestation online course. I had already built up the picture of my ‘object’ but also the infrastructure involved to bring it into manifestation, ie the prosperity to pay for it (which is the perfect home in a perfect life) via a service (to Spirit) that I truly love with passion in my country of choice.

    My question is, should we break down each part of the infrastructure into individual worksheets for best effect?
    Many thanks and heartfelt gratitude to you for gifting this as free as most humans are not so good at simply giving because they can just yet!

    • Colin says:

      Once we have declared what we want to manifest, we don’t have to tell the Universe HOW to do it. Those details are taken care of. Having said that though, it is helpful to do a Money Consciousness worksheet as well as the Radical Manifestation workshsheet. Our money issues can get in the way so it’s best to clear some of those if you can. The MC worksheet is downloadable from our website under FREE STUFF.

      Good luck,

  258. Colin Munro says:

    An, I note you are a teacher for A Course in Miracles. I was very drawn to this as the writing did seem inspired but when I looked into the circumstances surrounding one of the co-authors and their decline into ill-health I questioned the teaching. To put it bluntly if I attended a weight loss clinic I would not expect the Course Tutor to be morbidly obese.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Colin,

      I am not a teacher of ACIM. Radical Forgiveness has some similarities but it is not the same.

  259. Colin Munro says:

    Colin, thanks for your reply. Your response hit the nail on the head for me. viz ,’Who is forgiving who’ ? How do I go about getting onto the ‘Self Forgiveness Course’?
    Kind regards Colin

  260. Annette says:

    Hi Colin,

    Thank you. To clarify, it’s to sell my family’s property, hence the comment that it’s a two-fold manifestation. Does that make it clear or clear as mud?

    • Annette says:

      Added clarification – I’m the one who is finding the buyer and selling it for my elderly relative.

      • Annette says:

        I’ll be signing off the Net in a few minutes. Any reply, Colin?

        • Colin says:

          Is your relative ready to let it go? Check that out

          • Annette says:

            She claims she is and financially and physically (health) there is no way she can keep it. What can I do if on some level she’s not really ready, emotionally, to let it go?

  261. Annette says:

    Hi Colin,

    I have found myself doubting or fearing that what I asked for won’t occur. Therefore, I have had moments of ‘getting short’ with people. This manifestation request is for me yet is really for a relative – it’s two-fold. I’ve heard that it’s important to be elated for at least 90 seconds per day about what we want to manifest, since the Universe matches our vibrations, not our words. Yet, you said to ask the Universe just once. Will you clarify that for me? Thanks.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Annette,
      My feeling is that once you’ve done the worksheet and given it over to Spirit, there’s no point in going back over it, but there’s nothing lost by giving it another shot of emotion if that helps you. The other important point is you cannot do this for other people. If that’s your primary focus it won’t work.


  262. Colin Munro says:

    Having quickly read over some of the above entries I think I might have answered my own question! I completed Worksheet No 1 and the person I was trying to forgive was ‘my old self” After completing the worksheet, I can follow the thinking that we are souls who make a contract with other souls to work out life issues and following this rationale I can see how I could forgive others because they were ‘instruments’ for the development of my own soul. My former self or ‘old self’ however is the one I have issue with and this is obviously my ‘own soul.’
    I cannot have made a contract with my own soul! so I cannot forgive it. I note that there is another Worksheet on ‘self forgiveness’ and perhaps this is where I need to address my efforts……confusing or what?

    • Colin says:

      Yes it is confusing because when you forgive yourself, who is forgiving who? You will find the answer in the Self-Forgiveness course. Definitely worth doing.


  263. Yvonne says:

    Hi Colin,

    Thank you for your advice and encouragement. I woke this morning feeling a lot better – the night gives back more than the day takes away, as the saying goes. I have had close family members ring today and have been able to articulate how I’ve been feeling and have managed to find my way to a new place of being as a result. In the telling I was able to vent the anger and to find what lay beneath it – a much better space to inhabit. I am not plagued by that incessant voice which role plays what I’d say if I had the chance, over and over. This is a new experience and I am so grateful.

    I know there is more to come – I reworked the Forgiveness process today and found I now recognise what passed for love before is not what I know love to be now. Love can’t be lost. Love can only grow and is not dependent upon proximity. What passes for love is often a pretender whose primary aim is really control and manipulation. Those are the parts which are falling away.


  264. Sue Murphy says:

    I always get so far with manifestation, and I just can’t seem to let go and let spirit. I find this aspect very difficult, I am willing to try. Just a pointer on this would be great.
    Thank You

    • Colin says:

      Hi Sue,

      Giving it over to Spirit and letting go of the attachment is the hardest part but just make sure you read and take in the meaning of the statements at the back end of the worksheet and read them out loud. That’s all there is to it.


    • Colin says:

      That’s what the worksheet is for. That does the work for you, but read the questions and your answers out loud to give it more power. Trust the process and let Spirit do the work.


  265. Yvonne says:

    Hi Colin,

    I found and completed a worksheet on forgiveness before I actually signed up for the free course so I was prepared [s]. I have worked with forgiveness, meditation and reality creation for quite a lot of years but found that although I thought I’d forgiven, another incident would serve to bring all of the others back up again so that I recognised I probably hadn’t really forgiven at all. I also found that I have spent more than a decade trying to fix myself and feeling like a failure so I was delighted to find your worksheet and complete it. Part way through I got all confused and suddenly realised that I had made a huge shift. I really Knew that these issues were being held in my Shadow and that it was okay to feel these emotions. I felt really liberated by this process.

    This morning I woke and was in a totally chaotic state which I’ve come to identify as a precursor to immanent change. A text message came in from a cousin of mine who has been very dear to me over many many years. It said that she no longer wanted to communicate with me as when she does she ends up feeling fearful, confused and doubting and that it was not good. I feel absolutely gutted by this – not at first but now it has settled on me like a heavy cloud. I did another worksheet on forgiveness with this development. It felt like going through the motions. I meditated and gave myself Reiki which relieved the pain I’ve been feeling. I worked with forgiving myself. The only thing that has seemed to relieve this awful pain is when I’ve gotten really angry briefly but it doesn’t feel like something I can or want to keep doing. My head says one thing my rage says something else. I don’t know what to do with these volcanic emotions. I am willing to change and yet it is quite obvious to me that a part of me is really not happy to do so at all. Can you help me? I’m not sure what to do. I do know it is all part of the journey but I am on verge of exploding it feels. I am afraid.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Yvonne,
      It’s all good. Be with your feelings and let them be what they are. You are obviously shifting a lot. You might need to slow down a bit and have some bodywork done to help move the energy. A good massage would help a lot I think. Push through the fear and the rewards will come. Great work, Yvonne.

  266. Joni says:

    Thank you for your generosity and spiritual support because realising ‘truths’ about myself is both humbling and painful . It’s difficult and sad to process things all alone, at times.
    Please tell me if I have my new perspective correct?
    Q: Do I need to look deep inside myself for levels of the ‘negative and hurtful traits’ which my ex husband demonstrated that I saw and felt agonising pain and shock from? This action takes ‘guts’.
    Q: Is looking in the mirror he provided for me (on a soul level )the right direction?
    Q: Am I looking for both positive and negative traits?
    Q: Was I meant to end my relationship? I was somewhat unenlightened at that stage about RF, so was too full of rage to be able to see on a higher level. I just couldn’t forgive. Is regret and sadness a normal emotion considering my life-changing events that I have manifested?
    Thank you

    • Colin says:

      Hi Joni,
      The answer to the first three questions is probably Yes, but don’t worry too much about doing it right or trying to figure it all out. Just doing the worksheets takes care of everything. Whether you should have left the relationship or not is not answerable, but again, just keep doing the work so you can come to peace about it. Remember, there are no mistakes.

  267. Sunni says:

    Colin– I have done theRF worksheet on this issue before– the topic of my husband’s infidelity (repeatedly in a 26 year marriage). The last occurrance was “it” for me and I left the marriage. I have had a rough time letting go of my feelings for him and even though I moved out 8 months ago it is only now that I am getting in touch with really deep feelings of anger mixed with still caring for him. When I did the worksheet yesterday, I was barely able to be “willing” for a lot of the statements although I have been a “fan” of radical forgiveness for many years. I didn’t feel much of a shift in energy yesterday but today I am feeling a little more neutral. Since in previous times I stayed with him to repair the marriage– this time I am planning to go through with the divorce. I figure it’s OK to forgive and then move onsince I don’t chose to do that particular lesson anymore. Thanks for this work.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Sunni,
      Feeling more neutral is good – an indication that energy has shifted if only a little. Keep doing the worksheets and the 13 steps until you feel peace.

      • Sunni says:

        Colin–Actually the next day I began feeling more peaceful. Although I still find it difficult to think of my husband without nostalgia. I don’t really want to return to the life we had but I tend to remember mostly the good parts. Sometimes the future seems scary given that I’ m already in my 70’s (though certainly don’t look or feel like it). The prospects of “starting over” when I thought our life was all set in a certain direction– now I’m off in another direction onmy own.Hmmmm What I “got” was this was my soul’s way of getting me to move on to the next stage and my contract with my husband is over. Just haard to accept sometimes.

  268. sam says:

    Hi Colin,
    I am half way through the 21 day program designed to forgive one’s parents. I do feel a shift in our relationship. What is amzing is that while I have been working on my relationship with my mother, it is my relationship with my Father which has dramatically improved. I now realize that they are some other people who I need to forgive. Is it OK if I start using the free worksheets on radical forgiveness now or shall I wait till I complete the 21 day program?

  269. Kendra Wagner says:

    I have done RF for three years off and on, since picking up the book with my husband. This is the pathway to forgiveness that resonates with me more than any other.
    Mostly I have done worksheets solo, and recently I have formed a once a month group. We have met twice and intend to meet for at least one year, using your group guidelines.
    I often put that I am open or skeptical, but hardly ever do I check the box, “willing.”
    In this recent worksheet on Self Forgiveness it felt phony, like I was going through the motions and not authentically being self-accepting. I realize I am a no show to events that I have committed to because I think everyone is better off there without my presence. That was eye-opening.

  270. Liz says:

    Hello Colin and everyone,
    I worked on my first Radical Manifestation worksheet yesterday. I would like to share that as soon as I wrote that fear was one of the reasons that I wanted to manifest the mone , I felt better. I also felt so much better after I handed it over to the Universe and let go. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m no longer trying to control it. I couldn’t possibly control it anyway, but now I am at peace with it. I honestly believe, the Universe will provide me with what is best for me. Thanks, Colin. Now I can go on with my life and let God do all the work.

    Much love – Liz

  271. Colin says:

    Hi An,
    It really doesn’t matter how long ago something happened, the worksheets still work. Better you do them without talking to your daughter – just see what happens. Trust the process.

  272. An says:

    Hello Collin!
    Thankyou thankyou thankyou. I have read your books and I absolutely love them as I am, also, a student and teacher of a Course in Miracles. I never knew I had such an issue woth my former marriage and on doing the worksheet I discovered I had so much guilt with my two daughters for having separated and all the suffering it caused them. The other interesting thing is that as I worked with my eldest daugther, issues with my own parents came up too. Everything moved a lot and the worksheet took me to talking with a therapist and things have really cleared up. The most interesting thing this time, was the difference between appropriate and not appropriate guilt. The only thing is I am not very sure how to handle the appropriate guilt of something that thappened 20 years ago. Maybe some kind of ritual? Or should I talk with my daughters and explain without justifyong? I find that these issues have even come in the way of my relationship with my newborn grandson.
    Thankyou again.

  273. Colin says:

    Hi CB,
    Thanks for this. It is good to receive corroboration from such a wise source as your mother and the Chinese sages.

  274. CB says:

    Greetings Colin,
    Thank you so much for the two articles on money you e-mailed us. These two articles make me feel really warm and fuzzy inside as they reminded me of my mother and her teaching.
    The very first person who taught me the meaning of money was my mother when I was very young. She told me that money is alive; that it flows like water in the sense that it comes and goes. I was so fascinated by her idea of money. She also taught me how to live with money. She said when living at home frugle; when travelling live rich. She is a woman I admire the most. It seems to me my mother’s understanding of money is fairly close to yours. Her outlook for money was developed from Chinese traditional wisdom. Apparently the law of nature operates the same way not limited by time nor national boundaries.
    Thank you so much also for your comment on my previous post that my Higher Self always loves me unconditionally. I keep that in mind everyday. And I am working on tuning that inner voice louder; so I could hear its guidance more closely.
    I am so looking forward to your teleclass on June 28th.

  275. Colin says:

    Ingrid, it is always “fake it til you make it.” So do keep going and see if it helps.

  276. Ingrid says:

    hmmm, don’t quite get this, give thanks to the abuser??? This feels really difficult – will continue with this, good to get out the negative feelings on paper at the very least. Hope this will help :)

  277. Corinne says:

    Dear Colin,

    my Radical Manifestation BSGroup is going to start next week! I am so excited about it! And I would like to let you know, that the 2nd worksheet I filled in last summer during the course in England worked wonders. You shall see… (wondering what it was all about ? :) )
    Participants of the Skype-PowerShiftGroup, that I´ve been holding, keep on raising the question, why one cannot bring forward a decision and what the differences are between a decision and a “proper” request. As I understand it, a decision is an expression of willpower, based on an inner conviction, wheras a request can be “delivered” and “received” from without – not from within- and shows up in the outer/material world. Would you agree? Instead of a (decision) formulation like:” I am taking good care of myself and am fulfilling my own needs”, we encourage each other to find formulations, that ask for support from without in order to strengthen a certain inner resource, that will help the person to better care for herself/himself.

    I have also had people asking for spiritual guidance, which I perceive as a request, even though it is not clear, in what form -if in any material form at all- it arrives.

    Could I get your opinion on that?

    A big hug,


    • Colin says:

      Hi Corrine,
      Lovely to hear from you and to learn of your success with the worksheet. Can’t wait to know what it is. Yes, I agree that a request is different from a decision. The way I say it is that we the Manifestation not for goals, which I think is what you identify as a decision, but for making requests for something tangible and concrete. Goal setting is a different activity.
      Much love,

  278. LH says:

    Hello Colin!

    I started reading Radical Forgiveness two days ago. I haven’t finished it yet (I would say I’m about more than halfway, wading through Part Three), and I haven’t yet completed any Radical Forgiveness work.

    I’d like to say that the content of your book strikes deep resonance within me, and I am totally awed by the sheer scope of the Spiritual wisdom it contains. I’m very interested in pursuing RF as a method to help me with a wound that has controlled my daily thinking and feeling for three years. I’m feeling more motivated to resolve this issue than ever before, and I have faith in divine order.

    My question regards the feasibility of practicing Radical Forgiveness while in traditional therapy:

    Though I picked up your book just days ago, I also quite recently began traditional psychotherapy (today was my preliminary appointment, so I’m not at all far into the venture). I know that there are discrepancies between traditional therapy (traditional forgiveness) and Radical Forgiveness. However, I am committed to healing and releasing Victimhood. Do you think there is a way to practice the two simultaneously? Can RF occur despite, or even in conjunction with, psychotherapy?

    I hope this question isn’t too broad or unwieldy. Thank you!

  279. Patience Enuwe says:

    Dear Collin
    Thanks for your free courses. I did a radical manifestation sheet and then did radical self forgiveness sheet, but soon after the course I have been very tearful. The image that keep coming to my mind is when as I child I was living with an uncle and my father came to see me. When he was leaving, I held on to him and ask him to take me with him. At that moment, I felt unloved, helpless, lost, unwanted, useless, and some emotion I can’t seem to explain. Well, he did not take me. He left me
    Thanks for listening.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Patience,
      Obviously, you felt abandoned and the pain is still there. So at least do a worksheet on your father, but even better, do the online 21-day program for Forgiving Your Parent. It cost $70 but it will be well worth it. Go to and look for online programs.

  280. Rosemarie says:

    Dear Colin,

    I am from Germany and read your Book „Ich vergebe – Der radikale Abschied vom Opferdasein“ (radical Fogiveness). It worked amazingliy well for me. It is a wonderful feeling to wake up and realize that I lost my anger and resentment against a certain person, and I want to thank you so much for this!

    Because „Radical Forgiveness“ worked so well I started with „Radical SelfForgivness“ (in German: Radikale Selbst-Vergebung“), but with this I stumpled across two topics:

    1. In the worksheet „Research-Exercise: The Authentic I“ (In your German book: „Forschungsübung 1: Das authentische Ich zeigt sich als…“ – I do not exactly know how it is called in englisch – it is the first worksheet in your book) I should describe me how I really am. In this worksheet I tickled almost every box, and wrote a short example, e.g.:

    – intorverted – because I need silence for my inner balance
    – extroverted – because I come easily in contact with people

    There were only 9 boxes left…and when I came to the second worksheet I was puzzled because I do not think that anybody would describe me with any of the attributes/characteristics left. And now I don’t know how to proceed…

    Shall I ask myself if there are blind spots or shall I suppose that I can accept me as I really am rather good? Or is there a third way I cannot see?

    2. I founded a small business and I know that I have to work to get it started. On the other hand my energetic level is very low. This means when I work too hard I get ill, have to lie in bed and can do nothing. It is a vicious circle. When I do enough for my business I have to neglect myself and reverse…

    I feel like a mother having a baby 50 years ago. At that time pediatrists were convinced that it is very important to feed the baby only every 4 hours because they thought that the baby has to learn to deal with frustration as soon as possible. But for the mother it is almost unbearable to hear her baby crying. No matter how she desides (feeding the baby to stop it crying or not feeding it so it can learn dealing with frustration), it feels as she decided worng…

    I accept the rules of the world (that I have to work for my business) and I accept my low energetic level. It is as it is. But the result frightens me. And now I don’t know what to do.

    – I am not really angry of the fact that I have to work for my business. Does a worksheet make sense when I am not angry? If yes, which one should I do? Is it radical forgivenss or radical self-forgivness?
    – Do I have to forgive me my low energetic level? And when YES how can I do it it?
    – And how shall I forgive the result (neglecting me or my business)?

    I am really confused and I agree with you that radical forgiveness is much more easy then radical self-forgiveness ;-)))

    Now I hope you can understand my english so maybe you can help me to clear my confusion a little bit…

    In the end I want to thank you again for your idea of „Radical Forgiveness“ – it really helped me a lot!

    kind regards


    • Colin says:

      Hi Rosemarie,
      There is just too much here for me to write about, but overall I get the impression that you are simply worrying over the worksheets far too much, but I also think it would be very helpful for you to engage with a Radical Forgiveness Coach in Germany who will be able to help you with all these questions. The website to go to is Good luck.

  281. Melody says:

    I completed my first self forgiveness sheet yesterday and I am very clear in that my guilt is appropriate. The challenge for me is that I seem to continually expect and attract repeat punishment for the same crime. Recent events suggest that I haven’t released me from the offense or felt worthy of better.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Melody,
      You are still punishing yourself, that’s why you are attracting it. More than one worksheet may be necessary, but be patient. It may take some time.

  282. Linda says:

    Hi Colin,

    I started doing RF ceremoniously on Jan. 2, 2012. I decided to bring in my life partner. I joined an RF group in Sacramento and well, only attended 1 meeting because my life partner showed up and I moved to Santa Cruz to build a life with him.

    Now in Santa Cruz for only 3 months, I am rebuilding my business and doing the manifestation course. I am also rebuilding my spiritual community and scoured the internet for RF groups locally. I have found none and have had the thought a couple of times to start one here, and I have my attention/intention on getting my business going so that I can afford the energy to put towards other things, perhaps heading up an RF group. Something’s holding me back and I believe it to be that I have so much focus on my business and bringing in money immediately so that I can have other freedoms. Thoughts or advice are greatly welcomed and invited.

    Thank you for your work, it has changed my life in such dramatic ways other than finding my Soul Mate, such as, my 3 sisters and I after being estranged for many years are now friends for the first time.

    Love to You, Linda

    • Colin says:

      Hi Linda,
      Having an RF Support group or a PowerShift Group would be very supportive in the creative process of building a business and may take some of the pressure off you. You might also consider taking the brief training to become a book-study leader. See all these on

      • Linda says:

        Ok, I got to the book study coaching page and see that I need to put another $100 on my manifestation worksheet.

        Speaking of which, I am trying to manifest $5k to get business of the ground and also pay for other things like my summer activities with my son and his travel, not to mention the costs of fundamentals ie. shelter, food, gas, etc. So, I am a bit behind in my online course (I was working my butt off this week in an area that is not my intention so to bring in some money) and read Radical Manifestation Lesson 3: The Money Consciousness Worksheet just this morning.

        Question: I did the worksheet on the $5k and now see that I should have done the Money Consciousness Worksheet along with any Radical Forgiveness worksheets that may be necessary. Do I then re-do the Manifestation worksheet?

        PS I think I need to do one on $10k (or more) as there are courses that I really want to do.

  283. Tanya says:

    Hi its me again so I started the other free online programs you offer. It’s really weird I started with the manifestation worksheet and like I said there was a intruder in my new home so I did what you said and did a rf worksheet on him. And I felt so good. But then I started doing the rf on the people that might of had a big part of my money beliefs. And that was ok. But I keep having childhood memories come up for me one was was when I was 14yrs old I went to a family friends house it was some kind of get together I was there with my sisters family she 13yrs older then I am and this was her best friends stepfather and mothers house. So anyway her stepfather was always very nasty to me like pull my hair when I would walk by him and pinch me. Very strange. But this day I was getting changed in one of the rooms in the house when I was done getting changed I sat at a desk to look in the mirror and he came up behind me and started massaging my shoulders and then put his hand down my shirt. I felt so scared like I couldn’t move stuck frozen. Then his wife called him and he left. The other story that comes up is when my older sister was baby sitting me I was 3 yrs old my moms sister who was on drugs came over and I pee on myself so she got really angry and wanted to put my face in it so my sister ran to a room with me and my aunt tried to burn the door down. Do you have any suggestions for me on what to do next? I think this is part of my feeling stuck right now but I’m not sure. How could I get over this?
    Thanks again,

    • Colin says:

      Hi Tanya,
      It’s all good that this stuff is coming up to be healed. Just do a worksheet on your friend’s stepfather and anyone else who comes up. Keep working.

  284. Shirley says:

    Hi, Colin,

    I am in lesson 2 of Radical Self-Forgiveness. One of the most powerful aspects of all the forgiveness worksheets is acknowledging and feeling my feelings. I have spent so many years trying to change my feelings – or trying not to feel the “negative” ones. Radical Forgiveness is the key to my happiness. Personal growth and development has been my passion in life. Radical Forgiveness is a foundation upon which I can be peaceful, happy and free – and able to live a life I love. Thank you, Colin, for this wonderful model.

  285. CB says:

    Greetings Colin,
    I followed your suggestion. I bought the Self-Forgiveness e-book. I found it applicable when I came across the section which you discussed the judge, the parent and the I Am Self in all of us. Very often I would have fearful thoughts of being betrayed. The next thing would be I could feel the negative feeling of fear and anger welling up. Although I would tell myself that I was just creating something which was not true; that I was projecting, a strong part of me would want to do something destructive right away to ‘get even’ while another part of me would tell myself don’t. Very often the answer to myself would be ‘I don’t care. I am going to do it anyway’. Having read your description of the multi-facets of ourselves, I am so excited that I am in touch with the ‘observer’ self of mine. Its voice is always overshadowed by the stern parent and the judge. However your book helps me acknowledge that shining knight inside. I will work on tuning in more to my observer’s voice. Any comments? At any rate thank you, Colin.

    • Colin says:

      Just remember that the ‘observer’ is your Higher Self, and loves you unconditionally. So keep your focus on that part of you and ignore the stern parent.

  286. debbie klose says:

    I am having a most dificult time with the money program. I have been at it for several weeks now. I have done many worksheet ….both radical forgiveness and Self rad. forgiveness. I went to the workshop in GA in March then once home I followed up with the online self forgiveness and now the Money Online. I have had a lot of difficulty with the Money one. I am now as far as goal setting, talents, gifts etc…I am blank. I just cant come up with anything. This has been a problem for me for years. There is something very powerful and beautiful with in me but thats all I know. There is something I would like very much to manifest but dont have my talents, or gifts as of yet. Can I skip this process for now. Part of what I am manifesting is the time to pursue my talents, and gifts. I have been listening to audio on releasing money issues amd manifesting and money project. I also have the 4 CD boxed set on Radical Manifestation. I listen to it frequently.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Debbie,
      Perhaps you are trying too hard. Skip what doesn’t come easily and just continue with what you are doing. It’ll come to you in time.

  287. Sree says:

    Hello Colin

    I have used your Radical Forgiveness work sheet before. I just decided last week to try it again on a couple of issues I have had over the last year that I am having a really hard time letting go off. One down – feeling better – lighter and more open. One more to go – this is a tougher one but I will work on it.

    I could not print the form out so I ended up wring out everything on the form on paper. I think this really helps because it makes you focus a lot more on the words.

    Just wanted to thank you for you

  288. Tanya says:

    Ok I’ll do that…… thank you:)

  289. Colin says:

    I have not heard of this before while doing the RM worksheet but you might want to do a Radical Forgiveness worksheet on the intruder. It was probably your internal saboteur trying to stop you having what you want.

  290. Tanya says:

    Hi Colin, thank you so much for all you do! I’m did the manifestation worksheet and when I got to the visualization part it was going really well I could see myself in my new home with my family and I could smell it and taste it and feel it I felt really good. But then when I would close my eyes I would see everything so clear and I felt so good but then an intruder was there too someone trying to hurt me. Then I just kept soong what the worksheet said to do. I was just wondering what your thoughts were on this?

  291. Leroy Stone says:

    Hello Colin,
    I just wanted to say how much I have appreciated all the supporting emails I have received from you in regards to the Radical Manifestation lesson plan.
    When your first email arrived about being specific in terms of what I wanted, I was stumped. I knew in general terms but had not considered nailing it down to a specific topic. I’m glad that you mentioned in the next set of emails that this process can be applied over and over again. And the emotional tag to it threw me as well. Not that I didn’t understand because it makes perfect sense to me. Connecting feelings to this uncovered a lot of things. I will still follow the plan and just wanted to say thank you for all the support. It is very satisfying to be in this connection with you and begins a journey for me that I had never considered before.

    Much success and many thanks…..Leroy Stone

  292. Regina says:

    Hi Colin–

    I hope this is not too long-winded! I just read your message for today and the interesting energency statements you used that I will copy out and carry with me now–cool stuff. Now, I just wanted to report about the outcome–at least the first outcome–of filling out the Manifestation worksheet. I envisioned something rather large to offset financial worries. Nothing showed up for days. Then this morning I think something did, though it seems to me that I’ve not quite nailed this process, given what happened. At the same time, it has its own curious validity, I think, and is related to my having used the worksheet. What it was is this: I was horrified today to see that I did not have enough in my bank account of real money to make my car payment, due in three days, and no way to get hold of any real money. So against my will I applied the payment to a credit card that is already getting up there, but I was simply so dismayed that I had to do that. Minutes later I get a call from one of the movers I had contracted about an upcoming move in late July that I plan–to go and live out in Arizona. I’m now in Massachusetts. For someone without enough income even for a car payment, that’s definitely hopeful thinking, isn’t it? But my apt. lease is up and I will find a way–feel I will. I’ve moved 18 times. I want this to be the last one for this life’s adventure. So–I’m talking to movers who have no idea of my finances. Well, the one I think is likely to be the best called minutes after I paid the car payment by credit, which thus left some unexpected real cash in my bank account since it did not get used for the car–no way to split the payment between debit and credit. The mover in a nice way asked for a holding deposit of one hundred dollars if I wanted to lock in the move. I felt intuitively it was time to commit to the path of the move, and that he would do as good a job and hopefully better than most of the movers out there (an industry I know well, now). Since the deposit had to be real cash, there it was in my bank acount. I should add that every month after I pay my car payment I usually have no more than twenty dollars left for the week before the first, which is payday. I was able to apply the hundred dollars of real cash to the mover’s schedule and have enough left over to attend the graduation of a dear friend without using credit for a drink and meal. I know it must sound backwards, since I did have to use the card–the creditor has no grace period–but it seems very propitious to me that it all happened this way. Not the smooth sailing of someone getting the amount I envisioned in the worksheet–not yet, anyway–but in its own rather odd way, I think it was a break in the stagnancy of manifesting zero for a year now. I will keep at it, with the aim to remove all credit cards from my life before I pass on, but grateful right now for the opportunity to make it through the month this way with more than twenty dollars, for a change. I used to make a high salary, left the job to write, and have made nothing from the writing after two years of trying. I expect that is a sign I need to acknowledge and maybe the worksheet will assist with that or make it clear the writing is not in the cards (as it were). All in all, I think the worksheet is extremely interesting as a process. I will keep with it. I will check resources to see what I need till month’s end, and if there is still enough, I will use it to buy your book, gladly! There should be, given I am used to rice and beans for the last week of a month and can forfeit anything more grandiose–I can do that again, easy… :-)

  293. Colin says:

    There you go again, beating yourself up for not doing the reframe right. You are probably trying too hard. You can’t do it wrong. Just say I realize everything is/was perfect and leave it at that. Trust the process.

  294. Diane says:

    Well, Colin, I have completed the Self-Forgiveness/Acceptance worksheet, and I don’t feel any differently about myself. I am lousy at reframing my story – not just this time, but whenever I do these worksheets. I am open to collapsing the story, but it all falls apart on Step 18. I think too literally, I guess. Any suggestions?

  295. Patricia says:

    Hello Colin,

    It’s been a few years since I’ve done your worksheets. They have worked for me in the past, thank you.
    This time, however, I am curious and confused. Would you please clarify; you say that we can create anything, yet in the following paragraph you say that we may not receive what we desire. That if we don’t receive it it’s “perfect”. Then why are we putting it out there? I’m sorry, I’m just really confused.

    Thank you

    • Colin says:

      Hi Patricia,
      Perhaps I should have said we may not receive what we think we want. The \universe may have other things in mind for us that we are not aware of. Thats why we say This or Better! It also may not be the right time. Be patient.

  296. David Todd says:

    Hi Colin. Around the time before and after doing the Radical Manifestation worksheet I have had a lot come up for me. My seeming low self-worth and lack of self love are the main issues or blocks (BS) that keep holding me back in life. I am nearly 20 years sober in AA and have a good sponsor, she says I have to much thinking going on and delve into too much varied Spiritual and/or philosophical information. Maybe so.
    I have faith in the 12 Step process and The Radical Forgiveness process too.
    I am trying to say – I came up with a “thing” to put in the first box of the worksheet, after a day I realise that what I really want is my Higher Power (God) to heal whatever it is inside me that generates the false beliefs I have about myself. I am a good-hearted person and have much to offer the world, I am in great need of Real Spiritual Healing. I know it is happening – just can’t Anylise it. I have to let Spiritual Intelligence do the work and get out of the way – easily said.
    I pray for Peace. I pray for Grace.
    Thank you for this opportunity Colin.

  297. CB says:

    Thank you, Colin, for responding so promptly to my question.
    My hesitation is fear-based. I doubt my own judgement. I do not want to make a wrong call that will result in loss of capital. I had made mistakes before. I got very upset with myself telling myself that I threw good money away. You are absolutely right that I need to work on forgiveness. Do you have any comments or wisdom you could share with me at this point? Thank you, Colin, for being a mentor to me.

  298. Thanks Lori, I will keep breathing I guess. Hilary

  299. Lori says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I completed my first Forgiveness/Acceptance worksheet yesterday. I have noticed changes, but I am not sure if they are for the better. Right after completing the worksheet I have been having a lot of pain in my physical body particularly my neck and head. I cried a lot while doing the worksheet as I realized all the people that I have hurt, including me with my past choices that I have made. I now accept the fact that I have made those choices by my own free will and now must live with the consequences of those choices. I was wondering why all the physical pain? has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for any and all replies. I really do appreciate them.

    • Sam says:

      Hi Lori,
      I have been suffering from pain in my neck, shoulders and arms and had a flare-up 2 days after I completed the Radical forgiveness worksheet. I do not know whether there is a connection between the two or whether it was just a coincidence. How long did your physical pain last?

  300. Carolee says:

    Hi there Collin
    Carolee here. This last email is a bit confussing to me.
    When you say in step four or may be it,s five,to now turn
    It over to God completely. This email does not feel like that is what you
    Are saying.It sounds like you are suggesting that we are still having a lot to think
    About, which is more true for most of us.Turning it over to God
    That had always been a problem for me .
    Trusting in God, that is where the rubber meets the road for all of us.
    Blessings Carolee.

    • Colin says:

      I get what you are saying and you are right. Just doing the worksheet is, in the end, the act of turning it over to God and letting go.


  301. CB says:

    Greetings Colin,
    I bought your book Radical Manifestation several years ago. I was instantly attracted to the title “Radical”. I read the book; did some worksheets; and went on with my life struggling with my issue of generating income since I changed my field of work. I promptly forgot about the book and the worksheets I did until I received your e-mails. Being able to communicate with you directly peaked my interest. I redid the worksheet; I picked up the book and re-read some part of it. I asked myself if the universe has responded to my request. Since there is a time lapse, it makes my answer to my own question so interesting, and I now have access to share my answer and questions with you. I got better at the new field overtime technically. I still can not generate adequate income. I have a lot of self-double about my own judgement calls. I hesitate to take action when the timing was just right. And then there are times I would take a leap at the wrong time resulting in loss of capital. However I remain fascinated with the field. It is never boring to me. (I work deligently every day. But the new field requires working smart. Switching from ‘working hard’ to ‘working smart’ has been a very difficult task. However I am getting better at it.) I only wish I would trust myself more. Any suggestions? Look forward to hearing from you. Your compassion for your readers is deeply appreciated.

    • Colin says:

      Hi CB,
      Sounds like you are doing the work on Manifestation but still have a lot of work left to do on Self-Forgiveness and some discovery about where that hesitation comes from. Did someone punish you for taking a decision that went wrong? If so do the Radical Forgiveness course as well. Clean it all out, then you will be able to attract what you want.
      Best wishes,

  302. Elena says:

    Dear Colin,
    The project I wish to manifest using the worksheet is a romantic partner.
    Being that I have been alone for many years, I am finding it hard to believe that the worksheet can help but it seems from what I am reading, that I need only be WILLING, not necessarily believe, right? Anyway, can it be used to manifest an actual person?

    • Colin says:

      Absolutely it can. I would hazard a guess that that is what most people use it for and will be doing a series on that in July – I think that’s when we have it scheduled. Take a lot of time deciding what kind of relationship you want. Good luck.


  303. Joi says:

    Donwloaded and completed the RF worksheet. I have been struggling for 3 months around a relationship that I initially ended, but went back and my ex had moved on and will no longer communicate with me (after we re-engaged and started communicating). It has been very painful, so I am praying that the RF course will bring some healing and allow me to finally be free of the patterns of my life and have what I desire most, a committed, wonderful relationship!

  304. Regina says:

    Dear Colin–

    I filled out the Radical Manifestation worksheet from your new Lesson 1 yesterday morning for two reasons: one, you said delaying doing so was resistance from my unconscious mind so I didn’t want to yield to that, and two, I had a great psychic blow occur and was about to say to hell with following any self-improvement people anymore because none of it worked, when your message appeared and I opened it. No idea why I opened it given my state of mind… :-) It may be because a week or two ago you were on a NewWorld seminar (I think that was it–there have been so many people with these setups) and they read off my question about finding bullies constantly entering my life for years and that I was fed up with it. You said it could be a past-life thing. There was no timer for you to elaborate but the idea resonated and I was fascinated. So maybe that’s why I opened your message yesterday while I was busy deleting all kinds of others. A couple of hours later I attended a solar eclipse broadcast from Mt. Shasta with Meg Benedicte that was very cool. By mid afternoon, I was myself again (though I am still not opening many emails).

    My question is this–in the worksheet I felt very clear on all my answers, had a really great visualization, very convincing, and then at end in Step 12 it said to drop all attachment and let the Universe deliver whatever is to come, as is. Since I generated the emotion and the rest went well, now I am not to think about any of it, right? No persistent recollection of the visualization, and so forth? No dwelling. The worksheet was it?

    Thanks for any clarification.


  305. Paul says:

    Dear Colin,

    First of all, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great service that you are providing: i.e. helping us heal ourselves.

    It was my mental coach that already a few years ago recommended me to read your book Radical Forgiveness. I bought your book (first in German, then also in English), read it and completed several worksheets related to different issues. Just as I was told and had hoped for, it really worked for me, and it still does. I was able to forgive and fully accept not only myself, but also others (my parents, siblings, even complete strangers for something that they did which annoyed me [like e.g. someone driving recklessly, leaving the garbage in the hallway over night or not cleaning after their dog on the street]). I also discovered that I can forgive myself and others already when things occur. For me, forgiving is a mindset thing; and I do my best to adopt that mindset (although I sometimes do slip back into my old foot steps, e.g. when being tired or hungry). Although I basically follow the steps in your method and worksheet, I do not always require a physical worksheet. In ‘tougher’ cases, however, I like to use one. (Using a physical worksheet helps me to really focus on the topic/issue at hand.)

    I found the Self Forgiveness worksheet that I received from you yesterday to be a great tool and method to deal with accepting oneself. I used the worksheet right away to work on an issue that I had carried as a burden already for seven years. It was something I was very ashamed of and had never talked about to anyone; a thing that I had feared would some day surface, and then I would have to explain why on earth I had done that. Thanks to your method and worksheet, I managed to forgive myself and accept that the event had a higher meaning. Thank you for enabling me to lift that burden and feeling of (in this case appropriate) guilt and shame off my shoulders. I truly have learnt my lesson and will never repeat my mistake.

    I can only recommend your service to others (as I already do since several years) and wish you all the best.

    Warm regards,


  306. Noelene says:

    Colin, I love your work and aim to be able to help others using your processes. I completed the manifestation worksheet and since completion whilst there are times I feel quite peaceful about my poor financial situation knowing it is changing, there are clearly times when resistance is evident and I feel an awful knot in my stomach. Having said this, last night I had the most amazing dream about paying for flights and accommodation for my cousin to accompany me to the UK from Australia. It was so exciting telling her that this was happening and she was over the moon. It might have been a dream but it gave me taste of what my future holds not just for myself but for others too.
    I have to admit I felt a bit “wrong” and guilty putting gratification down as 50% so your reassurance about this was helpful.
    Thank you so much for the work you do
    love & blessings

    • Colin says:

      Keep that vision revealed as the future potential in your dream and don’t let it go. You will make that trip.

  307. Raquel Archuleta says:

    I met you at one of your classes in Colorado, I have 2 of your books and keep up with
    you on your web-site. You are doing great work, your books and free courses are very
    much a blessing and great tools. You are helping so many and you have helped me and are still helping me.
    I am doing the Radical Manifestation work sheet and made several copies of the work sheets. I have several issues I am working on and I am so glad I have an old
    friend and mentor to do this with. This journey called “life” is an never ending process, I know it was no accident you came to Colorado a couple of years ago, It was not an accident we met, I could not afford the class you allowed me to take it, paying only what I could. Thank you again for that opportunity. It is exciting to be in the process of “Awaking” and healing passed issues, forgiveness, to create even more abundance, blessings and being blessed.
    Thank you for all you do, sharing these tools and doing this very important work, making this planet a better place and with your help we too can contribute to this process of making this universe even better. You have helped me realize that every things is part of the plan.
    2 dear friends made their transition, recently, it was easier to accept, after reading your article on that was part of their plan. Both were very ill. I am so happy my dear friends are no longer suffering. I miss them so very much, I am so glad I had the opportunity to know them and know they were blessed also.
    I look forward to continue to be blessed as you offer these great tools. Your work is amazing and you help so many.
    Blessings from Colorado…

  308. Kim says:

    I’ve been reading Radical Forgiveness on-line and have done several worksheets prior to this program….I love them!!! For me the best part is that this gives me my power back, I no longer can be controlled by others or my past. I now have a friendly, effective and simple “focused” tool to work through the issues of life—it creates the freedom and peace I’ve been searching for!!!
    Many thank yous!!!!

  309. Cindy says:

    Hi Colin, I completed the radical manifestation worksheet, and I love having my thoughts written down and organized. I also love the ease of doing these worksheets, and am loving the excitement that I am feeling around my manifestation. Thank you from my heart for sharing such important work and making it available to all of us, it means a lot. I look forward to doing more work. Blessings to you:)

    • Colin says:

      I’m glad you are already feeling the excitement. That’s the main driver for the manifestation process. Keep moving into it.

  310. Colin says:

    Hi Rosy,
    Most of the time we have have no idea what our lessons are, or why we ‘chose’ particular experiences for our lives. We are not meant to know. We will only understand when we go ‘home’ and go through our life review. All we have to do here is be open to the idea that there was a purpose in you having and abusive father, that you chose him and that what you suffered was what your soul wanted to experience – for whatever reason. The Collapsing of the Story step is simply to allow you to have some compassion for him and for yourself and to assist you in letting go of being a victim. So stop trying to figure it all out.

  311. rosy says:

    Hi Colin
    I find your work amazing, very simple by very effective. I have read your sisters story, thank you for sharing, it really touched my heart and gave me insight on the potential problems caused by childhood beliefs and patterns. I commenced the radical forgivenss worksheet, firstly for my father, as I believe most of my issues today have been caused because of him. My query is this: I understand the people we attract in our life today are here to heal us from our past wounds and beliefs. Those we attract also come to us with similar past behaviours if we have not truly let them go and healed. Therefore, I understand the connections that come into our life now, but what I am having difficutly understanding is the lesson I needed to learn as a child with an abusive father. Espcecially with the collapsing the story part on the worksheet.?? Thanks Colin for all your support and wisdom and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Best wishes Rosy.

  312. Colin says:

    Hi Madelaine, Make good use of everything that is free on our website so you can heal yourself and get your prosperity levels up. There’s any amount of free stuff on the site. Make good use of the tools and all three of the free courses. Then you can think about doing the training.

  313. I was abandoned by Husband 7 months ago. He had not call me nor my child since he left
    my son is really having a hard time. My purpose in life is to be of service to our youth and young adult. I really want to teach them this method. My heart bleeds for them. However, due to finances I can’t afford the coaching course right now. Where would you recommend I start.


  314. Yolande says:

    Hello Colin,

    I did the workshet on Radical Selfforgiveness yesterday and got tears in my eyes for the way I think about myself – worthless, boring and ugly. My parents often told me they wished I was more like my younger sister, who was a lot more fun to be around. I was a more serious kind of kid and sometimes hated my sister for being the favourit. My mother gave me the responsibility to take her to school everyday when I was 9 and she was 6 years old, witch I didn’t like because she didn’t want to obey me and I wanted to be free. One fatal day she didn’t wait for me, but left with a girlfriend and crossed a road without looking, she got hit by a truck and died in hospital that night.
    Later that year my father said to me he wished I had died instead of my sister and I still carry around the idea that would have been better, even after 54 years. On the worksheet I forgave myself for hating my sister sometimes, but I still feel ashamed of being me, although I also got tears in my eyes for my selfdenial. I am alive and I want to LIVE and accept myself! Do I have to do the worksheet over and over again until I feel total love for myself and my sister? Grieving over her death always felt like being a hypocrite. Thank you for helping me with this.

    Friendly greetings,


    • Colin says:

      Hi Yolande,
      I can see why you would feel bad about yourself given what your parents said to you and what happened to your sister. I think the self-forgiveness will help a lot but there a lot of forgiveness to be done towards your parents for making you feel less than your sister, and for the cruel thing your father said for you, not to mention the need to forgive your sister for being the favorite and even for dying. So, take a look at the 21 day program for Forgiving Your Parents, and or the 21-day Program for Forgiving Your Sibling. Do one of them at least. You might also read what I have to say about grieving on my website. Hope this helps.

  315. Colin says:

    Thank you for sharing this Amber. I will share it with my sister Jill. She’ll be so happy for you. It’s wonderful that you have woken up at such a tender age. Perhaps it’s a sign that the mass awakening is beginning to occur.
    Love and blessings,

  316. Amber says:

    On what marks to be the worst day in my life, I was lead to a website that had your book. I immediately went to my local Boarders and bought it. As soon as I went to the self-help section, your red book radiated from the shelf. I went home, feeling at my worst, opened your book to Jill’s Story and it was amazing to experience that shift. I went from an intense sadness/heaviness to a profound lightness. I had a sense of hope and it resonated with me more than words can describe. A week later, my mother gave me a list of classes that were starting at our church. It was a Radical Forgiveness weekly meeting! I also go a chance to meet you. It was so divine to be able to experience that synchronicity; to know that behind the scene, something really is working! It shattered my logical brain I so depended on. Also, you state that people don’t wake up until they have more suffering in their life-which is usually around the age of 50. Well, I think that people are waking up sooner now, because I “reached my peek” at the age of 23. It took about 2 more years of resistance to get there, but I am there now!!!!! I just wanted you to know that your book is reaching all ages and I think that this evolution of human consciousness is changing right before our eyes. Thank you for being all that you are. Thank you for changing my life completely.

    With love,


  317. Kuanysh says:

    Hi Colin!
    First of all I want to say thanks for all your doings and acknoledge your wisdom
    and understanding of humah hature.
    I was born in very good family, even fantastic loving family where I was number ONE.
    Both my parents were scients. Everyone loved me and people predicted great future for me, so I were grewing up being myself- only myself and trusting only to my Heart.
    I knew that everything is magic and the infinite love is only reality, no matter people says. But once I fell down and felt unbearable shame and pain, I have lost faith to myself and GREAT LOVING REALITY and begun to hate myself. From this moment I started losing my gifts, power and so on.
    I begun believe not to my Heart but to people, started feeling GUILT BEFORE PEOPLE, WORLD AND GOD, thinking that if I would not doing it God will punish and I be alone in the whole world. But once met my great love by the name of ANN. It was amazing time, like THE GREAT TIME OF CHILDHOOD. I again realised that THE DREAM IS NOT DREAM whatsoever but THE TRUE REALITY. By the time I were losing this feeling And again start to feel self-hatred, shame and so on. But something rested in me and I begun realise that what people considers as a true, is not true. I begun read a lot of so-called spirituall authors, practizing positive thinking and so on. But it was only worse. Finally so tired of hating myself, and realised that only thing I really want is simply to be myself – my real self. In order to feel, live and love, I should not be Jesus or Budha, after all.
    Telling my story I again want to say thanks for your wisdom, kindness and frankness.
    So I have a couple of guestions.

    • Colin says:

      You have no choice but to be with the feelings, but you do have the choice to love yourself having them. After that, it’s a case of doing the work. I would recommend you do the online Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance program.

  318. Darci says:

    Hi Colin!

    I have been so impressed with your Radical Living process since I listened to you the other day on Julie-Ann Shapiro’s webcast. I was lucky enough to have you answer my question (about the pattern of cheating men in my life) and I have dove head first into the Radical Forgiveness, Self-Forgiveness and Manifestation online programs. Thank you so much for all of your work and the massive amount of information you are providing.

    I would like you to know that I felt immediately lighter and more joyful after doing Radical Forgiveness, and have literally no residue of bitterness or anxiety with my past relationships that I chose to forgive. I feel like those old wounds have healed up and am patient and aware that I need to allow my current relationship to unfold and see what happens. I’m not afraid anymore, though, just watchful.

    The self-forgiveness has been more difficult. I find myself still having the same negative self-talk, however I notice it and stop it abruptly when it comes up. What are your thoughts on that response?

    • Colin says:

      Everyone says now much more difficult self-forgiveness is, but the remedy is the same – use the tools. It often takes more time to get the kind of results you got from the Radical Forgiveness process, but keep doing it.

  319. Louise Bernard says:

    Hello. As you asked me to do, i tried to access the file i saved but it says: file not found. Expired download link. Whayh can i do? Thank you for helping me. Louise
    Re: 05/01/2012

    • Colin says:

      I checked with tech support and they said the following. “She is still clicking the link to download the file instead of finding it on her computer. Tell her she has to find where she saved it, probably her download folder, and open it from there. Tell her not to click on the download link.” Hope this solves the problem.

  320. lu says:

    For the first time in a very long time I awoke to simple and irrelevant thoughts rather than the constant flashback loop of my former marriage. My x hasn’t been in my thoughts for most of this day. Wow! I have been doing spiritual work for the past two years and I am glad I found your Radical Forgiveness strategy. I listened to the seminar and followed along, then did the worksheet. I can finally say I appreciate that my x truly did teach me my greatest lessons. I get it-that we were each other’s mirrors for the thing we each needed to learn. He showed me how I minimized, discounted and ignored myself and I showed him anger and rage. We were quite the miserable pair! Letting go of this energy is a very freeing feeling! Thank you

  321. Colin says:

    Hi Colleen,
    It can only be good that so much feeling is coming to the surface to be released. It can feel overwhelming at first, but it is the most healing thing you can do for yourself. Don’t forget, though, we do have coaches who are trained in this work and can help you if it gets too much and you need support. You’ll find the list of coaches on our website,

  322. colleen says:

    Hi Colin,

    Doing the Radical Self-Forgiveness Worksheet again this morning I had so many other topics other than what I was working on coming up and I just lost it and couldn’t stop crying for a while..I felt like running away and hiding somewhere so no one could find me and I could start again..It did pass but I am gettinf really overwhelmed with it and that is why I did the sheet again. I feel like I have so many subjects to work on although your book says they are all the one subject I’m just getting it in many different ways to see the learning and heal..I am aware of so much from my childhood that I wasnt back then..The thing is I feel like I dont fit with my family and some friends anymore I just cannot listen to there stuff without seeing the bigger picture but if I mention that they think I’m cold or up with the fairies and they blame my partner for me being different now although he isnt doing the learning I am and he never says anything about them at all ever.I feel like I just dont want to be around them at all and that makes me feel a little lost as if I’m not sure now where I should be or what I should be doing.I am just so different to the person they know me as..What would be best for me as I do this work with my family please..

  323. Angelica says:

    Hi Colin, found your Radical Forgiveness book on my favorite bookstore one night last year and even though I felt I had successfully forgiven my “offenders” I bought it because I like your approach (I love Caroline Myss point of view so smiled at your reference) and then, pufffff!… I started to apply your perspective in everything (had not done the link … you are NEAT! thanks) I recommended it to some friends whom are in the same path of forgiveness and they adore it yet found it “radically shifting and somehow emotional overwhelming” (They don´t speak english, so I guess will have to wait until this version of your course is translated)
    I wrote a letter to myself and put it on my heart’s desire treasure box and just let the whole thing unfolds without trying too hard on it… so many things had happened since then… (without your perspective to clarify my mind on those challenging and scaring moments I would probably be traveling on the foggy victim-land)
    Yesterday, when starting the Radical Self-Forgiveness course I was just noticing with painful remorse (ooops) how much I still hold blame to myself (even now it is hard for me to recognize it) and toxic shame (this period I am acutely aware of this “i hate myself for being far than perfect” moments). This is sabotaging me (the good thing is that light is shining onto…)
    A friend of mine sent me the EFT eyesight experiment which I am doing by my own and so many hidden and repressed emotions are being exposed now and so I am, feeling blessed for getting the chance to ask you in person (I deeply appreciate your support) while addressing my wounds with empowering and compassionate EYES.
    With appreciation and joy

    • Colin says:

      It’s great that you are doing this work with so much self-awareness. Once you have completed the whole course I think you will find that you will be a lot more peaceful.


  324. madhurima malladeb says:

    Hi Collin, I just started with the radical manifestation course. there were emotions of lack driving my need to create what i wanted to. Is this ok?
    also when we are to give a percentage value to why we need what we want to create, in terms of self gratification, self transformation etc… do we mark these out of hundred or do we mark each separately?

    • Colin says:

      Hi Madhurima,
      No matter what the feeling is, it is OK. Mark all three of them out of 100 so you can see the proportions, one to another.

      Keep going,


  325. Bangla says:

    I am not new to the worksheets and I am with ANTARYAAMI attending regular workshops on RF, RSF and RM. In a group we also play satori. But when i joined the free course and did the first worksheet….it was like opening a pandora box! So much has come up and I feel even more angry and frustrated. It took me a loooong time to finish the sheet. I feel tired and drained out. I didnt realise I have so much more stored and stuffed in my sub-conscious.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Bangla,

      Because you have done the work before you were primed for a substantial release of stuffed emotion by doing this worksheet. It’s all good. Stuffed negative emotions are toxic so you have already, self-lovingly, achieved a great deal by bringing them to the surface. I believe your subconscious mind will only bring up what it knows you can deal with, so trust the process, feel the feelings and complete the rest of the course. I feel confident that the anger and frustration will dissipate very soon.

  326. Yolanda says:

    Since I know that healing the issues with my father will help a lot of core issues manifesting in other ways, and because I want total healing and pattern recognition so as not to attract those same dramas into my life over and over, is it recommended to do both the 7-Step process and the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet on the same person?

  327. Yolanda says:

    [Previous message truncated & sent prematurely]

    I am drafting an outline to make sure I cover all the time periods of my life affected to tell him how his actions and lack thereof effected me — is this too much?

  328. Yolanda says:

    Radical Forgiveness came into my life right on time. Originally, I declared January of this year to be my focus on forgiveness. I am amazed at how much resentment I am carrying. The one statement in the audio book that woke me was that ‘holding resentment is like me drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.’ What a perspective (thank you)!

    I have done two worksheets so far and one 7-step session. But now I am preparing for the ultimate victim letter (no way near enough space on the worksheet) to my father. How is the process affected if this is spread over a few days? I am doing my first

    • Colin says:

      Hi Yolanda,
      It’s OK to spread it over a few days so long as you keep the momentum, and don’t leave it too long between the first and the other two letters.

  329. Anna says:

    I love the worksheets and will use them until the issue is healed

  330. Cristina says:

    Hello Colin, thank you for you Worksheet which is imbedded with Magic Forgiveness. I was wondering about a situation where a deep bond was created with a psychic healer who became my friend. I suddenly felt misunderstood, manipulated, frightened, disappointed and angry with her, although she is very nice and gentle. I am not sure who I should forgive in this case? I still want to be friends but something has changed in our relationship and I keep thinking and feeling upset about it. Thank you for your advice.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Christina,

      The first thing it to trust your gut. Something isn’t right. Do the worksheet on the ‘friend’ even if you can’t put your finger on the specific issue. The important thing is to be with your feelings without making them wrong. As you go through the 8-day program it may become clearer.


  331. Allison says:

    I was shown your Radical Forgiveness book in a dream……that day upon awakening I went out and purchased your book. It changed my life, and my view on my life.
    I am now signed up for your Radical Manifestation Course. The worksheet has been VERY helpful. It helped me put feeling and meaning to that which I wish to manifest.
    I am grateful to you for helping change my life :-)

  332. Louise Bernard says:

    Hello. My name is Louise and my first language is french.I’ll do my best to write in english but it’s easier for me to reed or listen .I bought the book” radical self forgivenee” and started to reed it on my computer, but few minutes after i received the message: expired download link. How can i have access to the text again? Thank you for helping me. Louise Bernard

    • Colin says:

      It appears you might have tried to download it again instead of accessing the file you saved on your computer. Look for the saved version you already have.


  333. Karen says:

    Before and during my first worksheet, I could not get my head around why I should have been molested and abused, why would a child ask for that. Then it hit me that I had to be willing, not necessarily to believe, that I had made a contract with the other souls before my lifetime to experience these things, although I do not know why I should want to, and if there is another ‘world’ then I will find out after this lifetime.

    I guess the lesson is to accept what has happened, to be willing to accept it happened for a reason and to let go of the feelings that I was repressing and reliving which were preventing me from having a happy life in order for me to have one.

    Am I right?

    • Colin says:

      Hi Karen,

      You are exactly right. Willingness is all that is required. Belief is not. Just top be open to the possibility is enough. Your Spiritual Intelligence knows the truth.


  334. colin says:

    This is spam and I do not appreciate it. If I see anything like it again I will report you and have you blacklisted.

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